5 comments on “Pageantry Norms S6E9: Virtually and Victoriously Yours

  1. OT.

    Uncle, sa Fri (29) na si Cinderella!

    ONE LAST BIG PUSH. Andaming diyosa sa Egypt. Kailangang mairaos ang #ONEHEADLIGHT.

  2. Very chic ang color scheme ni Kody for his living room this Christmas! Mahogany, beige, & white.

    Uncle, I recall you said you would occasionally feature the more prominent/well-oiled regional & provincial pageant organizations. You’ve done it for Miss Kuyamis (with Atty. Saclot & Dannah Joy Tempra despite connection difficulties) and Bb. Cebu (which was our first time to hear/see Bea). Maybe for S7, another episode and this time a Luzon/NCR group. I had in mind the one CamSur does and it can be a great excuse to re-connect with Rachel-Peters Villafuerte. But of course, Region 5 has other notable contests that make possible Bicolana ‘biggies’ over the years, such as Janela Cuaton recently and her surnamed ‘Chua’ who is also a UST alum like you (I’m sorry I forgot her name pero varsity-if-not-now-pro basketball player ang jowa niya) and joined MWP, too.

    But if you wish to stay within the Visayas, why not the Panay org that launched Ruffa Nava, which I am unsure is the same as THE Miss Iloilo of Palmares, Mendoza, Mateo, & Ramachandran?

    And speaking of Ruffa, Makulit PH reports that she is appointed as our inaugural rep to Reinado Internacional de Cafe slated for 8 Jan 2022 (Colombia). FIRST TIME PALA NATIN??! Akala ko, nag-skip lang tayo mag-participate lately. But didn’t she already compete internationally at some ‘top model’ contest? In any case, between now & the new year is time to learn some Spanish, I guess. Just to help…

    Sino po may hawak ng ‘Cafe Filipinas’ franchise? Dr. Harlijk or (still) Ferdinand G. Abejon? Or, ‘Cacao’ ang kay Doc?

    • (Cont.)

      Ruffa’s facial landscape – high cheekbone, deep-set eyes, button nose, & jawline sharp enough to cut – are unmatched in the local pageant scene. Very distinct look. Hope she finishes well here.

      (Passport/travel credentials may have worked in her favor. Recall she was among the four shortlisted for Poland last August.)


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