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  1. I saw Adam Genato’s interview of Steffi Aberasturi. She might turn out to be a Kaci FennellI. Her interview was weak, though you could tell that in her mind she was excelling in this aspect. I don’t usually play favorites but MUP might be safer with Katrina who has ease in navigating through several types of questions. Just an opinion.

    • Yeah, I agree Katrina is THE safe bet for Miss Universe if the Philippines were to continue its placement streak. Consider especially that the score for prelim interviews in Miss Universe makes up a whopping one third of a candidate’s total score. Katrina displays ease and confidence in interviews that is a cut above the rest. We’ve also seen her performance in an international pageant where she did extremely well, as well as her gigs on both Filipino and American television. To top that of, she’s smart, tall and beautiful.

      • She does have a certain ease & comfort in handling topics, but her topic range still needs some buttressing. Her cooing delivery and oftentimes campy demeanor could be improved. But she’s still more coherent than Steffi, I observed.

      • I saw the interviews of Katrina Dimaranan and all I saw is her awareness of Basic Filipino culture.. But when you ask her anything that tackles the problems of our nation, she either changes the topic or gives a shallow opinion from the perspective of a foreigner…. Regardless if we win or lose, I would rather want our country to be represented by anyone who is fully immersed in the Philippine setting and has full experience of the issues that a regular Filipino has to face than those who may have awareness but were born and raised abroad or moved abroad as an escape.

      • @ Closer2Fame I recall ‘yun’g question kay Laura Gonzales-Ospina nu’ng 2017 first Question round. Steve Harvey said, ‘as Miss Universe, you will lead discussions on global issues…’.

        Q : How do you explain terrorism to a child?

        A : I, nor has any of my loved ones, have not experienced an act of terror. I would not know how… But if I had the chance to explain it to a child, I would tell her/him/them, your generation and mine, we cannot be full of weapons. Please, more books. More culture. More friendships. More love.

        Is this what you mean when you say ‘changing the topic’ – deflecting the question towards an alternative perspective? Kasi, inamin naman niya’ng hindi niya alam. Just like Sandra admitting she knew nothing of the ‘Build (3x)’ infrastructure program, but ended politely by saying it was “important”, and that “at least I’m trying to answer it”. Just asking. No hate.

        I totally agree with you that whoever we send MUST be able to speak at length on our behalf, kasi baka an even more important discussion is the one that takes place backstage or in the sidelines, when candidates discuss among themselves concerns common to their countries. But no one knows everything. And perhaps in that sharing we are able to (finally) make sense of our own way.

    • Ahh so this is the Pia you are referring to! Yes, Corrine’s recent Tiktok where she is wearing a yellow dress and heavy makeup, she definitely looks like Pia. Makeup does wonders. When not glammed up, not a hint of Pia but Corrine’s beautiful just the way she is.

      Hey 4M, you mentioned there is a Megan in this batch? Who is it?

    • Ooopps!! I stand corrected!! What i meant was..i soo love Mirjan Hipolito and Jazmine Umali,whose Cheekbones remind me of Danica Magpantay!! 😀 😀

  2. Uncle, sino nga ba ‘yun’g isa pa’ng guest last time? I recall AbeRAsturi (stress on the 3rd syllable), Falconer, and Santamaria. Ta’s, magkamag-anak sina Steffi at Ingrid via Sala, right po?

    A’! Si VVV. 🙂

    ‘Eto’ng si Umali, ORGANIC BEAUTY like Cristina Lassasima (MULaos 2020), Miqueal Symone-Williams (SELECT, MUJamaica 2020), & Ana Danica Magpantay (Ford). ‘Pag ‘eto pinadala natin sa MU, baka sayangin lang nila ‘to. 😦

    Dapat nagtuloy na lang ‘to’ng mag-MWP. Perfect for Reinahispanoamerica!

    Pinay beauty well-represented in this episode with the likes of Abalos, Hipolito, and Bautista!

    Mirj is like Ingrid, somewhat… They could be cousins. Who is taller?

    Pakitanong po kina Producer at Direk kung papayag si Boss Rodgil na i-disclose kung sino-sino ang KF maliban kay Steffi at Kesha. Kahit separate post, pantapat du’n sa dedicated ones for The Camp at A&Q. Also, baka po ay puwede’ng ibigay niyo na ang inyo’ng Closed Interview faves. Thx.

    • @Flor

      What exactly is Filipina beauty to you?!

      Jasmine Umali is descended from Multiple local pre-colonial historical figures…. How can you not be more Filipino than that?! Meanwhile, the ones you mentioned as “Filipina beauty” are all sporting foreign surnames….

      • Jasmine Umali’s features are definitely not very Filipina. Maybe what you are referring to is her dad side na pilipino. Mestiza siguro ang nanay nyan. FYI din Francesca Taruc is very Filipina in her dad side, Taruc pero maputi pa sa uwak ang nanay niya.

      • Her surname “Umali” for being a direct descendant of Crystoval Umali eldest grandson of Raja Matanda is actually her mother’s side…. Her father you are are refering to is Vincent Pinto… FYI, fair-skin existed among some of our Filipino natives prior to colonization of Europeans. Not everyone is descended from Negritos as popularized by Spanish and Americans propaganda to make us think we are inferior to them in many aspects.

      • @ Closer2Fame Good Sat.

        Ja. Maputi ang mga Ifugao, ‘ata. Nognog lang du’n sa fotos of Masfere kasi bilad sa araw. Working the rice fields at that altitude couldn’t be easy…

        For my convenience lang, ‘Pinay’ is ‘vernacular kayumanggi’. So, the restaurateur Fores and the equestrienne Cojuangco would be, in my eyes.

      • @ Abcde Thanks for correcting me. Honga, pala…

        Their M(Ilo)2x batch is. Rabiya, Ann, Karen Laurrie, Kesha, and their 2nd RU. Pakyaw!

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