13 comments on “Bb. Pilipinas 2020: Of Repeaters and Crossovers

  1. Maureen Montagne is the Ultimate Crossover kulang na lang Miss Earth Philippines and Miss Universe Philippines
    Mutya ng Pilipinas 2013 1st Runner- Up
    Miss Arizona USA 2015
    Miss USA Top 15
    Miss World America 2017 1st Runner-Up
    Miss Eco Philippines 2018
    Miss Eco International 2018 1st Runner-Up
    Bb. Pilipinas 2020 Contestant

  2. My prediction:

    Top 8(Winners)
    Gabrielle Basiano: MI/MS/MIC/MG/RUp
    Honey Cartasano: MS/MG/MIC/MI
    Patricia Babista: RUp/MG
    Maureen Montaigne: MGI/MIC/MG
    Hannah Arnold: MI/MIC/MG
    Vicky Rushton:MI/MIC
    Samantha Bernardo: MS/MGI/MG

    TOP 15 (possibly included):

    Carina Cariño: RUp?/MG?/MIC?

    Graziella Lehman: RUp?
    Franchesca Taruc: RUp?
    Patrizia Garcia: RUp?

      • There are still several spots in the top 15… and any of the beautiful front-runners could bomb their Q&As… so may edge talaga ang matalino no matter how hard is the question assigned to them diba Tito Norms???

  3. reposting here

    Oh wow, now that the official list of candidates has already been released, I’m surprised by how I suddenly do not see the MIP crown on Vickie’s head. I kinda have to agree that her age is really catching on her face na. I might need to see her again in person to change this. As of now, my hunch is that:

    BBP-International: Gabby Basiano
    >>>she’s the most consistent among the ladies, beauty-wise, that would really fit the Mikimoto bill

    BBP-Supranational: Samantha Bernardo

    BBP-Intercontinental: Hannah Arnold

    BBP-Grand: Maureen Montagne
    >>>honestly she’s the best Binibini this edition. If pageant templates are to be disregarded, she should score the highest and get the top plum. But as it is may deliberation sa BBP and she’s too fierce for MI. On top of that, her fierceness and overflowing sex appeal will surely be perfect for MGI

    BBP-Globe: Honey Cartasano

    1st RU: Vickie Rushton
    2nd RU: Pat Babista

    • Fact: gabby is more fierce than maureen. But yes i am super agree on your first prediction. Gab is more fit in MI than maureen. But i think bbp should try a more Filipina representative for MI this time again. and i think pat babista is the type of girl im talking about. She is MU in the making. very young for MUP so nice decision to join bbp first. pero her looks today is tamang timpla as MIP. Hannah is also my bet for MI she will also do well in MI.

  4. Sumali pala si Patrizia Garcia this year… ala manlang pasabi… ok another girl in my sentimental fave/watchlist…

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