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    • during her application she was asked what title she aspired for, she answered- it’s miss world or nothing… now she may move on with “nothing” …

  1. Have personally heard from many candidates over the years how even in Binibini or in other international contests, the whole day of the pageant finals is the most tiring. Many funny stories have been shared that when a candidate was called to be a semi-finalist or finalist, every step taken on the stage was accompanied by a malutong expletive which was well disguised by the sweetest of smiles. As the pageant progressed deep into the night, the sky-high heels start impinging its parusa on the girls’ soles and the calves. According to them their appetites were non-existent 😱 They felt so tense they say they might hurl if they take in food. And all of them said they felt hungry only after the pageant, when they felt an overdrive of whatever energy they had left. So in their words, it’s like two whole days of not sleeping. It really takes a WOMAN to finish a PAGEANT. The crown seals the victory, but the journey itself already makes these women winners.

  2. 6-7 hours yung finals night. Eh gising na yang mga yan ng umaga pa lang for tech rehearsal at glam up. So all in all nung araw na yun mga 20 hours silang mulat. Goodluck. Bakit ba kasi hindi nag trim down agad sa top 20 since nag swim and gown naman sila sa Okada prior. That way naka reduce man lang ng kahit 1 oras, malaking tulong na din yun. Sa panahon ng pandemic talaga naman mahirap mag organize ng event pero sana consider din talaga ang health and welfare ng candidates and even the production people. Si sir Arnold kasi gusto lang ata mag ingay sa Olongapo since tatakbo sya dun. Ano gagawin nya sa nasasakupan nya, paghintayin din ba nya.

    • nakita naman effecto… wala n lakas yung nalaglag sa stage… pero advantage yung pgkalaglag kc di b pang showbiz ang winners ng mwp, pwede sa stunt yung candidate kita nmn sa taas nung nilaglagan niya nkatayo p siya, pang stuntwoman siya, kaya yun WAGI si #36 🤣😂

  3. I hope the BPCI can regain the MWP franchise back. Then someone can just package some of the minor titles under Mutya ng Pilipinas which could be a nice breeding ground for those who want to take the baby steps in pageantry.

    MWP was such a mess!!!!

    • @ 4M I don’t think BPCI had any issues with the franchise. It was Mdme. JM that insisted on a stand-alone Nationals. For a time (under Mdme. Cory Q), it was realized. Afterwards, waley na.

      What most folks are saying is that Arnold Vegafria is perhaps not the right person…?…

      But, has anyone or any other group expressed interest? Also, I think most of us prefer that a woman handle the pageant.

      Parang pag lalake ang nagpatakbo, like Mr. Vegafria or Mr. Itsaragrisil, laging may issue/s.

      Kayo? Baka may kilala kayo. Or, form kayo ng group. From what little I know, MW is among the cheaper (rate-wise) of the BIG’s. Baka ang gusto ni Mdme. JM, yung alta at politically connected.

      • Then, there’s pageants owned/run by men like that recent one in Europe. But aside from a change-of-management bump-on-the-road right after Mutya and that crowned India’s first winner (on home soil, if I’m correct), mukha namang walang naging malaking drama with the pageant community as of late. Depende rin siguro sa tao… A good manager, female or male, will always be an asset.

  4. I cannot understand why these contestants keep wearing these hideous clunky shoes ? … is it to appear taller ? do they make them look stand sexy ? , answer to both is NO

    Only wear classic high heeled shoes from now on ! ….

    • @ jaretwrightlover They’re like rubber shoes. Provide traction and… Damn! I forgot the word.

      (Something about shock absorbance, cushioning against impact of foot on floor. Hirap talaga pag tanders. One moment, the word is at the tip of your tongue, the next it has flown away. Hayyst!)

      • those clunky shoes , exacerbated with fatigue , caused her massive falls and slips on stage …

    • Duhhhh they usually wear it now during evening gown. FYI THE SIX FOOTER MISS VENEZUELAS WEAR PLATFORM SHOES TOO. HALLER???? 6 feet plus platform equals to 6″5-6″6 height. Don’t be ignorant. It started in 2010s.

    • I know they look horrible. But the chunkier the front part of the shoe, the less steep the angle of the feet so it’s less tiring for the legs and less painful for the feet.

      Also, the chunkier the heels, the heavier the shoe, the more “aware” you are of your footing. And so the tendency is to be more careful on stage.

      There’s also more surface area of the bottom of the shoe touching the ground, compared to flimsy pencil-thin stilettos, so despite the height, the weight is more evenly distributed on the shoe/ground, resulting to better sense of balance.

      Of course, if you’re hungry, sleep-deprived, exhausted, etc., like Tracy, kahit running shoes pa siguro yan matutumba sa stage na puro hagdan!

      A classy 3-inch pair of heels is safer to strut in compared to a ginormous 6+ inch platforms. But between a 4-inch classy shoe, and a 5-inch platform, it’s more comfortable to wear the platform. And the extra inch matters on stage. We can’t blame the girls for preferring comfort and extra inches of advantage over class.

      Although in the future, I hope it becomes a norm for pageants to limit heel height or at least provide uniform heels to be worn on stage during prelims and finals. Mahirap yata iimplement ito considering the girls have to practice with their stage heels for weeks and months prior.

  5. Almost 7 hours of lackluster pageantry.
    No wonder girls are starving, sleepy and falling.

  6. Did I hear it right– 7-hour crowning event? And that was after several postponements, tand an unexpected cancellation on the penultimate day? Yes, we are into a pandemic but how come MUP and MPE played their game with only minor glitches and schedule changes? The long wait for the finals culminating in a dragging show certainly does not make for “Fresh Filipinas for the World”. The imagery evoked is anything but freshness. I just hope the MW brand can recover its downward slide to extinction in the Filipino pageant fans’ psyche.

  7. Alam naman mating lahat na hindi gantong beauty ang type ni Julia. At may nagsabing next important ang mwp sa mup crown I beg to disagree.lol

  8. Very outdated crowning presentation na kailangan kasama ang mga sponsors at judges sa stage.
    Tapos ang e-engot maglagay ng sashes at crowns sa winners
    Magpapatong ka lang ng korona sa nanalo, tabingi pa 🤦🏻‍♂️
    Smorgasbord pageant that took hours to finish.
    This is what happens when a pageant director prioritizes business than the love of pageantry itself.

  9. Not familiar with nor do I follow Ms World PH and Ms World in general.
    Kept noticing #4 in the photos.
    She’s pretty and didn’t win anything, isn’t this supposed to be a beauty pageant? 🥴
    Is she a poor speaker?

    • @ H Oh, that’s Janelle Lewis. She was on many Picks for Eco-Teen International. And was said to be a favorite of the organization; this alone could have prompted them to leave her high and dry as giving her a crown or title could be misconstrued… (Never mind controversy with co-candidate).

    • You really should watch MWP at the very least, then. As you see, they have good material, too.

      (And make sure you have a superior search engine and excellent data security functions. Not like some people, LOLZZZ.)

  10. epic …

    during top 15 Q&A- the judge uttered “hello tatiana how are you?”… (tracy po)

    just after she was crowned- the emcee said “you may now have your first walk michelle dee”… 😁🤣

    • @ WillYam And same host’s indulgence when it came to introducing co-alum candidate/s.

  11. I honestly did not watch the pageant, but I read a lot of not-so-good-yet-funny comments on FB and IG about MWP. Imbyerna ang mga bakla sa matagal na process ng patimpalak. Nagsimula daw ang pageant ng October 3, nagpilian ng top 16 eh October 4 na, then baka daw ang koronasyon ay sa October 5, hindi lang daw sila na-inform.

    Ilang beses pala nalaglag sa stage si Tracy. Kawawa naman. The judges and those who go on stage ay mga politician. Nakakalurkey! Ginawa nilang political event ang pageant.

    Tapos ang tagal ng gap bago nagbigay ng korona sa mga shondi. Napuyat ang mga baklush. Maganda daw ang stage, pero todo-lait sila sa production, from the intro, judges, flow of the pageant, etc. Hahaha! Mas okay pa daw ang pa-599 ng Bohol kesa sa pa-100 ng Subic.

    Ang dami-dami daw koronang ipinamigay. Kaya ang pangit ng pageant. Sa totoo lang, nawala na ang prestige ng Miss World Philippines, considering na ito ang next important pageant after MUP. And it’s about time na ibigay ito sa national director na kayang ibalik ang glossy selection process ng deserving winner/s.

    Congratulations na lang sa mga nanalo. ‘Yung bet ni Tito Norms na si Ganiel Krishnan now belonged to the Lotlot and friends circle. I did not understand the hype on her, really. She’s not that stunning. Same goes to Emmanuel Vera. Tito Norms did not even include in his winning bets Kathleen Paton, who I find beautiful. Kanya-kanyang taste lang talaga.

    That’s all.

    • Agree. Sayang ang girl delegated to a puchu-puchu pageant. 1 and a half years ba ang contract? Ayun, fronzen delight for the said duration.

  12. Shaila Rebortera has a Miss Universe Philippines look … I think she should join and try her luck

      • @ WillYam Yup. The ‘tores’ of MWP are at the 5’7″ bar; halos pantay-pantay lang sila.

        Riana Pangindian, Jo-Ann Flores, Dan Dhilla, Tatyana Austria, Dindi Pajares, & Kim Alexis Babao.

        They being the ceiling, you can imagine how short everyone else is relative to them.

        Trisha Martinez LOOKS tall… Though, I wonder if that’s due to posture… But, congrats to her!

        Did we have anybody incredibly tall – 5’9″ minimum – at BBP this year? Yung mga tipong Pauline Baker, April May Short, or Anjamie Magbitang? Parang wala…?…

        Noy Rose Campos of Antique was! And VVV wasn’t so tall after all. Mahaba lang talaga limbs.

      • That is a shame …the very tall aspirants are MIA , I can still remember 2017 , or even 2019 Binibini yrs

        A candidate in MUP 21 has a beautiful face but stands I think only 5’3 … Princess Singh , it’s a shame

  13. naging factor ba sa pagkapanalo nya ang sash nya? nabudol ang tatlong pulitikong judges? i dnt find her outstanding..mala kisses ang mukha na pabebe at mala rabiya kung magsalita..not a good combo.

    • @ Marvin1978 ‘…Mala-Rabiya magsalita’ si Tracy Maureen?

      They competed at MUP last year. Perhaps that would be a more accurate way to compare; watch the footage/videos at BCC (again). Now approaching one year (25 October 2020).

      Para ‘apples-to-apples’ ang paghambing.

      Their backstories do share commonalities, though.

      The difference may be in the temperament. Rabiya feels more ‘out there’, while Tracy seems more resigned… I sense a deeper maturity in the latter. I really hope she finishes better than Michelle Dee. And if she gets the ‘MW Asia-Pacific’ sash, that’s great because it can mean being part of Mdme. JM’s global initiatives and activities for her organization. IN BOCCA AL LUPO.

      But if she bags our second Blue Crown, why would we complain/resist?

  14. Congratulations to Tracy, it was well deserved. When she started bagging all the sponsor awards, it was pretty evident she will win. After Q and A, I thought Emmanuelle Vera might just steal the win though, just because of how eloquent and calm and collected Emmanuelle was when delivering her answer.

    Not the best styling for Emmanuelle. Weird makeup job. Ganiel’s hairstyle was also not the best, I don’t think the harsh bun suited her. Kathleen Paton can be beautiful, but she needs to work on monitoring her facial expressions more closely. Her ~fierce~ gaze and often even her smile comes off as this sour expression.

    To be honest, the pageant was a bit cringey. From the music choices to the hosts (except Xian Lim who did well, and to an extent also Alyssa Mulach) to the judges. ALV’s constant presence was also not the most welcome sight. Anyway, I hope MWP gets better sponsors next time. An MLM and Red Hotel are hardly good brands to associate with.

    I understand that the pageant has been dragged on for so long and the Org probably wanted to give all the girls the opportunity to showcase their gowns and swimsuit walks. But no pageant can justifiably be that long. The girls must be exhausted.

    • ganiel looked old, she lacked freshness during the contest… my guess hit for her to get only 2nd runner up 💪🏾

  15. I didnt see Tracy’s first “fall” and oh boy mataas din yung hinulugan nya ha. I felt bad for her. Note to MWPO that mounting a 6 hour-pageant is a NO NO. Hindi na makatayo ng maayos ang girls sa pagod at gutom

    • her first fall was when the girls were called back on stage for the announcement of winners… it was not captured on cam but i guess it was when alyssa and xian yelled in fear looking at the direction to the girls 👸😢

      • pareho kami, graduated bachelor of science in industrial engineering but im way ahead of her, im already 55 😁😂 i graduated at the university of san carlos, cebu in 1991.🙏💪🏾

  16. I didn’t notice Tracy’s first “fall” and oh boy ang taas din ng hinulugan nya ha. I felt sad for her. Hindi na siguro sya makatayo ng ayos dahil sa pagod at gutom. Standing in heels for more than 6 hours is not a joke. MWP take note next time. Maawa kayo sa girls.

  17. The age limit for Miss World is 27. Tracy is 28. Does this mean we’re sending the 1st runner up in her place? Or has Miss World adjusted the age qualifications recently?

    • Yes, I believe it’s 17-26 yo. Has there been an update on the limit?

      • @ Norman Uncle, did they wait for a VIP guest to arrive? Kaya inabot ng 6 hours?

        For PN’s S6E8 (10-10-2021), THREE QUEENS – Alex Faith, Tracy Maureen, & Beatrice Luigi. G!!!

    • Parang hindi lang na organize ng maayos ang placements. Baka sya nlang sa Reina HA.

      • Yes, I feel like with all the clueless judges, and Vegafria now finally wanting a fair competition, there might not have been a thorough deliberation for the international assignments of the girls. I feel like it was all rushed – top scorer MW, next highest score Eco, next highest RHA, etc. with no careful consideration of whether the girls are suited there, or that if they are even qualified.

        Barcoma & Lewis’s non-inclusion in the top placements are telling of Vegafria now trying to steer clear of scandals. Perhaps with Perez’s performance, winning over sponsors, and undeniable winner’s glow last night, it would be difficult to justify not giving her the top crown.

        Are we really sending Riana Pangindian to Miss World?

  18. Enjoy and savor the experience in Puerto Rico…Mess World will always be pre-determined, a cooking show.

  19. I’m glad the best performer of the night won. However, I do not think she’ll fare well in MW. Tracy is charming, very much like Dindi, but not exactly the dusky skin-dark eyes-dark hair-Barbie face shape mold that JM prefers. JM also likes kind, innocent eyes. The kind of face that gets cast as a Disney princess in Hollywood of yesteryears. Maureen is more of the cutesy, charming, bff (or mistress) ng main character in local teleseryes. Nonetheless, she’s the best performer of the night, so it’s still a well-deserved placement.

    Kathleen Paton pre-dental work would have been closer to the JM template. Or a tanned Janelle Lewis without the drama and with a few years of physical maturity. Or a younger, leaner Ganiel Krishnan.

    I did not watch the whole thing as it was dragging way too long. But I was able to watch parts of it and to me, beauty-wise, Trisha Martinez stood out. If she weren’t raw and fleshy, she’d make a good MW rep, JM will like her for sure.

    Michelle Arceo is also a stunner. So many gorgeous faces this year. Angelica Famorcan looked like a Bollywood babe – if she were only skinny. It’s funny how a lot of the girls seemed to have gotten bigger waiting for pageant finals.

    I was surprised Ann Palmares made it to top 16 despite the interview blunder, it was so bad I cringed. Joy Barcoma’s non-inclusion was expected. I think the BWAP win, with its own lengthy introduction from AV himself, was staged as consolation. Janelle Lewis placing would also hurt the org’s image – and they’re now image-conscious because AV is running as mayor.

    Tatyana Austria has a bright future in pageantry.

    Roberta Tamondong was the star of the night.

    With AV now focusing on politics, would it be too much to ask for the Miss World crown to return to BBP? I think JM would love the idea of MWP being the highest crown in the most prestigious pageant in the Philippines. MI & MW also have very similar standards for reps. I mean, AV can’t possibly juggle managing artistas, running pageants, and working as mayor all at the same time.

    • @ paui I am thinking ‘Mutya-World’, instead.

      Mutya-AP can then be the second-in-line.

      Mutya org did hold the MW Filipinas franchise already, didn’t they?

      (Because with Alex Faith Garcia’s win, doubtless fans will now clamor for ‘BBP-Aura’.)

      • I think MGI and Aura are very similar. Loud, flashy, more showmanship, less substance. I think these pageants go together. It’s mentioned by a commenter before, it will do the Philippines good if we actually merge nationals this way:

        MU > strong, fierce, empowered, modern women

        MW + MI + Supra > graceful, poised, classic beauties with warm, endearing demeanor

        ME + Eco > earth warriors

        MGI + Aura + RHA > Latina/European-type beauty preference

        MG + Intercon > I honestly still can’t figure out what these pageants want LOL

        Mutya AP + minor crowns > this will serve as sort of a nationals entryway for local beauties who’ve proven their worth in regionals/provincials/cities and whatnot

        This way, girls won’t be wasted. I see a lot of girls with so much potential join the wrong pageant and lose their drive to try the nationals again when they lose. Also, international pageants like MW do not like crossovers, and so it will save our girls time and resources if they focus on a specific pageant where their skills and beauty fit perfectly.

        e.g., Maureen Montagne could have ended her pageantry career well had she joined MUP where she is better suited. But instead, she went with BBP, and tried too hard to fit the MI mold. Maureen Wroblewitz should have gone to MWP.

        Jumbling all the pageants together and ranking them and assigning girls based on one night’s performance do not result to good international placements for the country. Case in point: BBP 2019 winners.

        MUP Gazini could have easily won MGI
        MIP Patch could have placed as runner up or won MU
        MSP Resham did not deserve any crown – this should have been given to Aya
        MGP SamLo did not deserve any crown – overall performance was bad but answered well
        MICP Emma should have been sent to MI or MS
        SamBer and Vicky could have represented us well in MGI and MI

        This is why deliberations are important. Fans questioned Maxine Medina’s win over Kylie Versoza. They did not realize that Kylie is better suited for MI and would have been wasted in MU. Maxine would not have had to endure so much bashing if MUP & MIP were separate competitions from the beginning.

        But you know, this is all wishful thinking. These local orgs do not exist to hoard crowns for the Philippines. There are many factors at play. But if AV decides to let go of MW, I hope BBP takes it. So then all the classic beauties will know where to go instead of wasting time trying to be fierce for MU, or faking advocacies for ME, etc.

    • @ paui Pansin mo Aura, Intercon, at Globe? May pagka-‘Resort Party’ atmosphere lagi, the participants dancing and wining the Mediterranean and Adriatic Sea nights away? As if ginagawang product launch or Press socials nung organizer? Kaya dito pumapasok yung mga OOTD/N…

      The direction is quite ‘Euro-playboy/socialite-on-his-snazzy-yacht’. Daming lalake around.

    • Well, we know naman kung bakit sa BBP napadpad si Montagne.

      Wroblewitz is with channel 2. MWP is connected with channel 7. Awkward to say the least.

      Environment and/or tourism advocacy is easy, imo. If you can’t fake something along these lines, you must really be out of touch. What could be more straightforward than the beauty around us?

      Yang BWAP, kung tutuusin hindi naman sobrang necessary kasi may ‘house charities’ naman ang MWO. Mdme. JM will still make you attend those fundraisers she cares about and that might not necessarily be the one you are involved with. Maybe the sole purpose of that Fast Track is to see how you interact with people at all levels, form that young orphan or poor farmer to the big bosses of companies that have CSR programs devoted to the sector-in-need. Important is, she likes you.

  20. While I’m not the biggest fan of Ganiel Krishnan, the MWPO did her dirty by giving her the 2nd runner up placement.

    Tracy is fine as Miss World. I won’t get my hopes up that she’ll give us a high placement in Puerto Rico. She’ll just give us a decent fight, and that’s okay.

  21. Maureen’s best styling is the one that reminds of Peru’s Janick .Maybe just a little medication to make it her own
    Not being able to stand out among this yr’s candidates , I donot know how she will dare internationally .
    Good luck to her

  22. no crown for Nava Ruffa , last chance , sad news …I admire her spunk in joining many many pageants

    • her styling was bad, i thought she was “pokwang” when she appeared on stage 🙏

    • There was a portion where the candidates were made to model while the host shared interesting facts about them. The other girls had so much going for them – professions, advocacies, charity work, etc. All the host had to say about Ruffa Nava was that she’s a professional model, then long, awkward silence. I think she’d have done better in bikini and modeling competitions

  23. Expect to clap again in in the next miss world. India the perennial favorite of Julia is gorgeous as usual and 5″9. Venezuela crowns a miss world from Venezuela mold of Astrid Carolina Herrera and Jacqueline Aguilera. Ewan ko nalang basta nandyan si Arnold dyan you don’t expect a girl from KF winning the top crown. Yun lang. Last world girl ng KF si Maggie Wilson pa. Hahahaha

  24. SIX HOURS??!! Ano yan, Miss Global?

    Akala ko ba overage na si Tracy for MW? Did Mdme. JM increase the age ceiling? Well, how lucky of Ms. Perez. Omedatou gozaimashita! So thrilled for you. You must feel vindicated.

    (I only got Lingkungan Filipinas right – Arceo.)

    (Uncle, yung isa pang Origin model, si Diana Mackey? Ba’t di nagtuloy sa MUP?)

    Two doctors bag crowns. One, a dentist and the other… Another dentist. We’ll all have nice teeth.

    Riana puts in her best finish (Princessa Primera) after semifinal-izing at BBP & MUP. Retiring na from pageantry like compatriot Leren Mae?

    (I have doubts that Dr. Amaal Rezk specifically asked for Paton. I’m not sure she’s on the same league as Day. I’m also unsure that Austria can manage a back-2-back with Tamondong. Hhhmm.)

    • I love Austria.

      Physically, lamang si Tamondong. Sa utak, sobrang mas lamang si Austria. Parehong may potential sa Major Pageants.

    • An early fave of mine whom I thought would no longer be noticed as the Prelims progressed is KF’s Julie Tarrayo, whom I initially felt would be nice to send to Poland… Glad she made 1st Cut!

      AM ALSO HAPPY JO-ANN DE LA TORRE FLORES MADE 1ST CUT. Together with Maureen & Riana, this proves a MUP~MWP cross over is doable. Pero, unahin po si Chiara Markwalder, pls!

      • I also noticed… TJ Marquez and David Licauco have hands in pockets. Is that an ‘artista’ thing?

      • Just like that, nabuo ang ‘Team Philippines 2021~2022’.

        At ganun-ganun lang, biglang naging HECTIC-BUSY ang October!

        18 October daw departure ni Eman for Bolivia? Tapos, sina Cinderella at Montagne pa! Si Trisha daw, yung Lebanon niya ‘sooner than you think’.

        Ang ME, nagsimula na sa candidates’ introduction conferences…

        Mukhang November ang lull. Pagpatak ng December, MGI, MW, & MU just days apart.

        Uncle, i-plan mo na year-end schedule natin, both here sa blog at sa PN’s.

        (Still no word for Sasha Tajaran & Ashley, China & Vietnam respectively? Weren’t they for Oct?)

  25. Diosmio! Dos veces siya bumagsak sa Stage!

    Seguro sobrang pagod na nila! Napapanood tuloy ako ng Pageantry Norms when he interviewed Tracy! Ok naman pala etong si Gurl although ang ini-expect ko manalo is si Emmanuelle!

    Ulilang lubos na pala batang ito! Mukhang magiging ala-Ivian Sarcos ang destination nito! Sana makapagpahinga siya ng maayos! Ang ganda ng gown niya! Sana iyon na rin suot niya sa Miss World Finals!

  26. Congrats TM!! Basta malakas ang ND kay Julia Montes at generous magbigay ayuda sa BWAP, winner na winner ka gurl. Yung Jamaica nga na sobrang Chaka ng fezlak at di naghihilod ng libag eh nanalo sa MW, ikaw pa kaya.

  27. hindi naman bet yan ni Manang Hulya
    wag na umasa

    dami dami naman minor crowns
    walang kwenta

  28. Another Cebuana!!!

    Congratulations to Bea and Tracy!

    It is extraordinary that the beautiful Dindi Pajares already competed in Poland before being crowned in the nationals.

  29. Ayan kumpleto ng ang Team Philippines!

    Let us wish them well in their International Competitions.

    All of them are Miss Philippines, so support tayo!


  30. What I like about MWP is that they always give the top crown to the prettiest and most deserving one.
    I think though that Pangindian deserved one of the crowns.
    As expected, the overrated Ganiel did not do well and that hideous make-up my gosh!

    • I would give Trisha’s crown to Riana. Ang layo ng sagot ni Trisha, hindi niya yata narinig ang tanong.

  31. my bet kathleen paton settled for was that eco crown…sayang.. she speaks eloquently..wonder what made tracy win..she has short limbs..at di nga sya nag top 5 sa MUP2020.

    • Simply because of her pretty face that is so Miss World prototype.
      Patton’s facial features may be too strong for Madam Julia.

  32. My wish, my dream is that Michelle Dee joins MUP at a future cycle , or maybe even next year … but maybe there is some bad blood between Dee’s mon and the MUP org , so dream may just stay as a wishful dream … keep hope keep faith that powerhouse Pinas’ semifinals streak at MU does not stop

  33. Origin Model Management Muses:
    Beatrice Gomez – Miss Universe PHL 2021
    Tracy Perez – Miss World PHL 2021
    Gazini Ganados – Miss Universe PHL 2019
    Cynthia Thomalia – Miss Eco Int’l 2018
    Jamie Herrel – Miss Earth 2014
    Steffi Aberasturi – Miss Universe PHL 2021 2nd R-up
    Apriel Smith – Miss Universe PHL 2020 Top16
    Kimberly Covert – Miss PHL Earth Water 2014
    and more…all from Cebu

  34. Congratulations! I hope she’s ok. I saw a video of what happened right before the announcement of winners. It must’ve been a long day for everyone.

  35. My fellow Visayans are capturing major pageant titles one after another. Proud of you both Tracy and Bea.

  36. Tracy deserves it! Another Cebuana bringing home the crown. Tracy and Bea belong to the same managenent agency.

    BTW, did #27 answer her question?

  37. I was so thrilled I couldn’t sleep!

    Tracy was my sentimental favorite during MUP2020. When she joined MWP this year, I was confident she’ll be getting a crown, not knowing it would be the top tier crown of the competition. I was a silent supporter because most people care less of MWP I know lol!

    Without bias, I really thought Tracy was the best performer of the night! I was really surprised as why she’s getting most of the sponsor awards against the well known frontrunners like Ganiel, Emman and Kathleen. Right after the Q&A, I thought the deliberation will result to Emman getting the MWP crown. I mean the girl won HTH challenge, talented, beautiful. Maybe the org gave merits to Tracy for being the overall top scorer? Idk. So when Emman got announced as the RHA, I knew for sure that its gonna be Tracy!

    Congratulations Tracy!!! You made me so happy after Steffi’s defeat. Go Cebuanas! Good luck on your mission to Puerto Rico!

    • Same here. I felt that she was the prettiest in that batch but she was overshadowed by the more popular girls. Anyway, it is her destiny to win MWPh.

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