11 comments on “All my favorite MUPH2022 Introduction Videos

  1. Julia has the most interesting video. Yong iba pare-pareho lang at editing lang ang kinaganda.

    • Hello nunyabiz….lahat naman tayo ay may personal opinion kaya ok lang na iba iba. In fact, always looking forward aq sa comments mo. That being said, did we see the same video?

      I found Celeste’s video to be boring and her personality to be blah. The delivery was also nothing to be excited about (maybe because of her accent?). I will place her last sa ten videos uploaded here. Her styling was also a bit off. She looks unkempt, and frail to me. I loved her when she won Miss Earth Philippines. I actually thought she was a goddess. I followed her during the competition, and after (when she dated Joseph Marco). Looking at her now, with some questionable outfits and the overdone lips, anyare?

      Francheska is a breath of fresh air. Again, future Miss World, in my opinion, if she “fails” here (Megan Young aura). The video showed her vibrancy and energy, and the wink added to her naturalness. Michelle Dee, please take note!!!! No need to over-squint to prove a point or the gesture of “in quote” (in one of her videos – “beautiful”) that actually made her delivery even more cringeworthy and looked scripted.

      Vanessa is a close second. This girl looks expensive, and she commands attention. Her styling is always on point. She knows that the Universe is looking at her. I see Tracy Perez vibe sa kanya, because of her eloquence. So kung meron syang advocacy or BWAP Project, go for Miss World.

      Just a bit more energy from Katrina. She’s already gorgeous!

      Annabelle is another youngster with a future. Look at that smile! Plus well spoken na (of course, konting hasa pa)!

      Lou Piczon, Janine Tugonon prototype. Either you love her, or you don’t. Well spoken, too!

  2. OMG! Mic drop on Francheska’s. I love playing it through and through. I think the video is more of Francheska’s input, considering her college degree earned from CSB. Ang galing ha!

    Pansin ko lang, Francheska’s skills and talents (video content-making, singing and painting) are very Catriona Gray. Given proper training and pageant team, I believe this girl can pull off a winsome performance come coronation night.

    Refreshing, vibrant, eloquent, x-factor, screen presence–all rolled in one on Francheska. She is gonna be a dark horse alongside pageant veterans, Pauline and Celeste.

    That’s all.

      • The creative input in the video is commendable. Anyway, I can’t wait to see Francheska in her pageant glam shots, Tito Norms. Most of her photos on FB show her natural look as she dons “no make up make up look”. I hope you post one soon.

        That’s all.

  3. Celeste’s lips are looking weirder and weirder. Lay off on the lip filler already.

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