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  1. Eilat is in the southernmost tip of Israel, the country’s narrow corridor to the Red Sea. Thus a few kilometers to the West is an Egyptian city (Taba) and a short distance to the East is a Jordanian city (Aqaba)– all sharing the same coastline. Eilat is a bit far from Jerusalem, the international gateway to Israel, so the venue entails an extra domestic travel by air or land. Else, foreign visitors may come via nearby Taba International Airport in Egypt and travel by taxi to Eilat.

  2. What about Lebanon, Malaysia and Indonesia? Are they sending reps to a country which they abhor?

    • @ JustPassingBy Malaysia has served notice they are skipping. PI*, daw, next month…

      Parang may socio-political unrest ngayon sa Lebanon. Let’s see.

      * – Puteri Indonesia

      • Andrew, I don’t think Lebanon will send its representative to Israel even without the current socio-political turmoil. Remember that simple selfie incident a couple of years back that had caused unreasonable uproar in the whole of that volatile region? Hahahha
        Speaking of Lebanon, Lebanese actress and former Miss Lebanon Nadine Nassin Njeim who I adore is one of the confirmed judges of the inaugural MUUAE.
        Who would ever forget her role as the unfaithful wife in the international series “Law” (arabic word). Not sure if the series was shown in the Philippines. To have a glimpse at her acting prowess, her series Al Hayba is still on netflix. Sorry for all the ramblings, just got carried away hahahha. Cheers!

  3. Ha? Mga pinoy dun not bigatin unlike Dubai or States. Caregivers majority sa pinoy dun. Sposponsoran sila ng mga Pinoy caregivers there?

    • I agree. Filipino expatriates in Israel are mostly household helpers.
      Israel recruits only their citizens for all the other jobs.
      Been there and Jaffa is my favorite district 😍 If given the chance, I’d like to live there.

      • Diba? Naloka ako baka maghanap na naman ng paglilimusan mup team dun. Wala kayo sa Amerika mare, wag kayong magpunta don na Ang rami rami niyo pwera nalang kung limpak limpak pera nyo.

  4. Kawawa naman si Miss USA, finals night nila Nov 29. Tapos kelngan nasa Israel same day?

    Kaloka, squidgame ang PEG


    • @ Sunny Walang-wala yan kay Sharifa. Lolz.

      28~29 Nov – 4 Dec is essentially Quarantine; parang yung Hilton Clark bago nag-Hennan Panglao. Awra-awra (see article again) lang muna. At least, baka wala nang swab taste. Habol na lang si MUSA!

      (And knowing Israel’s technological prowess, baka may na-develop na silang less invasive test protocol.)

    • @ WillYam If candidate opts to extend beyond pageant duration. ‘… Outside… mentioned dates’.

      If Bea & company (assuming Shamcey as ND & a few others) arrive before 28 Nov and if they take a vacation after the pageant, of course sagot na nila yun.

      At siyempre, candidates lang ang sagot ng host. Yung entourage, bahala na sila humanap ng accommodations pero surely the folks there on the ground can recommend…

    • Parang kaso ni Rabiya?

      Umalis sila ng Filipinas one month before the pageant proper itself,

      Sila gumastos ng accomodation nila although technically, may nag-sponsor sa kanila ng accomodation,

      Most likely ganun din mangyayari kay Bea & MUP Org, sa dami rin ng Pinoy sa Israel, makakakuha rin sila ng sponsor dun?

      • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson As at @ scorg said, pahirapan din kasi makakuha ng connections dahil sa pandemya. It will be toughest for those furthest away – ie, Far East, South America. So, as soon as may ma-book yung travel agent mo, KAHIT MEDYO MAAGA PA, kunin mo na! Anyway, the Consular Service will be aware of difficulties and may grant additional days in your visa, to offset.

        There may be readily available flights to and from Tel Aviv if you are Europe- or Middle East-based. These candidates could just come in and out on the mentioned dates, easy. Turkey sounds like a nice lay-over for Bea & co., just in case they will have excess days to use up… What you think?

      • Ha? Mga pinoy dun not bigatin unlike Dubai or States. Caregivers majority sa pinoy dun. Sposponsoran sila ng mga Pinoy caregivers there?

      • @Andrew, hindi na naman kailangan ng visa ng mga Pinoy going to Israel, perhaps, one of the long-term repercussion of Manuel L Quezon accommodating Jews during the Holocaust!

        Turkish Airlines is already operating in the Philippines so why not? Another option is to have a lay-over in Dubai and most likely dun makakahanap sila ng maraming sponsor!

        @Yna You are right! Karamihan ng mga Pinoy sa Israel are caregiver. Pero hindi rin lang naman yon ang group of people na puede mag-sponsor? Remember that most of the Entertainment and Financial Investor/CEO in the United States are Jewish! In one way or the other yung iba diyan married to a Filipina (like Angela Velez) with a home-base in Israel na puedeng mag-sponsor sa mga Pinoy aside from those na may-ari ng mga Nursing Homes.

      • Jusko you are assuming ba naman na lahat ng pinoy pageant lovers or may time para mgspend ng pera dyan? Haler please stop the soliciting culture.

  5. Very nice of host Israel to be the one to go out of its way to accommodate other time zones, itself fighting off sleep by conducting the event in their wee hours…

    Uncle, will still apply Israel’s earlier-reported (on a News page on FB) ‘Green Visa’ scheme last June, that foreigners completed vaccination with either Pfizer or Moderna may travel as tourists? So, yung mga nakakuha on or before May, kailangan pa rin ng booster? But do these two brands still require a ‘boost’? Ang alam ko lang kasing required, Sinopharm at Sinovac.

    Yung one week sa Wyndham, parang nung sa MGI na pre-quarantine na rin? Will there be online ‘How to Eat Jewish Delicacies In Under One Minute’ fun videos to regale fans? Advise our Reservist to remember to bring the good old boodle fight spirit!

      • Uncle, learn from what happened in Rabiya’s case. Let’s no longer have any oversight or blunder.

        Yung NatCos ni Bea & whatever else na puwedeng ipa-courier ahead of time, do so! Baka OK sa venue na i-receive na nila, sans ‘holding fee’.

      • @ Norman Gud Mon AM, Uncle.

        Great posts on MUT 2021! Kasama Suetrong (the 3rd RU) is, imo, the STAR of this batch. The pageant veteran is like a dusky~zesty mash-up of Samantha Bernardo & Francezka Taruc.

        Ginawa palang Manager si Polfah. Would MUPO consider hiring one of their RU’s to ‘pillar-ize’? Kasi, look at the Hiyas ng Pilipinas org, mas maraming titles/positions sa Board.

        Results are online. Going over the roster, I’m surprised how many Miss Grand alums crossed over. And then you see how Angkol licensed his pageant to the various provinces of Thailand.

        Why do I get a sense na the Accredited Partner scheme met with some ‘challenges’ leading up to 25-9? Essentially, this means, kasi, na you pay if you want to field your ward/s. Pero sa huli, yun nga, idinaan pa sa several rounds ng botohan… 100~75~50~30. MUUAE nga, 300~30~10 pero entirely discretion ng org. Yan bang latter, naggapangan pa ng rate negotiations?

        Why not MUPO consider Angkol’s business model for MGT? I-FRANCHISE NA LANG NILA sa regionals/provincials/HUCC’s; let the ‘AP’s’ (town- & city-based handlers, really) do whatever they want & however basta at the end we consistently have more a less a set target number of reps. Kasi, ang nangyayari ata, whoever wants to join ‘goes to Mercator’, as though a BBP Screening in Cubao.

        Even Roscoe din, ata, did it for Manhunt in India & Indonesia (I saw a Manhunt Banten!).

        So, magkakaroon ng MUP-Cebu, MUP-Pampanga, MUP-NIR, etc., with standard logo/insignia, branding, and sponsors (for example, CreamSilk for hair care of all the franchisee contests). Para kang bumili ng food cart business. Sagot mo lang capital & space/location, and the franchisor takes care of everything else (deliveries, utensils, cookware, booth, etc.). But yes, I imagine this will entail a LOT on the part of MUPO to roll out, and in all areas/aspects (legal, financial, tax, etc.). May take time.

  6. Dec 12th , we have a date ! mark the date !

    But no news yet on semifinals scheme ….

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