19 comments on “Amanda Dudamel is Miss Universe Venezuela 2021

  1. Facewise… she looks like a caucasian version of Rhiana Pangindian… Meanwhile the evening gown looks like the National Costume of Emanuelle Vera… whats that about?!

  2. Big win for the Philippines! Cindy is the only home-grown beauty and non native English speaker among the BBP winners. Her feat is a testament that it is inner confidence wrought by intelligence and character that makes one’s beauty shine for all the world to see.

    • @ scorg Buti pa siya, nasubaybayan niya… Unlike kami dito, puyat ang mga beauty namin.

      Good Sat AM & enjoy the weekend!

      Huwag ka. Voters’ choice pa yan sa Nationals; if it weren’t for that, none of this is possible. As much credit goes to all ‘F’s’ who propelled her galleon to the stars.

      F – followers, fans, friends, & family.

      (Not to mention ‘H’.)

  3. Asan na kaya yung mga nagsabing monay daw ang face
    Congratulations Cindy!!!
    Ano kaya kung panalo rin sina Maureen at Emmanuelle Vera
    Triple Treat 😍😍😍

    • @ JustPassingBy Dalawa* na po. First one was courtesy of Alexandra Faith in Turkey (Aura Intl.).

      Erratum, mine. It’s Glamor, not Culture, International for Gianna Llanes (also atm).

      Pending : Vera (some hours from now), Montagne (about a week from today), and the December beauties – Sam 3.0 for Grand, Taty for Eco-Teen International, Shannon for Elite, Bea for Universe, & Tracy for World.

      Please do share with us any more activity for November… I expect up to FOUR (4) by year’s end.

      * – Puwedeng tatlo if we include/count in Kody’s win. Pero kasi, sa boys yun, eh.

  4. Miss Intercontinental 2021 – Philippines

    1st Runner-up Mexico
    2nd Runner-up England
    3rd Runner-up Seychelle
    4th Runner-up Canada
    5th Runner-up Colombia

  5. Miss Intercontinental 2021 Continental Beauty Winners

    North America – Mexico
    South America – Colombia
    Europe- England
    Africa – Seychelles
    Asia -Philippines
    Canada- Power of Beauty

  6. Miss Intercontinental 2021 Top 20

    Canada -Power of Beauty Winner
    South Africa
    Czech Republic

  7. Miss Venezuela Organization is nothing without Osmel!

    The organization became pale after Osmel left!

    • (Cont.)

      So, dili na si Luiseth Materan… No longer in effect yung dating rule na dapat unahin yung from previous year/batch? What happens to Luiseth now?

  8. She speaks Fluent English and Italian. I just don’t see any major pageant orgs letting Venezuela win considering it’s current deteriorating condition.

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