11 comments on “Pageantry Norms S6 E7

  1. That was a very interesting discussion. Among the guests, I see Lars Pacheco or Sheila Magpali winning the crown.

  2. Kung na-sce-scenezone ang isang tulad ni Uncle, paano pa kaya ang mga tulad namin. Heheheh.

    One candidate gives Teresita Ssen vibe. Another is like Shannen Manzano x Francezka Taruc.

    They are very gracious and courteous.

    There was an interesting keyword at MUT 2021. I forgot, but the discussion led to whether or not transgender athletes should be allowed to compete against/with their straight counterparts.

  3. Miss World Philippines 2021 is my favorite Tracy Maureen Perez
    She is the prettiest Philippine queen this year aside from Hannah Arnold

    • Natumba sya, nakita sa cam and hinde nadapa as in napahiga . Anyway, she won Miss World Philippines naman . Congratulations Tracy Maureen Perez! I hope Julia Morley did not see it.

  4. OMG What a fantastic episode, Norman! The ladies were so engaging and so well-spoken. I didn’t catch Part 1 (yet) but just listening to these five gorgeous candidates, I will already have a hard time selecting who my winner is — and to think there are 26 of them. I am excited for them and can’t wait to follow the pageant all the way to finals night. These ladies were so funny, witty and smart — which contributed to one of my most favorite episodes of Pageant Norms to date.

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