11 comments on “Meet some of the thorns in the way of Dindi and John in Miss and Mister Supranational 2021

  1. Dindi will not win. Reality check.

    Maraming mas magaganda, maraming mas magaling. Possible top 5.

    Sana makapasok sya sa top 6, tagal na nating wala sa top 5 sa MS.

  2. Adajar seems like such a sweetheart and is one very amicable terms with the guys. Everyone in the competition seems to like him. But I doubt having the best personality in the competition will earn him the crown. I hope he places at least in the semis, though!

    Dindi on the other hand is probably one of the most hardworking queens we’ve ever had given her very short prep time. You get that kind of sheer determination with older pageant veterans like Sam Bernardo. Like Sam, hoping that Dindi finishes high as well. A runner-up, no less.

    I doubt ether of our reps will win, but I’m glad to see they’re not unnoticed in the pageant.

  3. John has put in a lot of effort to win Mr. Friendship. He is not prepared at all po. His back was hunched during the modeling competition. His daily outfits paled in comparison to other candidates. Misters Togo, Thailand, Venezuela, Spain have put in the effort. Mr. Friendship it is for the Philippines. Praying for at least a finalist, or by divine intervention a runner up position. His rough & smug aura might just endear him to the judges.

    Dindi was tops in swimsuit performance. The blue Bumgarner gown underwhelmed, after all it was finished in just three days. The Latinas like Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico came prepared. India stunned. Thailand surprised. Dindi will surely turn in a safe performance. She will safely land a runner up position.

    Just my take. Anything could still happen.

  4. Mr. Tinio, I think you uploaded Mario Iglesias’ (Ecuador) video instead. Wala pa ‘yun’g kay VV*?

    So, if ever, you want Peru to again place in BOTH Miss and Mister, as with Alonso & Janick, 2019.

    ‘Rio Grande Do Sul’ pala sash ni Joao Lemes sa CNB. I will, after this, confirm Hendson Baltazar’s. Alam ko, banda’ng north siya, ‘eh… Alagoas, Sergipe, Pernambuco, etc… I have a little story to share about ‘Rio Grande do Sul’. Back in 2010 (or was it 2011?), I was sent by my boss to an international sales meeting; I was ‘Philippines’. I got to chat with the Brazil guy, and he said he was from ‘Rio Grande do Sul’. I said, “that means ‘Big river of/in the south’, doesn’t it”? He was surprised, and asked if I knew Portuguese. 🙂

    Rahul is OK. But with Pratamesh as now-India’s ‘Supraman’ standard, he might fall short. 😦

    Si Spain, dili po ba ay parang cross-eyed (‘duling’)? Tingnan niyo nga ulit.

    My updated Cinco Ultimo pour homme – Top 10 Czechia, Puerto Rico, India, Colombia, Ecuador, 4th RU Philippines, 3rd RU Peru, 2nd RU Spain, 1st RU Venezuela (so he can come to the country and become a BENCH model), and Greece ganador.

    * – Varo Vargas.


    Belgium, nanalo na’ng Photogenic. So, baka dili na ipasok ‘yan sa Cinco Ultimo. Baka Top 24 lang.

    Chanique, sounds like Demi-Leigh (the voce). Ewan ko. Parang mas OK si Yana Haenisch 2019.

    Arrawanichsil Aebi looks like Chaling.

    I’m totally cool with Eonna.

    My updated Cinco Ultimo pour femme – Top 10 South Africa, Dominican Republic, Namibia, Thailand, Indonesia, 4th RU Netherlands, 3rd RU Philippines, 2nd RU Puerto Rico, 1st RU Peru, and Venezuela ganadora.


      • @ Norman Please tell Patricia Babista to use Yana Haenicsh as template. Then, we shall see what new things she can offer at MPE. Preferably, Doktora Adee will join, too. 🙂

        Do put in a good word for them with Mdmes. Lorraine and Peachy so that their efforts will not be in vain.

        If Anne de Mesa jumps as in, as well, ‘eh ‘di AN’SAYA.

      • (Cont.)

        Good Fri PM, po.

        I recall, you said John was part of the ‘strong Group 1’… I will assume there are more or less ten (10) per group, as there are 30+ of them… So, three groups.

        Saan po nag-apply ‘to’ng groups? Dili naman sa SupraChat…

        Tapos na rin, ‘ata, ang Preliminary Interviews. Kasi, I saw a video where they were saying ‘good luck’ to each other, as if taking turns…

        This year’s edition seems comparatively ‘tame’ in that there were no physical challenges of any kind. Parang straightforward pageant lang – touring the locale, rehearsals, awra in Swim & Formal.

        Ta’s, ‘yun’g Talent, optional pa? Ano ‘yun, extra points?

        Finally, maybe you could convince Boss ALV to at least reveal already the Roster for MrWP 2021. Kaya ba by first week of September? Kasi, baka may mga buhay na na-put on-hold… Move on na!

    • (Cont.)

      Jihane, I will try to find a way to squeeze you back in the Top 5. But I can give no guarantees, sweetie. 🙂

      India, I forgot. Avriti Choudry! 😦

      I need to restore her into my Top 10. But that means removing… either Namibia or Dominican Rep.

    • (Cont.1)

      OK. I’ll remove Queenie B. Top 24 ka na lang, beb.

      I will retain Swelia in the Cinco Ultimo so that there is at least one European…

      I’ll take Karla Guilfu out, down to Top 10 and so take Queenie’s slot.

      One notch down for Solange, at least she finishes higher than Janick did. Huhhuhuhuuh. 😦

      That’s a silver medal opening; Avriti and Jihane will have to fight for it!

      My Last2Standing will set, as such. 🙂

    • (Cont.2)

      Sige. If Puerto Rico slips/falls short, sorry na lang. Togo comes in.

      Puerto Rico is OK, but he’s not the same caliber as his country’s pageant kings. We know who they are. In particular, their 2015 batch all won their respective assignments except the one who came to Manila for MrI (but he did go on to finish 1st RU at MrW the following year), arguably the best year they have had.

  5. nagpunta po dun si Adajar to gain friends
    tropa tropa ganyan
    wala naman threat sa kanya dito kasi hindi naman sya mananalo
    reality lang naman

    world peace

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