12 comments on “#InspireYou and Me on Pageantry Norms Season 6

  1. I hope hindi po kayo nagpasa ng question in advance Tito norm balita sa milkbtea shop di daw nakakasagot in pronto yung isang candidate

    • Yes. I will just give them general classifications of topics to be asked. They will only know the specifics during the live broadcast.

    • @ jadine12 I think it is basic courtesy and protocol in mass media that the scope and pacing is first agreed upon between interviewer and the guest. After all, the time is limited.

      So, kahit pa’no, dili magugulat or ma-o-offend ‘yun’g visita. 🙂

      ‘Yan’g impromptu, OK lang ‘yan ‘pag ‘yun’g tipo’ng ambush interview. Pero ‘pag talk show, ‘in advance’ talaga.

      • @flor may nang bully Kasi Kay jadine yun akala mo kanya blog now marunong na tuloy mag shades si bagets pati nga ako tinalo Ng bully

  2. Your very beautiful and intelligent guests obviously belong to what Dove beauty soap called “ unrealistic beauty stereotypes” that may hardly be aspirational to young women who are compelled to lose weight, gain curves, get taller, get whiter. I hope this question to your guests will not be too profound to ask: in practical terms, how can you inspire young girls to make their physical appearance a source of confidence, not anxiety?

    Thank you.

    • @ scorg Excuse me. Nito na lang nagka-Dove sa ‘Pinas. 😦

      Noon, sa ‘Balikbayan Box’ mo lang nakikita ‘yan. Kasama, Mars chocolate company product selection pouch, Crest toothpaste, Oil of Olay or Nivea… It was very aspirational!

      ‘Niveus’ is Latin for ‘skin white’, no? Other Latin grades of ‘white’ are ‘albidus’, ‘cretaceus’,… Or, is ‘niveus’ ‘white like snow’? Kasi, ‘nieve’ is Spanish for ‘snow’, isn’t it?

      It’s Winter, where you are right now. 🙂

      • @Flor, as a young Baby Boomer, how can these “unrealistic beauty stereotypes” inspite you to be confident, not anxious, about your appearance? Your answer may give our gogeous and articulate guests ideas on how to make their “heavenly” beauty relatable ro us mortals. LOL!

      • Thank you Sir Norman. It’s high time we bring these beauty godesses down to earth, to make them really relatable to ordinary people, and their inner and outer beauty come alive and made real to human lives. This is what pageantry development is all about.

      • @ Norman Boss Blogger, good Thu PM.

        May I ask if you could share a video on Lugano (Switzerland) to MUP-MisOr beforehand…?… 🙂

        It’s on the ‘Jeka Kiriloff’ YouTube canale. Rather long at ~40+ min. But, she can skip to 30,00~30,15, where may be seen a shop probably named in her honor. Char. But, why not?

        (My favorite spot is that gate at 13,00 facing the lake.)

        An odd confluence of factors (beyond my control) resulted in my zipping past the outskirt of this town about twenty years ago. I only saw all this from a great distance*… Thus, it’s amazing to realize what I missed. In the words of Karl Lagerfeld, “like walking through a painting”.

        (* – To have an idea what all that looks like from afar, watch, in turn, ‘Buonanotte’ by GionnyScandal.)

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