13 comments on “Angela Maria Robson: Another Millennial Beauty who could become a Binibini

  1. Im rooting for her, I hope she will join national pageant this time, she just needs to perfect her parasela and tone her body pa, especially her legs, communication skills , excellent. She has a refreshing aura, i hope she can represent us in Miss Universe,World or International.

    • @ Raf Same issue with Gabrielle Camille Basiano. Admin, you already know what to do. 🙂

  2. Another British – Filipino beauty will try her luck at the beauty pageant. I hope she will surpass the achievement of fellow British – Filipino beauty Rachel Peters ( Miss Universe Philippines 2017)

  3. Wow, beautiful w / great command of English… Paserella can be easily improved….. I see the huge potential of becoming a national title holder But I do agree that there are some tweeking that needs to be done when it comes to her presentation and the way she answers questions… Her phrasing does sound a tad bit condescending at times when she presents or whenever she compares to make a point which I understand is a prevalent culture among Kapampangans that she needs to get rid off to become more politicaly neutral and socialy acceptable in the international arena. I hope she finds the right camp who would train her extensively to become the ideal spokesperson.

  4. kesehodang mestisa eh nagpapa spray tan naman kapag sasabak na sa international pageant

    magsipaghunos dili nga kayo

  5. Or filipina-chjnita looking stunners like Michelle Dee, WynWyn Marquez or Maxine Medina (with speaking skills)?

  6. Please, with all due respect to Angela and all the mestiza Filipina beauties, are there not any “brown-Island” looking beauties likened to the beauties as Miriam Quimbao, Janine Tugonon, Christri McGarry or Parul Shah that are interested in pageantry?

    Where is the diversity?

    • just saying, my teaser blogs usually depend on ladies (or their handlers) who send me feelers. The interest has to be there first and foremost. I would love more than anything else to feature our beautiful Kayumanggi beauties the minute I receive word of their plans to join the nationals. But don’t worry. I’m sure a couple of them will show up on my inbox soon. 🙂

    • @ just saying & @ Norman Yaasss!!!

      Alannis Binoya, Jane Genobisa, and Denise Omorog, PLEASE.

      Angela May Robson is Kimberle Mae Penchon 2.0. 🙂

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