19 comments on “Miss Universe UAE: First 10 of 30 Official Candidates

  1. I was expecting a Filipina flight attendant from either EK or EY to join. Lol.
    Maybe next year.

  2. All that ‘eye work’ (liner &/or shadow) made me, instead, zero in on the…

    (Best) lips, Marwa.
    (Best) nose, either Alma or Sara

    If this were Final 10, I’d bronze Franki, silver Sara, & gold… Dilnoza!

  3. Fyi readers, si Jasmin is a finalist in Femina Miss India 2020, she failed there and she also tried joining Miss Diva ( Uni and Supra) but she was not able to make the final cut.

  4. Gosh abelgash!

    Franki Russell? The girlfriend of Marlon Stockinger who used to be the boyfriend of Pia Wurtzbach?


  5. I always pass by Dubai and Abu Dhabi international airports enroute to the Philippines. I seldom see Emirati women during my layovers and even if I see them pass by, their faces are covered for me to see their exquisite beauty. It is easier to spot Filipinos in the Duty-Free shops not only because they are many but also because you casually overhear crispy cuss word “P…” with great abandon.

    At any rate, I hope the first MUUAE is a full-bloodied Emirati, even if she represents the demographic minority in the country.

  6. MUUAE seems to be a conglomeration of the best of the best in the international scene and looks like going to be the most glamorous MU(local) search. Even the press releases are so classy!
    Majority of these candidates are accomplished international models who are based in Dubai and of different nationalities (mostly Eastern Europeans based on the ova-suffixed surnames)
    By the way, Jazmin Lazarus also auditioned for Miss Diva India 2021 but not sure what transpired.

  7. Sara looking gorgeous, paano pa pag long and
    curly hair ayos nya, Jasmin, si Jessica Sanchez agad nakita ko sa kanya 😁

  8. Gosh!

    The girls’ faces are Vogue-worthy! I also love the intricately designed hijab. Indeed, Arab beauties are expensive-looking.

    I am getting more and more excited to watch the upcoming Miss Universe pageant in Eilat because of UAE’s entry!

    That’s all.

    • Hi Ana, not all of the girls are of Arab descent but yeah Arab women are indeed expensive-looking and decadence is their second skin.

      • Agree. But, non-Emirati beauties have been Arabized here. They are goddesses. Given the proper training, each of these beauties can easily clinch an international crown. But, for Miss Universe alone, they will have a hard time considering a little time frame left to resort to some logistics and whatnot.

        That’s all.

        That’s all.

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