8 comments on “Binibini 40 and her Bb. Pilipinas National Costume

  1. I prefer this to Bella’s (Tan, not Ysmael). I like that authentic items were used. 🙂

  2. I like the glamourized lower half… but everything else is too authentic…. I wish every inch of that shield was rhinestoned… Nothing spectacular here…. it’s kind of.. uhmm… Meh… I would have prefered her to have worn a muslim princess costume with a twist… 6 stars!

      • @Catfan

        What the fff?!

        Ghuuuuurl, I criticize everyone….
        If you were a contestant of any pageant, i’ll give you some tea as well… 🙄

    • I hope her boobs are not in the way…
      Someone should stop kneeding the dough too hard. It should be done evenly instead of just one side…

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