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  1. She look even better in her arrival photos… She’s really there to take home the crown! I love it!

    Maureen Montaigne is Miss GLOBE 2021!!!

  2. That’s the same Philippines sash Catriona wore when she departed for Thailand for MU in 2018. Maybe it will serve as a good luck charm for Maureen.

  3. Mga Vekla! Ayon kay Reina Maniwangtiwang, ang judges daw sa Prelim & Finals ng MU

    3 out of 6

    Rina Messinger
    Gal Gadot
    Catriona Gray

      • Yes. She doesn’t like non independent thinkers like here. We all know why Bea won. She is the most subservient looking in the top 5.

      • We don’t “know” that, geez.

        Also, if Bea were “subservient,” she wouldn’t have a tattoo or be open about her same-sex relationship.

        It diminishes her accomplishment at securing the crown when you say things like this—that she won for being most “subservient” and not because she was the best all-around with her quiet confidence, calm demeanor & outstanding morena beauty.

      • bea got crowned courtesy of her backstory: being a member of lgbtq. to my recollection, she will be the first openly gay female to compete in the MU pageant. she will be the angela ponce of this year’s edition, the bearer of the inclusivity narrative. .

  4. @Andrew … Agreeing with your emphasis on this MG reminder🕊️ Fan behavior may have already become a determining factor in pageants. It tends to drag the candidate down along with all ithe fan negativity. No pageant org would want a winner with a toxic following.😇🕊️👑💐

  5. Guys, paalala lang. Yung hiniling ni Mdme. Mias Pilar-Alcantara sa ating mga Pino/ay.

    Please, behave in their social media accounts. No bashing & bullying of other candidates! Kaya tuloy naisip ng ilan na kaya 2nd RU lang si Leren noon was because of unruly~rude Filipino fans.

    • @Andfew, @jmgonzalezme: Your observations are correct. Fan toxicity and negativity tends to bring our reps down. We should remember that in global pageantry, it is not just our rep who carries the Philippine brand in international stage. The entire Philippine pageantry community, including the fans, project our image. No matter how ravishing our rep is, the fans paint an ugly picture of our entire representation as a country. Bashing of rival candidates, and sadly, of our own rep for just about anything, should have no place in what is supposed to be a celebration of beauty. In branding, imagery matters. Sadly, the fans paint an ugly picture of what our beautiful rep painstakingly carries– the Philippine sash.

  6. Maureen I believe is one of those beauty queens whose beauty is wasted in minor pageants.
    She deserves to compete in any of the big 4 (MU, MW, MI, and live- ME)

    • If she Did what Cat did where in she completely move to the Ph, imersed herself in Philippine culture and not compete at Miss USa…. She could actually win BBP universe w/ a landslide.. Too bad she ddnt.

  7. Buti pa ang Miss Globe kahit hindi kasinglakas ng ibang patimpalak, may magaganap na patimpalak at hindi umaasa na lamang sa virtual beauty pageant. Mukhang palubog na ang araw ang kanilang organisasyon..

    • I’m an avid supporter of our homegrown international pageant Miss Earth but this time, I’m totally dismayed and disappointed of them having it virtual once again.
      Sayang lang kasi they have the most relevant advocacy. Yan kasi ang problema sa mga Filipino-owned orgs minsan. Sayang ang brand nila to be honest na established na.
      Sana ibenta na lang sa Miss Earth USA. Nakakahiya sa mga NDs na nag effort mag live.
      People will lose interest na dito sa pageant na to. Sayang lang talaga

  8. Beautiful, classy photos, despite the camel toe.=) Good luck Maureen!

    World Peace.

    • I didn’t notice really — not until you pointed it out — the proverbial ‘camel toe’…

  9. Great to see these brown jewel tones! This one is like garnet.

    I think brown’s pageantry possibilities need to be explored. We saw Chella Falconer’s take on the ‘kuyamis’ NatCos at the recent MUP. Depicted as the dried mature coconut, not a few remarked it made them think of chocolate. And chocolate-coated coconut mounds are undeniably yummy!

    Though it looks a generic ‘Philippines’ sash, neither the ‘BBP-Globe’ nor the official which, of course, the candidates will get on-site that she has on… May issue ba with Immigration/Customs?

    • (Cont.)

      It’s now more than 24 hours since Maureen left the country. Even with a few hours’ layover somewhere, surely she’s arrived in Tirana.

      I recall (The) Miss Globe has Miss Disco Queen, Miss Talent Show, & Ms. Bikini subtitles. I wonder which of these our rep will rule.

      Nichole Manalo and Leren placed in Disco Queen and Talent Show, respectively, if I am correct. I do not remember if Nelda and Mitch got placements…

      Last year’s edition allowed a glimpse into the Swim Prelims (with Rowee Sasaluya-Lucero). The judges put up their scorecards after each contestant, #’s 1 to 5. I like that transparency!

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