20 comments on “Pauline Amelinckx: This Boholana-Belgian can talk the talk (and walk the talk as well)

  1. Pwde din Miss World. Or reserve for next year. I still want to give Patch a second chance for MU.

    • @ andylirius By “next year”, you mean 2021. Your point is that gusto mo iiwas ang sinuman’g maaari’ng humadlang kay Patch? So, you want Patch to apply at THIS MUP 2020? Tama, ba?

      I think most would see Patch retry in 2021, not “this year” (2020). By then, she will have reached the age ceiling for MU, so it would be her last chance, if ever. And greater reason to crown her.

      Besides, Attorney needs to practice her profession first. Like Gabriela Tafur and Cheslie Kryst. 🙂

  2. Mukhang okay naman ang communication skills PERO KAILANGAN NANG OVERHAULING SA STYLING & PACKAGING. GURL ito ang DAPAT mong PAGTUUNAN nag PANSIN if you want to join BBP, MUP, MWP next year. Good luck!

  3. She can win it all . She looks fresh ,genuine and smart enough . She also seems tall and has good proprortions

  4. Kaya siguro natalo niya yung gazini kasi nanlamon siya ng muc habang yung gazini ngumanga sa q&a as always

  5. Love this girl!
    Naturally beautiful, very likeable, well spoken and soothing to listen to.

    • How tall is she? Anyhoo….if she won the local crown over gazini-girl that means she’s a legit threat to any national pageants…..but yeah how tall is she without those elevator pumps???

  6. She’s my bet for BBP-International where in I believe that she would excell the most.

  7. People should focus on their strength of a candidates like their advocacies, their ability to speak and of course their artistic talents. Being beautiful and smart is not enough

  8. her eyebrows scare me lolz other than that shes a very safe bet for atleast a tough five finsih or more. i like her she seemed unrehearsed, enganging and really pretty.

  9. umaasa na lang lagi sa half half
    na sa ibang bansa naman usually lumaki at nag aral
    kaya magaling mag English

    we need an authentic strong morena na good speaker
    kaso wala naman ganun

    so okay na rin siya

  10. slim pa sya. pero wide ang shoulder nya with enough height thats good. masasabi mong pwede na sumali next year sa MUP compare to patch na medyo mas slim si patch sa kanya. so if ever they will join in same year i will choose this girl over patch. Patch has so much to prepare. medyo nakaka awkward kase galawan ni patch on stage as of now. Mas effortless and more queenly ito. patch will be wasted kung ipadala ng maaga. Ganda ng face nya at credentials nya. so wag madaliin. patch body needs 2 yeard for muish type of body. Since shes a good speaker and may experience na sa advocacy so pwede na din ito. lagay ko na sya sa top 10 list ko if she will join. 3 pa lang sila nila daisha at stef sa top 10 ko. so waiting for more norman.

  11. She is a very good impromptu speaker, vevery humble and, in her native language, “buotan”.

  12. On the other hand, I guess it’s going to be a bloodbath of sorts for the inaugural edition of Miss Universe Philippines where high- profile girls and even previous titleholders are expected to battle it out to be the country’s bet for Miss Universe 2020. Part of me would advise her to sit it out, observe in the sidelines and compete next year when the hullabaloo has died down and the dust has settled …

  13. Valentina Ploy-Giardullo vibes.

    That she has not competed internationally, yet, is her asset – FRESHNESS!

    But, MUP? Ambot, man. I had other things in mind for her. 🙂

    BASTA, ganire, guys! Attorney M as MUP 2021.

    Project around Patitay’s timetable, those who think they will not clinch a title this year and anticipate THE KILL in 3 to 4 years. And make some allowance for the return of Anjamie Magbitang…..

  14. My bet is on this lovely and brainy lady from Bohol for the Miss Universe PHL 2020 title.

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