14 comments on “Maureen Montagne in the Head-to-Head Challenge of The Miss Globe 2021

  1. I just realized Mau needs votes via the The Miss Globe website. This part of the competition composes 20% of the overall score for Mau to make it to the top 15, as explained by Mias Sta. Ana Pilar.

  2. Mukhang Di mahihirapan c manang Pilar ibuild-up c Maureen para makuha Ang crown. Sa final question na lng magprepare c Maureen para sureball Ang MG crown👑
    Pero 🏆 winner daw talaga c Mau as our second MG queen 👑 Sabi ni Tutubing haliparot 🤫

    • I hope that MG org will give the crown to her. She is long overdue for a 2nd tier crown.

  3. Before this, I saw an abridged version on Makulit PH canale, with only Maureen’s parts. It’s a good thing Uncle uploaded the entire thing!

    We have here in Group 6 two teens (both 18) – USA & Albania. The former, if she comes out empty-handed, should be diverted to Egypt this December to meet Taty (MEcoTeenFilipinas 2021). The latter has, she said, won ‘Model of the World’ (San Remo, in Italy?). A dusky beauty, indeed! Her French made me think that perhaps she holds dual French-Albanian citizenship… A future Miss France, maybe?

    Canada is interesting. She is from the ‘First Nation’ in Alberta, which I assume is something like the native American Indians. Mdme. Mia joins her in tears as she recounts the loss of her dear (pageant?) mentor; there is obviously a MGCanadaOrg thing going on there. But at 20 (right?), I see height, doe eyes, a button nose, and bow-shaped lips perfect for the Tokyo Dome! KF, TRAIN HER. She suddenly gave me a vision of what we can expect from Rita Gabiola if and when ‘Badjao Girl’ joins MUP.

    Both Malaysia & Philippines sound like ‘International School’ graduates, as if daughters of expats. It’s funny for me because I recall MEcoMalaysia (4th RU) agreed to assume the crown that our bet declined. Now the ASEAN next-door neighbors are again in the same cluster. Possible Last Two?

  4. Malaysia is also good speaker but she just talks to much and sometimes she doesn’t know how to end her answers. Not bias but PH should win this challenge.

    • @ miss tissa But I do like her ‘push that gear’ motto, pertaining to empowerment.

      Sablay lang siya sa ‘beauty with a purpose’. That belongs to a rival, if BIGger, pageant.

  5. MISS UNIVERSE 2021 Eliat, Israel
    Top Picks #1
    🌹1st RU-Philippines
    🌹2nd RU-South Africa
    🌹3rd RU- UAE
    🌹4th RU-India

    • @ chromed1 Isn’t the inaugural MUUAE not known until 7 November, their Finale?

      Oh. You are a Dubai resident? Supporting then.

    • Hahaha! Ang aga niyan girl. Try mo din prediction sa MG, MI at RHA. Check namin kung pasok ang Philippines sa taste mo. 😅😅

    • Interesting list but for me not a single Latina in top 5 is highly unlikely given that Telemundo is partnered with MU again.

      Based on the final 5 of the last 2 editions of Miss Telemundo Universe, there will be 3 Latinas, 1 Asian, 1 Black in top 5.

      I don’t know if that allotment scheme is intentional or not (probably not). But if it is, then a European with African heritage making it to top 5 for the spot reserved for Blacks would mean that Kedist could go all the way & win & I would totally be into that. Her boyfriend is also fire. Gorgeous couple.

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