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  1. I want our rep to reach Top 10 atleast given may sense naman siya sumagot based sa mga interviews niya pero may agam-agam ako kung handa na ang MUO na pumili ng lesbian at tattooed winner. Secondly, it is sad they sent a delegate who does not represent the essence of a true Filipino woman. To put it in the words of our neighboring rival pageant fans, hindi siya straight. Mrs Araneta won’t allow this for sure to happen. So for now, back to back tough 20 for me.

  2. Oh mga Besh Baka Neman wala pa ang gown at national costume nya , pa surprise nanaman ang mga baklush end up wala blah lang ang dating. Anyhows, anu ba ang kakantahin nya , ay Mali pala kahawig nya si Lani Misalucha. Utang na loob ha wag iiyak iiyak pag dating dun katulad ni Rabea.

  3. Sir Norman, Adam G has a good footage of the entire confab.

    I think her answers are thoughtful and on point.

    She’s ready.

  4. Good luck Bea! I know ul do well..hope MUP learned lessons from the previous stint esp mental and psychological fortitude as well as avoid soooo mooooocccchhhh social media hype! Just what Queen Pia said, it won’t matter at all. Social media doesnt add to your score too rather it may even affect you negatively. Mukhang mas matatag si Bea…also, TIGILAN NA MGA PASABOG EK EK and the like but ending up a disappointment. Unforgivable na din pag naulit mistakes from last year gaya ng ill-fitting national costumes and wardrobes unfortunately on the time when u need it the most! 😊

  5. Whatever all others say it is clear now why Bea Won! We support you no matter what! and thank you fo representing PH! Good luck and God bless!

  6. If MU this year went on FACIAL BEAUTY ALONE, yung itatapat mo kay Nadia F., Steffi or Wrob.

    That being said, I highly doubt Paraguay will win. Runner-up, maybe. All I see are red flags…

    Speaking of Steffi, I wonder what is next for her. It was mentioned here (in the blog) that MWP was her initial choice… If she is still open to that, she could be a great follow-up to Emman Vera! 🙂

  7. I can’t say “WE in this blog are all behind you” because obviously, many are not. But one thing is for sure, I am one of those who are SINCERELY SUPPORTING YOU no matter what happens! Go BEA, go go Phils.! 🇵🇭♥️

  8. Goodluck inday bea… usa ko sa nag ampo nga molampos ka sa imo misyon. Naa na nimo tanan gwapa, bayho, utok, salig lang 👸❤️🙏

  9. Pwede pa ba palitan? Yung katabi na lang niya sa pics na nakaputi. #TeamAhasAndKweens clearly lost their touch. Blinded by greed and yabang.

    • if I compare the nerves and control of Bea to Katrina, I would say Bea manages them better BUT Katrina can always easily wing it … she is a professional TV presenter and they wing it all the time ; I guess we will never know how well Katrina is able to perform at MU ,… maybe she can even win but it’s all imaginings right now , I wish Katrina well for her bright future !

  10. She has nerves of steel , military-style focus , she will fight for the crown to the best of her abilities … my wish for her is that she at least gets to the semis and reach a Q&A session … then magic !

  11. If Bea sports such a killer look in the uppermost photo on Day 1 of the Miss Universe pageant until the coronation night, then there is no doubt that she can easily standout in the pageant and, hopefully, will bring home the crown.

    I am excited in her journey. I just wish her the best in Eilat.

    That’s all.

  12. Bea was crowned during the last Merc Retro of this year. Maliit na bagay na hindi man lang kinonsider. Bahala na ang mga planeta at bituin. ❤❤❤

  13. Let’s see. Maraming KD supporters nag aabang sa laban mo😱😊
    Di man lang binigay at ponagbigyan Ang last hurrah ni KD sa pageantry na mas may K naman kesa Kay Bea. Hihihi
    Abang abang lang daw tayo sa mangyayari 😊

    • Sorry Bong ha pero I’d choose Bea over KD at any time.
      Bea has defeated all of her competitors fair and square during the finals.
      I am not a fanatic to anyone but Bea outshone everyone with her overall demeanor and performance that night which were simply of Miss Universe caliber.

  14. I have faith in you, Queen B-ea!!! hihihihi
    Lampasuhin mo silang lahat at bawal makipagflirt sa girlaloos hihihihihihi

    I still think she has that commanding and yet mysterious presence radiating from her. KAhit hindi sa ang type na beauty mo, mapapatingin ka talaga.

    I hope her body tones down a bit. Otherwise, nothing else to change. No need to cram. I wouldnt mind if she wears the same National costume.

  15. Nat Manilag is present during the send off? A close friend of Francis Libiran!

    If Francis Libiran will do the Evening Gown, Nat Manilag will do the……?

    May nahagip akong feed sa IG which says “Rebirth of Kagandahang Flores”

    Anong ganap meron kaya?

    Nag-sashing ceremony na ang MGI, ang lakas ng dating ni Miss Brazil and Miss Puerto Rico!

    Juiceko! Three-inch na yata yung suelas de zapatos ni Samantha hindi pa rin siya umabot sa height ni Abena!

      • Ayyy! OO nga! Hindi ko nabasa yung Nov.12, 17 na pala ngayon!

        Akala ko during the event din!

      • @ Norman Good Fri evening, Uncle.

        Bakit ayaw niyo mag-AP?

        Kasi, I get the sense some members of the pageant mass media are directly involving themselves in some candidates’ participation… Financially, even. ‘Yun ba ‘yung ‘moral support’?

  16. Simple lang ayus nya.

    For me, I prefer her with Curly hair or at least waivy.

    Napadrastic kasi ng Straight hair eh. Its like wearing a Bun. No where to hide. Unless gagayahin mo si Cindy na kalahati ng mukha tinatakpan ng straight hair to elongate the face.

    Good Luck Bea, I hope you place or even win against the 78 competitors!


    • Tama….traight hair dapat may dating ang feslak niya, pag Kita kc lahat ng mukha jusko pangit mag mukha siya tsimaa di bA?

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