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  1. The versatility of a crossover SUV is that it can be a transport mode for attending a formal coat-and-tie functions as well as for a drive-by in some rugged slopes of a remote village. As a top prize for MU, MG ZS Alpha Crossover SUV can be promoted as: “An intelligent car for all seasons, for all reasons… in the fashion runway… in the beach boardwalk… in the rugged mountain terrain”. I can almost picture an advert with the silhoutte of the car backgrounding the Phenomenal Woman in shimmering gown in a red carpet event, in tasteful bikini on the beach and in tees with mountain tribals on some livelihood projects.

  2. @Flor, I think driving knowledge is not so much the reason why Carol Veronilla is not among those chosen to promote the prize car. I think it is more of the compatibility of her personal brand image with the brand personality the sponsor desires for MG ZS Alpha Crossover SUV. Carol is deeply immersed in the grassroots, her passion being the rural and urban poor. To me, Carol is one top contender for the crown. However, since a brand is a product’s emotional attachment to the target market, there seems to be a dissonance in brand messaging there. For Carol to promote MG ZS Alpha Crossover SUV, the focus could be on the vehicle’s superior driving power even in rugged terrains. I travel around in a Toyota Highlander VG, a crossover SUV similar to MG ZS Alpha. It is fashionable for city drive and and very functional for countryside drive. That versatility could be the spin if Carol is to be the lucky awardee of the prize car.

    • @ scorg OMG. I want to beat you to a pulp right now. LOLZ.

      You are too kind. Carol and yourself, MG Phl should treat to a road trip…

      ‘Nampuch_! Nahiya tuloy ako… I am giggling HARD right now. 🙂

      Bless you, Sir. Normannorman.com and Mr. Tinio is SO LUCKY to have you.

      Jusko, ang bait mo. Sigurado’ng ang SARAP mo’ng jowahin…I wish you love to gladden your puso.

      Censya na… Don’t misinterpret this, ok?

      (I’m just having a gloomy time. The gray days of late have gotten to me…)

      Well, it’s now 1600H; the Pageantry Norms interview with Carol, among others, is started.

    • Bongga si Scorg Flor. Fashionable for city drive & very functional countryside drive, MURAG TRANSFORMER ang imong sakyanan Scorg. Echos! He, he, he…

  3. wow! sir norman. i have a question. diba po ang prelim included na sa ringlight? question is they will upload the streaming same time ng prelim? or delayed? prelim is episode 7. the ringlight is every sunday. but sundays this month is kulang to finish all the esp? are they going to stream espisodes 4 to 7 daily in the week of oct 18 para masakto ang final esp 8 on sunday of oct 25? there is also pay per view for prelim at KTX owned by abs and it cost 99 pesos. ive read po kasi na delayed ung prelim uploading sa ringlight via empire site.

  4. ABA-ABAH!!… Why was my Caroline Veronilla excluded, Mr. Blogger??!

    ‘Di ba sabi ko, her resemblance to a young Tetchie Agbayani is MORE THAN ENOUGH to justify her being given her own unit? 😦

    Labindalawa’ng (beep!) ‘to, no? Puwes, kalendaryo para sa mga “garage” (“talyer”, in the vernacular). For late Fall 2020 to mid-Fall 2021, are assigned…

    November – Bea, December – Lou, January – Alaiza, February – Jo-Ann, March – Mitch, April – Vincy, May – Skelly, June – Rabiya, July – Weam, August – Bella, September – Apriel, & October – Sandra. PARANG ‘YUN’G KAY AMANDA (PAGE) DATI… naka-shorts habang nag-me-mekaniko.

    Halata kung sino talaga maruno’ng mag-drive… Guys, is that the UNESCO World Heritage Site Church of Sao Tomaso do Villanova in Miag-Ao (Iloilo Province)? Looks like it. Am not sure.

    • … if the reason is that she does not know how to drive, ‘eh ‘di turuan kunwari… 🙂

      Dedicate an episode where she receives instruction-education on MGPhl’s best-selling model.

      Siguro naman, may pogi sa MGPhl. Kahit bagets, tuloy sa panahon ngayon kahit tanders, HAWT.

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