8 comments on ““My Face, My Space: Episode 3 of the Miss Universe Philippines Ring Light Series

  1. As we approach the MUP crowning event, let all empowered women and men the whole Ginebra nation raise a toast in celebration of beauty amid the ugliness wrought by this pandemic! Be sure to capture the cheering moment witn a snap by Huawei P40 Pro with the only true optical 10x zoom. Be sure everyone is garbed a Downy Premium Parfum-scented soft MUP T-shirt, and clad in a comfy a pair of fashionable Havaianas flip-flops. Let everyone’s hair down in a rich organic Cream Silk Conditioner, and the ladies’ skin beautifully ptotected by hydrating Olay skin care products, while the face gloriously toned in Luxxe Reveal DD Sticks. And don’t forget the fashion-forward New Normal essential– Aerian Protective Wearables. Finally, complete the merry echange of “Cheers!” with the accompanying beep-beep from the techologically superior intelligent car—the MG ZS Alpha Crossover SUV!

      • Thank you, Sir Norman. I think we have to recognize the positive symbiotic relationship of pageant organizations and corporate sponsors that is surprisingly more strengthened during this pandemic, thanks to MUP’s initiative.

    • This should be a time to celebrate how innovation, agility and resilience proved to the world that the show—and the business—of pageantry must go on despite lockdowns!

    • CORRECTION: “the whole Ginebra nation” should read” “of this One Ginebra Nation”; “change” should be spelled “exchange”.

  2. Mr. Tinio, sino po si girl – ditey sa teaser video – na “dumiwata” (swim wear shoot at waterfalls)?

    Ta’s, saan sila mag-Swim shoot/desfile sa Benguet, po? Waterfalls there are quite chilly… 😦

    Finally. Weah Ahmed in bikini. NOICE… Full womanly curves. Very Davina Benett. 🙂

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