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    • I sincerely wish BPCI’s post-COVID act will coincide with a branding launch. Among the Philippine pageant organizations, it has the sole bragging rights to be advocacy-centric, if not advocacy-driven, owing to its statutory status as “charitable” corporation. The market pageantry faces now, the millenials and GenZ, prefers brands with social value. MS and many other minor international pageants joined the MU and MW branded pageantry bandwagon recently. MSA, MUP and MUT are some fine examples of branded national pageants.

      A few years back, BBP used a “Beyond beauty” slogan. What I thought to be the beginnings of a branding process turned out to be a blip. I wish they resurrect that powerful phrase into an official BBP tagline!

      • Agree. Beyond beauty tagline shall take BBP on a high for years to come. This is important when Madame passes the hand over to another to carry the BBP touch for the next 50 years

      • @Bert, so you also remember the powerful slogan. I hope BPCI will transform it into a branding tagline. This succinctly captures charity and advocacy. From a business viewpoint, a possible strategic direction for BPCI is to transition its pageantry platform into philanthropy advocacy, just like the trend in USA where increasing numbers of Americans want charitable organizations to step into the public policy arena and lead the causes they care about. Since you mentioned about succession planning, among the former queens who are most qualified to take the reins of BPCI leadership are Venus Raj, Bianca Guidotti and Patch Magtanong– all topnotch graduates in their respective fields. Venus and Bianca specialized in Development Studies while Patch in Economics and Law.

      • Scorg “Binibining Pilipinas” is a brand itself. I am from the province, if you see a beautiful tall girl gays or anyone would say “uy mag bbpilipinas ka!” It’s ingrained to the Philippine culture na.

      • @Diana Hayden, Binibining Pilipinas is simply a trade name. It has a strong name recall in fact, as you also related in the “uy mag Bb Pilipinas ka” spiel to a beautiful lady. But it is not yet a brand, more so a brand that will persist in the new market landscape. A brand is what makes you a differentiated you– a distinct personality, intellectual capacity and values packaged in a name. Why is it important nowadays? Brand advocacy is now the currency of marketing, and brand values conveniently provide pageantry’s lifeline to corporate sponsors and institutional partners who are are looking for deep emotional connections to their consumers. A brand is the wraparound to an entity’s name that makes it greater than itself. Without a brand, Bb Pilipinas will simply be a name associated with beautiful face and body. But a derby of beautiful bodies does not anymore attract corporate sponsors and institutional partners. Positive brand values do, and they can only come from a brand whose essence comes from the intellectual and value facets of beauty—the so-called “inner beauty”. Corporate sponsors know this old expression by heart: “people buy emotionally, then justify logically”.

      • I definitely think they don’t need it as long as they are owned by a wealthy scion the Aranetas, same with the miss Venezuela pageant with the Cisneros. Branding particularly is made for sponsorships. BPCI doesn’t need a lot of work to do with that aspect besides the Araneta group, Jorge Araneta is a well connected man. PAL and Unilever was with them for the longest time. Red Bull in some point. I think them being wealthy is enough Charot 😂😂. I think scorg they’re branding is “Once a Binibini will always be a Binibini” the brand sounds exclusiveness because that’s what beauty is not everyone can be a Binibini candidate. Paaak

      • @Diana Hayden, if we go by your reasoning, what happens to BBP once the Aranetas exit from this earthly existence? Corporations outlive the directors. It has to have a life and dynamics of its own. Its life cannot be dependent on particular person or persons. So the phrase “once a binibini always a binibini” invariably gets a limited shelf life.


  2. I am really not a fan of Samantha, Gabby should’ve been the Miss Grand International

  3. Kahit anong sabihin nila mas marami parin talagang maganda sa Binibini versus other pageants.

    • Pera pera na kasi ang kabila. Favoritism kemerut. These discourages quality girls na di himod pwet sa MUP Org and Team Ahas.

      • May nagdislike totoo naman. Marami nang nakatapat na pageants ang Binibini in the 60s 70s 80s Hanggang ngayon di parin nalagpasan. I think that’s the advantage of having owned by a family empire. We’ll see with MUP, pero I doubt they won’t reach 50 years. The pillars are already in their late 30s to 40s even 50s. 80 /90 years old na sila in 50 years kakaloka 🥴. Osmel/ The Venevision and Stella started really young kasi

  4. Beautiful girls. Beautiful photos.

    Contrary to John Keats who said that “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”, beauty pageants sadly reminds us that no, a thing of beauty lasts for exactly one year. Lol.

    World Peace.

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