3 comments on “Miss Universe Philippines 2021: Watch out for the Virtual Interviews very soon!

  1. Just finished watching Adam Genato’s interview with Maureen W. This 23-year old woman speaks from the heart. Very genuine. She’s one to watch out for.

    So far, these ladies are comfortable with Q&A:
    Katrina D, Victoria, Sam, Chella, Maureen

    The face to beat: Steffi

  2. Excited to see most of the girls finally speak without a script. I hope the interview is truly spontaneous and that the questions weren’t given beforehand. I want to see the girls think on their feet.

    Keeping on eye out on how beauty frontrunners like Steffi and Leren might screw up this segment. If their past Q&As are any indication, I am cringing already in anticipation.

    • @ REGINA The two ladies could take a tip from last year’s Jan Elcano, MUP-Batanes. Hers was an excellent textbook case on fighting back your ‘interview demons’.

      As was Cyrille Payumo at her own Mutya stint.

      (I am sad that someone like this year’s ‘last Bb’ (#43?) from Sultan Kudarat, Honey Be Parrenas, might never again be heard from. Very eloquent young woman! Her PN’s turn was a high point.)

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