16 comments on “Mister Supranational 2021 Top Model and Talent

  1. Buti na lang nakatulog ako dahil inantok ako sa hostess, kailangan niyang bumalik siya sa pinaggalingan at magsanay siya. Mas maganda pa di hamak ang patimpalak sa aming barangay. Ubos na ang pondo na yata ng organizers dahil sobrang sikip ang pinagdausan. Akala ko ba may distancing silang pinapatupad.

  2. I think John is a big fan of Robert Downey Jr!

    But dude only Robert Downey can sport a tinted eyeglasses and still walk away on the red carpet!

  3. Roomies, Peru & Spain, are my faves. Love Ecuador, Czech Rep, Greece, Nepal, Sierra Leone, Togo, Poland and Romania too. Special shout out North Macedonia for daring to be different.

    • Pareho tayo sis!!! Last 5 men standing ko sa Finals are Greece, Spain, Peru, Czech Rep, and Brazil. Effortless ang kagwapuhan nila.

      • J-Her! Juicekohday… nakalimutan ko si Brazil din pala! I keep going back-and-forth between Ecuador and Brazil for my Top 5 but Greece, Spain, Peru and Czech Rep are definitely my Top 4. Tama ka na effortless talaga and kagwapuhan nila. Lalaking lalaki and dating. I like ’em manly and so many of them have that totoy demeanor. I also find Panama quite intriguing… parang the brooding silent type.

  4. Juice me! Morocco’s tummy will not make an ideal runway. Malulubak ang eroplani. 🙂

    I lost bandwidth right as Panama came in. Guy radiates sexy in a nonchalant-effortless way. Yes, Chan San must bring him into the country to walk for BENCH, together with Belgium (skinny black guys are the all the rage lately).

    Dami’ng sablay! 😦

    Do NOT…

    1) Place hand/s in pocket/s.
    2) Look back when turning.
    3) Rock (left and right).
    4) Un-button while walking. Do it either at the beginning or at the end of the catwalk.
    5) Cross hands (front or back; India would have been ideal had he not done so).

    For proper footwork, watch Kodie Macayan’s KF session/s.

  5. With all the videos circulating online, Mr. Philippines appears to be just having fun, perhaps too much fun and too carefree that people are wondering if he’s really taking the contest seriously. His demeanor isn’t “manly” with all the squealing like a teenage girl while having pillow fights with his roommates Korea and Thailand or having flirty talks with his competitors. If his intention is to be on having a playful vacation and looking for friends, he might succeed. But in the end, he’ll lose his bid (not as if he’s a frontrunner in the first place). This is what you get when you designate a representative hastily without proper briefing on decorum. Not cool man.


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