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  1. I’m not too sure the large-head, no-neck look will be a hit in Eilat, Israel.

  2. Mga Girls! Kapag outdoor ang activity and medio warm or tropical ang climate, ang OOTD dapat diyan, yang mga Maxi-dress with large earing or wood or shell choker necklace!

    Puede rin naman ang Romper Jumpsuit or Short Jumpsuit na ang pang itaas eh one shoulder or off shoulder ang style!

    And sa table naman, no leaning of hands or elbow and always straight ang back!

  3. Tito Norman, having an MUP-Charity title, is VVV eligible to compete again in MUP if she wishes?

    • VVV should try Miss Universe New Zealand … she will do great and will likely win and represent at Miss Universe … & will do very well there too …

  4. For casual wear, what suits Katrina are the cool neutrals in shades of light grey, beige, soft powder blue and off-white. These cool neutrals sets off her skin tone to a richer and classier sheen. 🔆✨🕊️

  5. Bea is beautifu. Hindi lang siya mestiza kasi yun usually ang maganda sa mga mata ng pinoy. Matalino siya pero hindi siya may accent magsalita tulad ng laking America.
    Plus siya ay bisaya usually mababa tingin ng ibang “alta” pagsinabing bisaya or probinsyana.
    She’s humble and kind. Prove them wrong Bea.. 🙏🏻

  6. Mas maganda sila dyan with light make up compared sa coronation night.
    Jusko yung eye make up ni Manila nung finals??? kakatacute.

  7. Enjoy the perks of being top placers, ladies!

    Can Steffi still join MWP next year?

    I hope she does… with less fanfare and less pressure.

    I am rooting for Tracy this year!

    Would be a double treat from Cebu, if she wins!

  8. Romblon showed a lot of potential, I did not notice her until Final show … Paranaque worked very hard to get into top 10. Both of them should try again next year if they are still age eligible …

    • Romblon showed her weakness during finals night which was her face
      It looks like she will need a major work on her smile

      • @ Fabian Reyes Bata pa si Nicole Minano. She was only in her teens when she won her Nationals in 2018.

        She is currently with A&Q.

        Such ‘intervention’ needs to be done soon, and carefully. By the best. So when she resurfaces, G.

        I like to think of her as Gabby Basiano 2.0. Though in Gabby’s case, do you recommend anything?

      • Andrew,
        I’m no expert
        But Gabby Basiano could improve on her comm skills . In terms of physical features, I think she is good to go . I think she will do well internationally
        As for Rmblon , her lower jaw is super small .
        What about you

      • Andrew,
        I’m no expert
        But Gabby Basiano could improve on her comm skills . In terms of physical features, I think she is good to go . I think she will do well internationally
        As for Rmblon , her lower jaw is super small .
        What do you think ?

  9. it is a very good top 5 , it is the most deserving top 5 … but I still need to be convinced that the winner will keep the semifinalist streak going for powerhouse Pinas … unlike with KJD as winner , she will zoom past all the AsiaPacific&Africa delegates and land safely in the MU semifinals … and even top 10 … or even top 5 , but probably not the crown itself as there are a lot of MU delegates in the wings ready to capture their very first MU victory like Albania, Paraguay, Romania, …

    • There are also two Indian beauties which are rumored to be prettier than our Bea.

      Miss India and Miss Singapore.

      But I am convinced that Bea can keep the PH semifinals streak (which is already a low bar).

      Paraguay is already SI model level. But there have been girls liker her in MU before but fell short on being crowned.

      I don’t know jarethwrightlover. I hope you are wrong.

      • the wait is not long … we’ll know in about 75 days , … but I am not excited this year , I don’t have the normal feeling of anticipation for our Pinas delegate mixing it up at MU … ( if it was KJD, there is no question, my excitement level will begin to rise on day 1 of her MUP reign)

      • Venezuela achieved the feat of making the semifinals ( top 10, top 15 ) from 1983 to 2002 nonstop , a lot of those years they were in the top 5 , more than a couple of those years they were in top 2 or actually the winner … this is the record we as powerhouse Pinas need to tie or better yet , surpass …

    • Nakakahinayang pa rin na di si Katrina. Sana next year na lang si Bea. But then, I’m hopeful Bea will continue the streak.

  10. VVV has such a commanding presence without even trying
    She should try again

  11. Gov. Arthur Yap is one of the nicest people around. He would be the first to approach you, even if you had no title or position. 🙂

  12. They are enjoying their Bohol stay. They deserve this treat after their gruelling pre-pageant activities and preparations.

  13. Pilit ang Smile ng Dalawa

    Which ones? Your guess is good as mine


    • Katrina and Steffi hahahha
      It’s very obvious if you compare theirs to the smiles of Maureen and VVV

  14. Bohol Bee Farm. Matagal nang establishment yan… The honey is from coconut nectar gathered by the insects, no? The place must be a coconut grove. I’ve never been. Hehehheh-eh…

    Oh, yeah. I’ve been wanting to ask.

    VVV is MUP-Charity, right? She’ll be the one to work with Save The Children. I wonder how that can be done with her heritage conservation advocacy upheld so that she feels quite happy still…

    (Didn’t Hennan Group GM Alfonso Chuesuey dine privately with the La Sallian alumnae among the ladies? Michelle Okol, Bella Ysmael, Michelle Gumabao, Ingrid Santamaria, & Jazmine Umali came to mind. I did get it right, hopefully. That these ladies are La Sallian. I thought maybe he misses being with school mates.)

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