6 comments on “Beatrice Luigi Gomez: She can have her (new) car and drive it too

  1. Some thoughts:

    > Bea is wearing pink on a Wednesday. Does that mean anything? Lol.

    > The pusod, pony-tail look Ala Melanie Marquez circa 80s is so dated.

    > Stilletos while driving? Groundbreaking! Lol.

    > Shamcey is really beautiful in that second photo. She reminds me of Goldilocks in this photo because she’s sorrounded by four little pigs. Lol.

    Side note: Did you know that the nephew of the then Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan fell madly in love with Shamcey after the Ms Universe contest in Brazil? Shamcey was pursued relentlessly, but she had to decline…

    Ayaw nya maging…

    Shamcey Sup-sup Bhutto. Lol. (Old joke)

    World Peace.

    • @ THOMAS Luko-luko. Siempre, she will remove her high heels when she drives. 😦

      (Btw, magtiyaga ka lang sa YouTube, dear. There you will find evidence that Dimaranan is not MIA.)

      • Dear Flor Tulo,

        I was not the one asking where Ms. Dimaramdaman is. Someone said baka she is applying as Ms. USA World this time. Lol.

        World Peace.

  2. Oohhh, I like her fuzzy jacket top. 🙂

    Who’s the cutey with the sunglasses?

    Sa Makati ‘tong office ng MG Philippines, no? Place looks familiar…

    Bea opted for white. I wonder if they have that in SILVER? Hindi kaya mukhang lata ‘yung silver?

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