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  1. Norman Amanda’s post still triggers a lot of comments. By the way, this is the 69th entry. I think Amanda should start now learning seriously on various global issues and concerns so that she can ace the interview rounds. She also needs to practice to concise her ideas in 60 seconds the way Miss Universe conducts the final Q & A.

  2. Whether we admit it or not, answering in English is really becoming more important in beauty pageants these days especially the MUO is an American company. At least confidently express your thoughts in English. I wish Praveenar answered in English to see how she stacked up against Amanda.

    In the end, Amanda is the overall package that needs a lot of polishing. She is already commercial.

    Now, we go full steam ahead with MUP. I think it will be a 3-way competition between Alaiza, Michele and Bella. Now, we have something interesting here. I’m not too confident with Alaiza’s communication but Michele and Bella are pretty much even with Bella with a slight edge as she does not sound too Pinoy, not that it’s a problem for Michele. But when it comes to universal appeal, I would say Bella has the edge with Alaiza as number 2. Michele’s beauty is too Pinoy, that could work against her.

    • I highly disagree!…. Looking more Filipino actually has the upperhand in the global arena and that is Aliza Malinao… Looking Meztiza-chinita is actually Michele’s weakness on the international stage. Meanwhile, based on comskills, Michelle definitely has the upperhand because although all three can speak English very well… It is Michelle who can express herself with the most with substance and can be a very good SPOKESPERSON for the MUorg… And I don’t even consider the extremely minute regional accents of each one of them as a factor.. All 3 has very understandable neutral accents hence they would be judged based on the value of the words that comes out of their mouths. Another huge factor is their body and pasarela which works hand in hand… Alaiza has the the best body and pasarela without a doubt… with her towering height & modelesque proportions, she is a shoo-in for all the modeling gigs of a MISS UNIVERSE WINNER… As for who could bring in the most business to the MUPorg… Bella I believe has the most commercial value, her classy background and her curvaceous petite pan-asian-mestiza features is trully the most sellable and aspirational in the local market… Internationaly, it’s a totaly different story because her lastname could potentialy be a liability.

      • I agree. In fact I dont think MUO ever cared about the candidates’ accents. As long as we can understand what they’re saying and that they’re making sense then i dont think “sounding too Pinoy” should really matter.

  3. Punika to me gave the best performance… Problem is she’s not fluent in English… I feel for her because she is 28 hence it is her last chance at MUT. Praveenar is without a doubt the most beautiful and can speak English but she lacks the substance… Emmy can definitely be a spokesperson but her pasarela is not at par with the others… Amanda may not be top rank in all aspects but she is the only one who has ALL the qualities or at least the greatest potential of becoming a Miss Universe winner.. She will be trained well to improve all her minute weaknesses in assurance that she is well-prepaired upto the final Q&A in winning that MU crown! Congratulations!

    • Punika can still join Miss Globe. She should look for the MG franchise holder in Thailand and join (or beg) to send her to MG competition. She has still two (or 3) years for that.

    • Punika looks too old and severe
      Para syang kaedad na ni Michelle Yeoh
      She was so stunning at MI 2014 … time flies

    • @C2F again, what’s the point of having a finals where all candidates perform to be judged if ultimately who gets the crown is decided by who has the most potential? And if they’re really basing it on potential then gosh they should have crowned Emmy!!!

    • I think she can, but I don’t think it’s a good idea. She has been parading how proud she is to be a Thai woman, so it would look bad if she just suddenly targets the Indian crown. That would look like she’s just a crown-hungry btch.

    • Ilang beses namention si Fred sa comments. Was Fred that strong last year??? Hindi naman. So bakit siya yung “standard” ng maganda at matalino, pero kulang sa height? I never saw Fred as a crown-contender last year. Marami pa nagsasabi na she’s supposed to be in the Top 5 eh France, Ireland, and even Peru are much stronger than her sa SS and EG.

  4. Mine is the 50th post. Congratulations Norman for this entry on Amanda’s winning. The post is getting a LOT of comments maybe because people are already starting to experience fatigue on MUP. The Huawei post until this very moment got only one comment. I think you need to post (now) something INTERESTING on MUP such as the candidates in their swimsuits (latest pictures) and the like. Thank you so much and good evening.

  5. Tama ako sa prediction, si Amanda ang mananalo. Although mas gusto ko rin sana si Punika. Pero kahit sino sa kanilang tatlo, Amanda, Punika at Veena ok na. Si Amanda kasi yung gumagaya kay Cat. Congrats Thailand for the great production. Ganda ng stage.

  6. When it comes to swimsuit and evening gown presentations, I would rank Punika on top. She sashayed a flawless catwalk donning the black swimsuit and her beautiful evening gown. However, when it comes to overall beauty and glamour, there is no doubt that Praveenar gave them all a run for their money. In both categories I have mentioned, Amanda came second only. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Amanda gave the real deal during the Q & A when she solely answered the question in English. I thought it was a big deal to the Thai audience and judges for a candidate to answer the question in English. Hence, when Amanda spoke without stuttering albeit lacking responsiveness, sigawan ang mga bakla. Finish agad ang laban.

    Anyway, production wise, I would say MUT sets the bar so high. Ang ganda ng stage, ng big LED screen background kahit hindi ganun ka-flawless ang pagkaka-direk (nakikita ang cameramen especially dun sa crowning, at yung inaangat ang glass rostrum, naloka ako dun). Sana man lang mapantayan ito ng MUP, although hindi na ako magi-expect na mahihigitan nila ito. Sana mali ako.

    That’s all.

    • Substance wise, it was Veena and Punika who nailed the Q and A. Kawawa ang THA. Wasted opportunity. Downgrade from Paween.

      • Amanda should focus on Q & A on her training. She lacks on content/substance, thus this needs to be given much attention leading to the MU competition next year.

  7. Iba parin talaga ang Miss Universe 2018, kasi very clear frontrunner si Catriona simula noong nanalo siya ng Miss Universe Philippines haggang nanalo siya sa Miss Universe 2018. Sa mga sumunod na edisyon ay walang klarong frontrunner kaya’t nanalo si Zozibini noong isang taon. Nasa tamang strategy yan kung gusto manalo si Amanda sa darating ng 69th Miss Universe, maraming pang bansa hindi pa napili kagaya ng South Africa, Pilipinas, Colombia, Mexico, atbp. Alam atat na atat na ang Thailand para mawakasan ang 32 taong tagtuyot na panalo sa Miss Universe. Kaya’t sobrang agresibo silang mag-train at kamapanya para manalo sila ngayong edisyon.

  8. Performance wise, Amanda should be third. Haaays. Wasted opportunity for THA. Punika or Veena dapat eh. Next year na lang ulit. Kung si Maria at Paween, nga nga. Yan pa kaya. Sabagay, wala namang MU caliber ang Pinas. Latinas time to shine again this 2020.

  9. Can somebody translate what Veena said last night? She’s really a threat last night, a MU calibre parang Megan Young…

    I really Vene try it one more time, parang si PIA lang.

  10. By the way, what is MUP’s criteria for judging? I think they must include commercial appeal. Afterall, MUP is a business endeavor.

    • @ serge Well, since Day 1, Mitch has featured in ALL sponsor advertisements, the most recent being Morris’ Garages (MG) Philippines (previous post).

      Later is their first “graded” challenge on RL – “My Face, My Space”.

      The Runway challenge (in black) at BGC earlier this year must count for something, as it is the ONLY basis thus far we have to assess their pasarela skills.

      For physique, a proper Swim wear desfile is the ONLY way to fairly rank, as all those bathing suit “pasavogue’s” are terribly scripted (if you know what I mean). You like one- or two-piece? 🙂

      ATTENTION, Herr Tinio. Baguio Country Club has a covered-HEATED swimming pool, po. GOW!!!

  11. Amanda won tama ang gut feel ko. Mut will crown a Thai halfsie rather than a lady who just got naturalized kahit magtumbling pa si Veena. Naintindihan ba Ng iba sagot ni punika at veena ?
    Veena is not fit even .. have you seen her thigh and caalves? Lumafang Ng padthai, tomyun at biryani malamang Dapat maginarte Yun punika at si praweek Kasi ang ganda at fit nila
    Philippine trained si Amanda so Hindi Yan tatantanan Ng Trainor para manalo sa mu

    • @ Kimi95 Honga. Ka-SEXY ni Praeww. 🙂

      Ganda pa. CAG said she is like Tamaryn Green and Chiara Ortega combined.

      Kaya lang, like Punika, may edad na rin… UNLESS ipadala sa Albania. Quick! Tell Biday Pilar, po.

    • @ Flor. Share ko Lang emoters Yun iba . Political at religion sinagot nung Palo palo.legs na Hindi Naman Thai blooded naturalized lang.sabi nya she supports king and monarchy. Gusto Ng younger Thai na remove na ang monarchy so ligwak na Si big legs. Si punika Sabi mamimigay sya Ng coins as a symbol ang problem Mali Yun binangit nya na coin . Kaya naligwak din. So bago mag react interpret muna sila
      Diva Ganda Ganda nun praweek sya Yung looks mu caliber . Si Veena hinahabol katawan nun thai host Yun panalunin? Political answer
      Mabait si Amanda Sabi ni Adam at nun Trainor nya very relatable so I think they are like mi .tinitingnan nila sino maayos ugali
      Saka sa swimwear si mareng Marian hinarangan Yun ibang candidates di nakarampa Ng maayos di ko nga namalayan dumaan si punika so may mga minus plus points swerte ninamanda nakarampa sya Ng di nakaharang si mareng Marian

    • cont….

      We also wish to know your view on what is perceived to be an anti-Indian sentiment in Thailand.

      Pansin mo, Indians as an expatriate demographic have no resounding presence in general Thai society, despite Buddhism originating in the Subcontinent… Is there an undercurrent of hostility and/or distrust? And, why po?

      • @flor it’s not bec she is Indian. My Thai friend said it’s bec she doesn’t have a Thai blood. Thailand w all their acceptance to cosmetic surgery and all wants a Thai woman to win may she be a half or a full thai

      • I don’t think there is an anti-Indian sentiment in Thailand, Flor. The Thais are fond of foreigners in general. They have a distinct fondness for caucasians and their looks, though.

      • @ Norman OK, po.

        Also, may reaction na po ba from Mr. Nawatt Itsaragrisil? Amanda is a MGT alumna, after all.


    • I agree. Malaki thighs ni Venaa. Nakita ko to nung Swimsuit Competition nila. Also, for some reason naging pageant-patty siya.

  12. walang kurba sa swimsuit
    ingglisera lang sa q and a

    MU top 20 ito

    Felepens anu na

    • @ Fabian Reyes & @ paul at number 1 fan ni ganados …Or, Thailand’s first ME! 🙂

      • Thailand’s first ME – pwedeng-pwede Flor. Basta ikaw BOW! He, he, he… Magandang umaga. Flor parang sarap kumain ng mga kakanin this Sunday morning including the THAI Mango Sticky Rice. Yum, yum, yum…

      • Diba iisa na ang may ari ng Thailand ME. MI at Supra? if yes. sana pagsabayin nila sa isang pageant night ang lahat ng titles na yan. so the more titles the more competitive thais to join. and yes. emmy has a chance to ME. she has plenty of times to polished what she lacked. veena. is she eligible to join Miss Universe India? try there! Maganda sya but medyo natatapangan ako sa beauty nya and performances nya. Pero improved naman si ateng. try to join with emmy in other side of pageant. 3 crowns at stake so sure crown kayo don. mas ok sakin ang beauty ni amanda looks more natural. also her performances than veena. may pag ka extra kasi si veena while amanda was a bit kulang sa awra pero malinis lahat ng ginawa nya more. effortless. which is more recommended to send her in MU if base sa beauty and performances than veena. punika always called 2nd runner up. agree that shes also MU caliber. uber improved din si ateng. she can try Miss Global or Miss Asia pacific? or Miss Globe. But i think refer any of the ist two.

    • My fave Amanda won. Sana Tama din mup prediction ko . babalik si Emmy matapos magpabawas Ng chin at braces.yun ang babaeng lulunok Ng mic. At mananalo mut

  13. Once again MUT is giving MUP the clue. The key element is fluency in the English language. In MUP there are (more or less) three girls who are very proficient in that language and they are – Michelle, Pauline & Ysabella. However, Pauline and Ysabella are more suited for MWP titles and the two still need to take Gloxi to earn few more inches (to stand out from the pack). Remember Frederika Cull who was the smallest of the top ten.

    Praveenar is the counterpart of the Sulop Girl (more of aura-aura & baklaan). Right Flor?

    SIRILUX is the counterpart of Miss Sorsogon (SO pa____ ). Right Fabian?

    Punika is destined to be forever 2nd runner up (ME, MI & MUT).

    Emmy should join MUT after 3 years to hone further her stage skills, to have a better figure and achieve that needed maturity in her.

    Amanda needs (more) polishing in SUBSTANCE (Q&A), stage presentation and packaging/styling because the ONE is coming – Michelle Imperial Gumabao, 28, Philippines! He, he, he…

    Kap khun krap. Magandang umaga sa lahat mula sa Mindanao.

      • Mukhang Tweety bird did Bella . No appeal to anyone who isn’t over 50 and baklang Pinoy

      • Dream, dream, dream… Walang bayad mangarap. he, he, he…

    • Amanda can speak well in English, but I don’t think “fluent” siya. If anything, the clue that MUT gave us is… a well-rounded, likable and marketable girl that has an undeniably pretty face, na hindi polarizing and “thesis” beauty, reigns supreme. I don’t agree with your “counterpart” assessment kasi ironic lang that top 10 finisher Emmy na youngest is the exact counterpart of your bet Michelle Gumabao na oldest candidate. Also, I don’t get the hype with Pauline and Ysabella. Yes, they are probably the most fluent english speakers this year, pero ang tanong: winnable ba sila internationally? We get so caught up sa idea na we should send the smartest einstein-like girl to the point na nakakalimutan naten na the organization and judges are not looking for the next best english speaker.

      • @ Anawindang I REST MY CASE.

        Mukha’ng nag-usap nga ang mga bosing ng TPN at IMG, kung ganu’n…

        (I’ll STILL take Aoom’s “booty roll” any day.) 🙂

        But if it’s any consolation, I think any of our front-runners (YES! Including Ms. Sulop.) has enough PERSPECTIVE (“well-rounded, hindi polarizing”) to out-argue Amanda at the MU Preliminary Closed-Door Interview.

        Ang HINDI talaga mawawala ay H-U-M-I-L-T-Y, phrased here as “likable, marketable”. We say “buot” (Bisaya for “bait”, ‘yun’g sabi ni @ Fabian Reyes na dapat chummy LAGI sa faneys).

      • Flor if we talk about MARKETABLE, LIKABLE & HUMBLE – Michelle Gumabao, 28, Philippines!

        Sulop is the BAD GIRL of MUP. One of the LEAST LIKE models in ANTM.

      • @ paul at number 1 fan ni gandos Mitch is very “tropa”. Her interest in K-pop alone proves she’s “one of us”. 🙂

    • lol Michelle is like Emmy. Makuda, pero walang ibubuga sa rampahan.

      Again, funny na nagagalit ang fans ni Michele kung tinatawag siya na mataba, pero todo bash kasi “pandak” yung mga mas makuda sa kanya.

      Also, Michele is pageant-patty af. Pageant-patty na kinulang sa rampa.

  14. Ang galing naman ni Morisette Amon!!! Char.

    Well, a big congratulations to Amanda Obdam and to you, Tito Norms, for giving an accurate prediction. TBH, my top pick was Praveenar Singh. Beauty wise, she was at par from every one. But I think, MUT is looking for a great speaker who is well versed in English and can rock it off on stage at the same time. They think that that is something lacking from Paweensuda last year.

    Well, kahit si Bella Ysmael or Pauline Amelinckx kayang-kaya na pataubin si Amanda, how much more kung si Michelle ang makalaban n’ya.


    That’s all.

    • Praveenar is fluent in English!!!! She just chose not to use english in her q&a performances. AAAND, Amanda may be conversant in English but as we all saw tonight her English fluency cannot hide her lack of depth and content in her answers. And SS and EG di hamak naman na mas maganda yung performance ni Punika at ni Veena, even pati sina Thaweeporn, Praewannich, at Alexandra would have rocked the MU stage better than Amanda.

      Amanda is another Maria Ehren Poonlertlarp, Fluent sa English pero parehong choker sa q&a. Actually mas prefer ko pa nga si Maria na choker lang kesa kay Amanda na oh my god sobrang pageant patty ng sagutan

      Eto lang yan, Amanda was really the org’s favorite. She just have to show a decent performance tapos TPN na ang bahala.

      • True bakla. Kung playing safe as what Tito Norms is insinuating, EMMY! Nganga lahat pag siya pinanalo. Instead we were given a Top 10 material. Wastes opportunity for THA.

      • @CatrionaFan well to be fair, hilaw pa talaga si Emmy sa presentation at pasarela. Kudaan no doubt sya ang best performer kung nakapasok sya ng Top 5, pero yung SS at EG presentation nya honestly personality at confidence nya lang nagdadala sa kanya. Kaya sobrang formidable ni Emmy kung sasali sya ulit after ilang years kasi literally pasarela na lang ang kulang sa kanya (and very minor adjustments siguro sa styling at fez)

  15. Completely undeserving win!!!!! She was my ultimate bet heading into the finals, but her performance tonight was so underwhelming. And there’s no way she could have outperformed both Veena and Punika.

    I guess tama yung sinabi ng source ko before. Hanggang 1st RU lang talaga si Veena dahil hindi sya mukhang Thai at all, at si Aamanda talaga ang favorite ng org to win

    Sobrang injustice to kay Praveenar, sobrang awang awa ako sa kanya. Nafeel ko yung pagod at disappointment nya dun sa reaction nya nung inannounce na yung winner. Feel ko mas malala pa yung nararamdaman nya ngayon kesa sa naramdaman ni Pia nung 2014, kasi eto literal isang kendeng na lang panalo na sana sya. At mas lalong nakakaawa considering na dalawang beses na syang nabibiktima ng favoritism ng MUT org, una pinanalo ang org fave na si Ning nung 2018 tas ngayon si Amanda naman

  16. She may be fluent in English but her answers lacked conviction, substance and heft. They were both ‘meh’ at best. The answers of Pawee last year were far better.

    If the translations that I read are to be believed, Veena gave the best answer IMO. How is her English po Tito Norms? Is she not capable to converse fluently with it?

    • In my knowledge Veena is fluent in English. But I guess she did not risk using English because if she did then the accusations that “she’s not Thai enough” would just get stronger. I think she chose to speak in Thai to show the Thai fans and org that she really is a Thai woman, maybe not by blood, but by lifestyle and culture.

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