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  1. @Ely on Filipinos’ sensitivity to bi-racial tags: I agree with you, but your wish to eliminate the fixation on highlighting bi-racial status may still be a long shot. Why is it that unlike other countries we are fond of suffixing the other country in the nationality of a bi-racial Filipino? Sad to say that this phenomenon traces back to our 350 years of subjugation by foteign invaders. Kneeling for centuries to colonial masters as second class citizens will naturally strip a race of its ethnic pride. During this period, the mestiza is the symbol of the upper class where señtoritas from the illustrado families were held up as the icons of ‘femininity’ and ‘class’, and with their Caucasian features, were extolled as epitomes of propriety in dress and behavior. The indios were often denigrated by their physical appearance– height, skin color and pudgy nose. To this day, the vestiges of colonial ethnocentrism still manifests in our desire to highlight one’s bi-racial labels.

  2. Really , a big Hollywood career is awaiting Cat ? I hope so … but this ain’t gonna happen if the trend continues.
    While she was very charismatic during her pageant yes , she became the opposite once she started her showbiz career.
    Its very hard to appreciate her song or singing . She does not have stage presence . I feel like she’s singing in a vacuum . And she’s very awkward in the company of other performers.

  3. Kaloka ang mga bakla, bina bash ang pag apologize ni aunty. Buti nga nag apologize ung tao!

  4. This prefix: half-Filipino-half German, half-Filipino-half Aussie, half of this , and half of that, on and on that Filipinos and the Philippine media constantly blabbering over and over again really distorts the true identity of a Filipino. Their obsession about being half breed and just simply not a Filipino creates suck murky image that is being projected out there in the international world. Why can’t they just say : a Filipina, a mestizo, or a black Filipina.
    I like the way the “ Rollingstone magazine” describes JReySouol(aka Jessica Reynoso) as a “ Black Filipina” and nothing more. There are still Filipinos and the Philippine media who keep on saying: she’s half-Black American and Filipino, though.
    She was born, raised and educated in the Philippines all her life. She grew up not knowing who her father was and yet some sleazy Filipinos incessantly describe her as half-Black America-half Filipino.
    She is a Filipina or Black Filipina.. PERIOD.
    You’re confusing the world and when they say exactly the way you identify a Filipino, now you’re all upset.
    Shakira of Colombia is half-Colombian and half-Lebanese but you would NEVER hear a Colombian say that way. For them she is Colombian..PERIOD.
    Salma Hayek of Mexico
    is half-Mexican and half-Lebanese but you would NEVER hear a Mexican say that way. For them she is Mexican ..PERIOD.
    The disinformation you’re creating to identify the true image of a Filipina raises a red flag and put its credibility in question.
    The Colombian newspaper that describes Catriona gray an Australian at birth .. and being half-Filipina and half-Aussie was taken LITERALLY from some Filipinos and Filipino media that dissipate this kind of misinformation..
    Enough already of half-half.. !!!! You’re putting Filipino identity to shame!!

    • This brouhaha is nothing more than one of those deleterious effects of political correctness run amok. And I agree, a Filipino is a Filipino regardless of those inconsequential qualifiers.


  6. Lumabas na naman ang demolition team. Ayusin niyo na lang kaya kandidata niyo mga gorang!

  7. Who cares? Gusto lang gumawa ng ingay tong MU Colombia, wala naman nagrereklamo. Kunwari gagawa ng mali then magpublic apology.
    Eh sa MUP nga paulit-ulit prinonounce ng mali last name ni Pauline, Pinoy na yung host ha (inarte kasi yung baklang host) e di naman big deal.
    Basta I hate Barazza,(?) kasi magaling na designer naman sya pero pinasuot ng basura mga PH reps, yunv ang tunay na sabotahe.

    • Catriona has earned the love and respect of the Colombian and latino people. Sa lahat ng social media pages from South America, positive and all nice comments for Cat. They are calling her the “best IMG winner” and they believe she could win even sa Trump era. It’s hard to please the latino people, si Ara and Cat lang yata ang Miss Philippines na gusto nila. So unbothered lang if may issue sa Miss Universe Colombia kasi aside from the fact that they do not represent Colombia as a whole, mismong mga latino na mismo nag-aapologize kay Cat sa social media. Ganon kalakas si Cat sa mga Colombian. Lol

    • In just 1 year and 11 months after winning, Catriona has accomplished MORE than you did in 5 years–or ever will. I know you’re having a blast making fun of her being born in Australia, pero naisip mo ba na she is a much worthy Filipina compared sayo na mas busy pa sa pagpromote ng love life instead sa Philippines? Catriona is true to her advocacy–legit and may concrete work–di tulad mo na puro salita wala naman gawa. You used your so-called advocacy as a stepping stone to your failed hollyweird dream. Catriona is only 26, on her way to international stardom, and has all the time in the world, kaya you don’t get to be shady about her “TV5” projects when you’re literally a has been, thing of the past dinosaur whose 15 minutes of fame is donezo. Period.

      Sorry if harsh, pero mas harsh ang demolition team niyo kay Catriona since BBP days pa. I mean, aren’t you tired of being the villain?

      • Gurl wag naman idamay si Pia. Ano kasalanan ni Pia? If you are trying to lift Cat, wag lang humila ng ibang tao.

        At hanggang ngayon ba paniwala pa din kayo sa advocacy kyeme ng sumasali sa pageant? Lol. Patawa. Wag tayong ipokrito bakit sumasali mga merlat natin sa beauty pageant kasi unang unang rason eh stepping stone to ng karamihan para magkaroon ng magandang showbiz career.

      • True Ana. Kaya nilalaban ko talaga si Cat. I know she is a heart of gold. Mga bekleng imburnal na inggit sa kanya sumisira sa kanya.

      • Why attack Pia when she, just like Cat, was born outside of the Philippines and is also a halfie? So stupid!!!

  8. Mukhang nanganganib ang placement ni Philippines if ever sa Colombia gaganapin ang Miss Universe

  9. Things can be lost in translation, but the nuances of meaning should be a paramount consideration in an international discourse. That was a prepared intro to a distinguished guest. The least that the organizers should have done is to review the spiel. The incident can be explained away as due to “cultural differences”, but with due respects to everyone, the shade of meaning to the other side of the cultural divide should have been considered. That is international diplomacy. To copy the ending salutation of some commenters here: World peace!

    • In product branding, details like fonts and color tones matter a lot to Brand Managers. Catriona’s personal brand is no different. Being built along the essence of an empowered Filipina, this incident is not a light matter to simply be taken for granted. For that matter, no right thinking international queen who won carrying the sash of a country she chose to be a citizen of, would want to be introduced as born in another country. Doesn’t it smack of birtherism that Trump mudslinged Obama with? It raises subtle questions about one’s racial identity, ethnic loyalty and cultural roots—imageries that impact negatively on one’s personal brand.

  10. Eh ano naman kung sasabihing born in Australia at na mispronounce Ang last name. Ang mahalaga ay c meow Ang na invite at pumunta for smile train at hindi Ang sorcerer (cherette lang) Ng Africa.
    Uso nman Ang half or mix race na candidates sa columbia, venezuela, USA, Australia, Canada, at iba pang countries.
    Parang Wala kayong mga pinag aralan at papatulan Ang mga ganitong kabobohan(cherette lang). Hihihi😳

  11. I think it is an honest mistake which every pageant organization should learn from. Review is the key. With communication barrier, somethings may get lost in translation. Review is always the key. I know Cat just shrugged it off. There are battles worth fighting for and I know Cat chooses her battle wisely.

  12. jusko
    Australian free education
    native English speaker

    hindi nga makapagTagalog
    tapos Filipina?

    mas kikita kasi siya pera sa Pinas kaysa sa Australia

    good strategy Catriona

    uuwi ka rin naman sa Australia eh like the other half half Miss Intercontinental
    and Anne Curtis

    • @ kembular2020 Just asking. “Umuwi” si Anne Curtis sa Australia?… Isn’t she like Karen Gallman, born here? Hindi sila “umuwi”. “Umalis” sila. 🙂

      Si Cat ang “uuwi”, if ever… Like James Reid, if ever.

      Free PUBLIC SCHOOL education in Australia… Like Philippines? Again, just asking.

  13. Tito Norman? Ano po ba talaga ang citizenship ni Catriona? Filipino po ba o Australian? We all know na she represented Philippines in MU 2018. Pero Filipino o Australian po ba sya?

    • @B

      Teh, sang school ka ba nag-aral?….
      FYI, based on Jus Soli, she has Australian Citizenship, for being born there. Meanwhile based on Jus Saguinis, She has Filipino Citizenship because her mother is a Filipina…Therefore, she has dual-citizenship. And she could also apply for Brittish citizenship for having a Scottish immigrant father.
      Tinuro po yan sa Araling Panlipunan & HEKASI subject noon.

  14. Maliit na bagay, pinalaki lang ng mga uneducated Filipino fans… balat-sibuyas. Wala naman ito kay Cat eh kasi totoo naman na born in Australia and represented the Phils. Nag-post na lang sya na may word “Filipina” to pacify the raging parloristang fans. Regarding sa misspelled surname, nangyayari talaga yan kahit saan, kahit kaninong name or last name pa yan. That’s honest mistake, human error or typo error. Di naman dapat maging issue ito eh, kayo talaga mga fans na walang magawa sa buhay. Donate na lang kayo sa typhoon victims kahit piso lang, making bagay na yon kapag naipon o napagsama-sama.

    • Nakakahiya na may mga balahurang fans na ganyan. Ang liit ng issue pinapalaki talaga. Totoo naman ang sinabi, kaloka.

  15. This is how one should apologize. Seems like an honest mistake really.

    Catriona’s IG post is okay too. I hope that will end this brouhaha.

    World Peace.

  16. MUC was a downgrade this year. The top 3 was questionable, the winner forgettable. Maybe they’re saving the ones with potential for future editions when everything is back to normal.

    • @ DanDan YA-AASSS! Antioquia will be Senyorita 2021, successor to Maria Aristizabal. 🙂

      • Flor, agree with you. Surprising that a lot of gorgeous girls didn’t even make the first cut. I thought the host was reading from the eliminated list 😉

  17. Knowing Cat, she knows better than to raise Hell. She will shrug it off. Both shade and tea.

    Dahil ang ma-trigger, talo. 🙂

    Her “Filipina” is more of reassurance to her Filipinos than a reciprocation to Colombianos.

    Tandaan niyo ‘to, guys, this nugget of wisdom (from Russia) – Never enter into a business deal with a man with whom you have not gotten stone drunk with.

    So, if Cornerstone and her advisers are smart, they will use this to their benefit and welcome with open arms MUC when the latter comes over (read the last sentence). Needless to say, Mdme. SMA will be delighted to be among “paisanas y paisanos” again. And MUP won’t be invited…(lolz).

    • Also, notice how Pinoy faves like Emmy Stewart, Karishma Ramdev, Andrea Gibau, & Juliana Franco S-E-E-M to be systematically stopped in their tracks… by “tadhana”.

      The UNIVERSE is asking us to pull back a little. Not healthy to be 101%, 24/7.

      There is a time for everything. Rest is important, too. Savor what tangibles we have at the moment.

  18. Please… The incompetence!!!!

    Good For Catriona for serving them the ultimate shade on IG….hihihihih Shady queen!

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