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  1. Congrats Cindy! Miss Intercontinental just received another wakeup call. You made the country very proud indeed. Mme StellaMarquez-Araneta waved her magic wand at the right moment too 💐👑💓 showing her love and support the gracious Binibini way That’s how it’s done. 🙋🏼‍♀️

  2. I’m happy for Cindy. Echoing my post few days prior to the coronation that she will be a good pick by the organisation.

    Hoping for a modest finish in the World and the Universe.

  3. I bet the Philippine pageant fans are chanting to Madame Stella Marquez-Araneta and Binibining Pilipinas after Cindy’s Miss Intercontinental 2021 title victory: YOU STILL GOT IT! *clap clap clapclapclap* YOU STILL GOT IT!

    Madame Stella and BPCI fired the first warning shot to the stand alone rivals, Miss Universe Philippines and Miss World Philippines.

    • @ Anonymous MWP is not stand-alone. But Mr. Vegafria has good brands in his portfolio. He needs to take good care of them.

      Dindi was a very decent inaugural effort on his part. And it served notice to BPCI that their loss became his gain. That he could also be a worthy ‘SupraFilipinas’ custodian.

      Let’s be honest. Ang talagang naging issue at this recent MWP edition was not the substance use allegations but that the ladies were used in/for his political campaign. But that, too, is over now.

      Like Andre Sleigh to Gerhard Von Lipinski, what Mr. ALV needs now is a skilled & wise Manager. After all, we only want for him all the best in his ‘higher ambitions’. That’s not a bad thing.

      With this win in BPCI’s War Room, the boundaries between this MUPO and themselves has only been further consolidated. In other words, the likelihood of the MUP franchise returning to the former has just gotten even more unlikely. The ‘Pillars’ cannot turn back now! Competition is good.

  4. Congratulations, Cindy ! A well-deserved victory, indeed it is ! Your gift of gab is amazing ! Thank you for making us all, your kababayans proud ! Mabuhay & God bless,

  5. Cindy, yung totoo? Ilan ang question sa iyo? Yung sagot mo parang covered 2-3 questions. Hahahaha! Grabe ka girl! Parang hindi mo need ng fairy god mother. Congratulations!

    • One of the judges was overheard saying, “She has the best answer.” It could have the former Miss Intercontinental who asked her the question.

      • I believe it was Ekaterina Plekhova of Russia, Miss Intercontinental 2013 (one of the judges).

      • I believe it was the IG live host of Nuestra Belleza Peruana who patiently and willingly accommodated many pageant fans on YouTube and later on via IG live. She did comment from time to time during that more than 2hour run. And she was very nice complimenting Miss Filipinas. It’s just sad that there were many ill-mannered kababayan in the comments section. Many though made up for it by bombarding the comments section with “muchas gracias” to Nuestra Belleza Peruana. The hosts were very happy with the results. They were cheering Filipinas from semis to the crowning itself, and saying she was deserving.

    • @ Bonnie Yan siguro turo sa Dale Carnegie. Kung walang time limit, ilabas mo na lahat. Anyway, Finale na. Para saan at kailan mo pa ilalabas ‘armas’ mo, di bala?

  6. What can I say??? I never doubted her. I find her genuinely beautiful too. Congrats Cindy!! Super duper well deserved!

  7. Nasan na mga bakmog na inunderestimate si Cindy at ang ability makakuha ng korona ng Aces and Queens 😝

  8. WOWOWOW !!! I hope this is a good omen for the rest of the upcoming pageants ! Congratulations!

  9. Just seen the Q&A on Youtube… Alam mo nang Pinas ang ideal winner ng judges… yung mga MU questions para sa past delegates natin ang tanong para sa lahat ng contestants… Grabe yung Top6 wala manlang kalaban-laban kay Cindy… lahat ng kalaban knockout agad…. and nung napunta na ke Cindy ang mic as expected nanglamon.. In this case kulang nalang kainin nya yung ibang contestant and pati na mga judges… grabe.. Sana manlang pinahirapan nila ng konti si Cindy… Char! 🤣🤣🤣 Sobrang easy win nakakaloka! 🤣🤣🤣 I love it!!!! Super desserving!
    Pag ito diniscriminate ng MUPh org porque galing BBP… Magrarally ako sa venue!.. hahaha 🤣🤣🤣

    Congratulations Cindy! I never rooted for you during BBP but after you were done w/ the final Q&A, I have since then became your biggest fan… Proves that ang matalino tunay na daig ang maganda.. dahil ang Matalino e kaya nya mas pagandahin ang sarili nya sa mata ng tao. I’m too brainwashed by conventional beauty standards but here you are changing those standards right infront of us… Anyway, you are trully inspirational thus you could be our next Miss Universe Philippines!

    • @ Closer2Fame Parang sinabi mo na rin na hindi siya maganda. 🙂

      We can neither blame you nor help it. The A&Q line-up at BBP 2021 was facially stunning over-all with the likes of Carina Carino, Pat Babista, & Karen Laurrie Mendoza. Somehow along the way, Cinderella got buried by her own camp sisters, imo.

      I think that in addition to the Fan Vote (where towards the end she was still fending off the Bulakenya beauty of Arianne Viardo), the ‘kuyamis’ goldfish NatCos helped in a big way. Some have even said it should have been the one shown in Egypt, not to downplay the ‘diwata’ of course because the first one was quite heavy due to all the gold disc embellishment (a practice run on heels revealed Cinderella stumbling from the sheer weight of it!).

      In any case, ‘MisOr’ has had a decent-consistent streak at MUP, with both Veronilla & Falconer semi-finalizing. Or, baka ‘CDO’ ang sash niya kasi ‘CDO, MisOr’ siya sa BBP (and ‘CDO’ is Vincy).

      • @Flor

        Luh don’t put words in my mouth… I NEVER said na hindi sya maganda… I just find her beauty unique and unconventional… kasi wala akong kilalang past winners or sikat na Hollywood actress na kamukha nya… But that does not mean she is not beautiful… it just means that she is the Pioneer of her looks and now that she has proven herself, she is the new beauty standards… She’ll be the one to be compared to for the succeeding queens who are just like her.

    • (Cont.)

      Sino yung sumisigaw-sigaw ng ‘Philippines!’ sa audience? Perfect posture & in pristine white barong. Si ‘H’? Pumunta pala siya. Akala ko, yung immediate beauty team lang… (Aka, jowa).

      (And of course, the Boss aka Atty. S. kasi dapat lang considering Legal Affairs siya. Looks like that courtesy call at the Republic of Egypt’s Foreign Service in Manila paid off! Alala mo, andun din yung brother ni Reham Tago?)

      ANO ANG MAGIGING PEG NI CINDERELLA SA MUP? Lara Dutta or First Wang? Let’s poll!

    • when continental beauty of asia was announced, the host chanted “the lovey, beautiful lady from the Philippines “!!! indeed Cindy is beautiful ❤️💐

  10. Several weeks ago (before my laparoscopy), I was so positive of Cindy Obenita. I made numerous comments on Norman’s post on her.

    Congratulations Cinderella Faye Obenita! Miss Intercontinental 2021.

    Proud jud ang mga taga-Mindanao sa imoha Inday (and the entire Philippines).

      • Serge pinatanggal ko na ang inaalagaan kong gallstones & polyps for almost a decade. Actually tinanggal ang buong gallbladder. Kaya ako nag-hibernate dito for many weeks. THANKS for the concern Serge.

    • I hope it’s just uncomplicated cholecystectomy or appendectomy dear. Get well soon. Our beloved Cindy did win!! O di b? Im sure this will help u recover fast!😊

      • Thanks Sjeffie Cheon for explaining to Serge. Mine is cholecystectomy. The operation went well but the billing was… he, he, he… Thanks again my dear for the concern & support.

  11. Of the 6 finalists from England, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, and Seychelles, none came close with Cindy’s charm, confidence, intelligence, and gift of gab.

    • her reply…”speaking english is not important… its the sincerity and loving actions” … or Action Speaks Louder Than Word🙏

  12. Big win for the Philippines! Big congratulations! Cindy is the only home-grown beauty from the province and non native English speaker among the BBP winners. Her feat is a testament that it is inner confidence wrought by intelligence and character that makes one’s beauty shine for all the world to appreciate.

    • This is an encouraging news for a country that has twice been rated as the world’s tail-ender in Covid 19 Resiliency Index. We may underperform in Covid response, but we definitely shine in the beauty department– still worth smiling about.

  13. I knew it! She got this in the bag!
    Next stop Miss Universe!….

    Congrats Cindy! You are very desserving!

    Asan na yung nagsabi na baka majinx ko si Cindy?! 😅

  14. Ay, kalokah. Sigurado, nabu-ang is Atty. Jeff Saclot. Isn’t he there in Egypt, too?

    MisOr will yet again explode in JOY.

    Dressed in the signature~brand purple of Miss Kuyamis organization.

    Omedatu gozaimashita! Savor the sweet fruit of Fall 2021!

    • I believe it was just her Top 6 Q&A outfit. Perhaps, she was no longer able to change to an evening gown for the announcement of winners.

      • @ Norman As Karen Gallman clarified, MInterconO gives the winner the option of basing either in her country or in their office (?) in Germany.

        Obviously, di pa uuwi si Cinderella agad. She will do the rounds there first… Do update us once she makes her decision. A Bavarian Christmas sounds utterly yummy!

        (Naalala ko tuloy nung fi-neature niyo si Leren sa PN’s. Sabi niya, she wishes to experience a Christmas Village in Switzerland. Well, the two countries share border (at the Zurich part). Ask Cinderella if she can indulge us a tour of the wintry wonders of the neighborhood, kahit virtual. TY.)

  15. QnA: Recycled questions from Miss U. Nilamon lang tlga ni Cindy ang mic. Kaloka. Undisputed.

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