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  1. Good for KF, taking the initiative to recalibrate & reinvigorate their brand.

    I guess that KF has been somewhat the underdog when it comes to MU & MW in the last decade. But I’m glad to see they’re not just giving up for this decade. I can really respect that.

    In the end, the more competitive the camps are, the better prepared our candidates will be because everyone will have to work harder to not just keep up, but to stay ahead.

  2. m curious about the cards they’re going to lay on the table this time around. KF has been tailgating the ACES and QUEENS which has plentiful of A-lister beauty queens to boot. KF has managed to produce successful but forgettable queens, save for the likes of Lara, MJ, Rachel, and Gazini. Ang KF ay tinimbang ngunit kulang. I think the best thing about KF is that–mukhang mas mabait at humble–si RF. Anyways, goodluck to the rebirthing of the KF Camp.

  3. Gio Flores – “aesthetics.”
    So this guy is the one responsible for making their pageant girls wear chunky platform shoes during competitions 😅

  4. So far 13 ang contributions ko rito. Aabot kaya to ng 30 as of this writing kung hindi ako nag-post nang post. Very few are interested with KF sa totoo lang. He, he…

    • people that arent use to quality, always chase quantity.. 😉 neither age is thought to be equated with intelligence and maturity.

      anything is a good and interesting topic unless you have biases.. and you keep on looking for differences rather than seeing the goodness of others. 👌

  5. there are really dog faced people who are subtle uncourteous; posting other things because HE’S not into the TOPIC?
    madaming posted topics dito na pwede ka mag comment wag naman maging KONTRA SEBO.
    freedom of speech doesnt equate with being being ignorant. democracy also doesnt equate with being untactful. even age doesnt equate with being abnoxious..

    anyway all the best Mr. Flores and KF!

  6. Moving forward,

    At this early, I hope they are preparing Steffi Aberasturi for Binibini to get the Miss Grand Philippines sash!

    One thing that I observed with Steffi is that ang bilis ng calibration niya! She can easily adapt to comments that will make her stand out! I’m happy for her second runner up finish at MUP so she can easily say goodbye and start fresh for Binibini!

    And my gosh! Google niyo yung Spanish actress na si Amaia Aberasturi! Puede silang mapagkamalang magkapatid!

  7. NAIRITA si Flor dahil kung anu-ano ang pinang-post ko rito sa blog entry na to. Pasensya na Flor at WALA akong interes dyan sa KF. Kaysa naman siraan ko ang KF mas mabuting ibang bagay na lang ang ipo-post ko rito. After all, this is still a free and democratic nation. He, he, he…

  8. Congratulations on the re-birth of KF.

    The existence of at least two big beauty camps (and other small ones) will always be good for Philippine pageantry. The more, the merrier.

    I just hope that the KF rebirth also means doing away with outdated, archaic beauty pageant stylings, gowns, make up and photos that make most of their queens look like drag queens from the 80’s. I won’t anymore say (but I am still saying it. Lol) how even the brand name “Kagandahang Flores” sounds like an LVN movie to me. Lol. Oh well, it has already brand equity.

    I also hope that KF will learn how to package or market itself. Case in point, the last photo of the three girls in white : Laughable and not enchanting at all. Looks like a poor copy cat promo photo for Sex and the City, twenty years ago.

    On the side,I am amazed how beautiful most of our girls are with no or minimal make up on. And how natural, witty and articulate they are (be it in English or Tagalog) when not doing a formal Q&A. i hope once these qualities are not lost once the camps started waving their magic wands on them.

    World Peace.

    • @ THOMAS I just wish to add that as far as the gown/dress designs are concerned, we do accept that every beauty pageant camp, big or small, comes with its own coterie of stylists & couturiers. So, you go join the one you like, whose aesthetic conforms with yours.

      Just for the sake of analogy, Francis Libiran for A&Q (Bea now & Kylie before, but Kylie was already a Libiran muse to begin with!) & Leo Almodal (usually) for KF. Recently, Rajo Laurel for The Camp (Ingrid I had in mind, kasi nga family friend ng mga Santamaria).

      (In other words, if you plan to join MUP, commission one of the ‘pillars’ to do your entire wardrobe.)

      • You are right Flor Tulo.

        To be fair, our queens’ gowns have improved a lot already. Gone are the La Cumbia Ku-kur style (ku-kurtinahin. Lol) and the “close – open reveal” style of Lolo Ben Farrales. What has evolved recently, I am afraid is the Ru-Paul slinky, metallic, shiny template.

        Who are the pillars you are referring to ba? Pillar Pillapil? Pillar Mateo? Pepe & Pillar? Lol.

        World Peace.

      • @ THOMAS You want to know? Process of elimination ka. I’m keeping my lips sealed kasi, first of all, this is a KF post. Second, the pillar I am referring to is quite discrete. Though occasionally visible in MUP functions, NOT ONCE have we heard from her/him. She/he may be THE KEY… 🙂

      • Sinong Key Flor? Lotis Key ba yan o Po Key Monster? Lol.

        (Parang tayong dalawa na lang na uusap dito sa blog ni Norman a? Lol).

        World Peace.

  9. With KF as one of the go-to pageant training camps in the country, we are assured that more and more girls are pageant ready as they bound for any national pageant here.

    I like how KF camp made its mark in the pageant industry, especially on the pasarela department. Seeing a girl walk makes you decipher if she is KF trained or not. The walk must be hip-swaying, sultry, and flirty.

    Now that KF has been revitalized, my wish is that they can produce more winners in their circle, especially in Alpha international pageants. They should always aim for the gold. Best of luck on that.

    TBH, I am more than grateful that pageant camps, such as KF, are active here in the country, and that the pageant orgs in the country acknowledge their contribution even after a girl sent abroad wins the crown.

    That’s all.

  10. This group is commendable for producing several international beauty queens for the country. Congratulations and more power to the group.

  11. Are they charging training fees? Or is it FREE just simply because queen-making is their passion. But camp like this needs cash (not for money-making purpose) for maintenance e.g, payment of electric bills and rental of training place.

    • @ Adrienne They should be making some income somewhere to be able to keep this up. At the very least, we know Rodgil Flores is with some events production group. And for certain, all foreign trainees pay. Basta maka-issue sila ng receipts (TIN) for their transactions, should be OK.

      Tito Rodgil reminds me of our (high school’s) Guidance Counselor. She also studied Chemistry/Chemical engineering, but took a different career path. 🙂

      But as said in this article, their organization is now quite big. They might lose agility. All the best!

      • (Cont.)

        ‘Yung isa nating kasamahan dito, parang…. (beep!). Kita na ngang KF post, pati kabila dinamay.

      • @Flor Tula
        it really says that he is indeed.. 🙄 anyway he is just bored of not being very happy

  12. Didn’t they launch an updated logo back in 2017 when they showcased the KF ladies for Bb? And then the logo was copied from Korn Ferry, so they reverted back to the previous logo again.

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