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  1. With the huge economic loss for Japan on pushing through with the Olympics, I won’t be surprised if MI will again push farther ahead its staging for next year. I’m sure it has studied the pros and costs of holding a live event versus a virtual pageant in the context of its brand equity and business solvency. The dilemma of MI is every pageant organization’s predicament in this critical times. Just like any other businesses, monitoring of external environment has to be on a day-to-day basis, and response to exigencies must be swift and decisive. That’s why only the innovative and agile survives. Pageant enthusiasts should understand the difficulty of managing live events in this difficult time. Postponements, cancellations, procedural changes, and revenue modality adjustments are normal operating responses to challenges in the external environment. Nitpicking on those who are trying to survive the fallout of this pandemic will not help alleviate their business pains.

    • @ scorg How coincidental. I’m listening to Ryuichi Sakamoto…

      We can all help by ‘buying Japanese’. Even just enjoying their music online, somehow monetized.

      The sooner their economy can regain footing, the sooner, as well, the pageant can resume.

      I know Calbee, Kanebo, Shiseido, Suntory, Yamaha, & the MYRIAD automobile & fashion brands.

      • @Flor, other than Toyota and Honda, the othet Japanese brands that have a personal affinity to me is Superdry. Plus of course Miniso, where I source my colored pens, highlighters, pocket flashlights as well as those copper-, gold- and platinum black-plated spoons, forks and table knives that I give away to friends.

      • @ scorg Oh, yeah. Suzuki, for me, too. No, I don’t ride a bike. But, here’s my story…

        On my first ever long-haul (Hong Kong to Zurich), I happened to be seated next to a team member of their racing team. This was economy class…

        He was a tall blonde guy in flaming red overalls. I saw ‘Suzuki’ emblazoned. I asked. He confirmed.

        (I was dumb/star~struck.)

        (I will need to recall what song that was that had ’emblazoned’ in its lyrics. It might be ‘Tattoo’ by that girl winner of American Idol. But I’m not sure…)

      • (Cont.)

        Jordin Sparks. But yes, it isn’t ‘Tattoo’.

        It’s MC’s ‘My All’. “I can see you clearly. Vividly EMBLAZONED in my mind”.

        (Ara Mina’s ‘Ay (3x), Pag-Ibig’ is euphonious with ‘My All’ . Listen to both songs simultaneously.)

    • Magpa-votation na lang din sila ala MUP diba? Tapos, Top 80 down to Top 10. Inspiring you, inspiring me eme.

      • @ THROWBAKLA Eighty (80) ang confirmed candidates nila? An’dami, considering pandemic. MU nga nito’ng huli, ‘di na-meet ‘yun’g target nila’ng seventy (70)… Kung sa bagay, libre kasi (no franchise rate) sa MI. 🙂

        As mentioned here in the blog, maganda ‘yan’g Poll for sub-titles. I can imagine a ‘Best in Kimono’ but knowing how serious-sophisticated the organization is, they would probably tie up with an international telecom services provider of long-standing for that, and not through social media.

  2. Pagpasensiyahan mo na ang mga matatanda Sjeffie Cheon. Ha ha ha.
    I also wonder why BPCI handed out one special title, 1989 Bb. Pilipinas-Flower Queen, which was won by Maria Rita Apostol. Was the title intended for the event?

  3. I have a feeling Samantha Panlilio has the greatest chance of winning…. Angkol is an excelent business strategist… Crowning a member of the illustrious Panlilio clan could potentialy provide him the ideal busines connections & opportunities he usually gets from his past winners…. SMA is wise in assigning Samantha for MGI.

    Followed by Maureen… Her French Ancestry, dual citizenship & American passport would be most ideal for the Canada based pageant. The pandemic would be a huge factor of her reign if ever.

    Hannah Arnold would surely make it to the Top 8 and possibly Top 5…

    Cindy Obenita would surely give a good fight and an excelent performance… Definitely a semifinalist.. Im just not sure upto where her beauty would take her but her wits would surely bring her far.

    • I agree with your prediction c2f.
      And I am more excited with Cindy. I am looking forward to her – coming from behind win!
      Good luck to all of you girls.

      • @ WillYam Camiguin is where the ‘Vjandep pastel’ pastry bun originated, right?

        (They have that big production facility in CDO City, no? Along the freeway leading on to Opol?)

        Yummy… Memories of Pine’s Ham, Cheding’s roasted peanuts, and… Oh, my gosh! I forgot the brand of that C-R-U-N-C-H-Y chicharon I got at Gaisano’s… 😦

      • Yes, I am really looking forward to watching Cindy’s performance… I am really curious how far she could acheaive with that flawless performance despite her having very Filipina features and yet not having the most ideal Filipina beauty.. I am inspired by her drive to succceed and I am loving it…

    • That’s overthinking C2f …. As always
      He doesn’t even know who the Panlilio’s are

      • @Fabian…

        Of course he had no idea who they are before but now he does… I’m expecting at least a Top5 placement….

      • You do have an idea that pageant contestants gets a thorough background check right? Well at least for the potential winners…. 🤪

  4. Norman said..”the core value of MGI will be put to test in this situation. Let’s see what happens next..” Sana mapanindigan ng MGI, at makapasa sila sa test…🤔

  5. Mahaba habang preparation for Hannah and Samantha.
    @norman sir. hows the restriction in okada manila? mecq o gcq na ba? ano man sa dalawa. it is possible na kaya for mwp on sunday? diba close po kayo ni sir arnold mercado. baka naman po care to share anything? hihi. Thanks

      • Although we did not get our second Miss Supranational, I do think that Maureen will win our second Miss Globe title … GO GO GO !

        ( & of course I would like Hannah to win MI so that we end up very very close to or tied with Venezuela in the number of multiple MI queens )

      • @ Norman Uncle, ask Boss Stephen if Okinawa (again) as venue is doable.

        Kasi, knowing MI, ililibot nila ang mga candidates for tourism promotion. Nov is already late Fall & even if it’s postponed to Dec (within the year), that’s Winter and who wants to be out in the cold… 😦

        Okinawa could be ‘semi-bubble’ (separated from the mainland), has its own international airport, and is actually sub-tropical. If they do it ~March 2022, then it could coincide with the OIOS*.

        There’s a nice public aquarium, too. 🙂

        * – Okinawa International Orchid Show, of which Philippines Orchid Society (POS) is an exhibitor. Incidentally, there’s the All-Japan International Orchid Festival at Tokyo (City Hall) Dome a bit later I think. I mentioned about this in a past post… There was a year (2018?) that a Philippines species** was ‘Grand Champion’. And the prizes are crazy! Aside from cool cash, you get a new car!

        ** – Another Philippines species got the silver in its category/division.

      • @flor. Flower shows in Japan reminds me of 1990 International Flower Festival in Osaka. Jeanne Therese Hilario was our country’s flower ambassadress of goodwill that year. She brought 100 species of local flora to Japan. I just wonder why it was Jeanne who was handpicked by festival organizers and not Liliosa Andanar who was the reigning Bb. Pil- Int’l then.

      • Jeanne Therese Hilario represented the Philippines at Miss Maja International (equivalent of Reina Hispanoamericana today) in Spain where she placed as second runner up

        Lia Andanar represented the Philippines at Miss International

      • @claire. Yes that was in 1989. They were the reigning Bb pilipinas queens then because Osaka’s international flower festival was held on March 29, 1990. That is why I have been wondering until now why it was Jeane Therese and not Lia who was handpicked by the festival organizers. Afterall, it was the festival’s organizers’ choice. Her placement in 1989 Miss Maja International had something to do with the organizer’s choice, I suppose. By the way Claire, 1989 Miss Maja International was held in Dominican Republic and not in Spain.

      • Pagpasensiyahan mo na ang mga matatanda Sjeffie Cheon. Ha ha ha.
        I also wonder why BPCI handed out one special title, 1989 Bb. Pilipinas-Flower Queen, which was won by Maria Rita Apostol. Was the title intended for the event?

      • (Cont.)

        Good Friday, again… Ang bilis ng mga araw! Akala ko, Jueves lang ngayon. Next week, ‘ber’ na. 😦

        Do your Xmas shopping super-early! On-line… 🙂

        Ano po ba talaga ugat ng unos sa Kaharian ng Siam? Last year pa ‘yun, dili ba? Nabanggit nga nu’ng Ashtie’ng naka-base sa Bangkok na kinausap nu’ng (Thai, I presume) husband niya ‘yun’g mga empleyado nila, kasi nga pati daily work flow is disrupted… Tandaan niyo po nu’ng ‘hashtag challenge’ sa MUT (nu’ng nakaputi sila’ng lahat sa isa’ng mall du’n) 2020, hiyawan ‘yun’g audience kasi nga mapangahas ang pagsagot ng mga kandidata… In retrospect, the Finale question may have cost Praveenar the crown, kasi she essentially said na pabor siya sa status quo. Amanda, on the other hand, stayed safe by giving a somewhat generic-if-diplomatic ‘I’m proud to be Thai’.

        That was a nice almost-SupraChat, wasn’t it? Dala-dalawa sila, same topic pero showdown sila.

        My favorite was, I think it was Alexandra Haenggi, how she shared her frustration that subjects taken at one college could not be credited at others. But yes, this was an education system issue.

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