10 comments on “Marie Que: Is there a place for Miss Chinatown 2018 in the big league of pageantry?

    • @ Padede Boy Read between the lines, po.

      The organization wants greater prominence.

      But thanks for your feedback. At least now they know they have a truly UPHILL climb ahead. 🙂

  1. Miss World Philippines and then they hold the pageant back in China…. Winner!!! hihihihi

    • @ 4M That got me thinking…..

      Why doesn’t the China Communist Party launch an international beaucon to rival the BIG’s? Imagine the SCALE and the PRODUCTION VALUE!

      Because if there is anybody who could pull that off now, it’s them. 🙂

      • I don’t think so. Production-wise I’m sure they will go all out, but there will be a lot of censorship and also the finals wont be telecast live. Remember the VS Fashion shows on delayed telecast whenever they do it in China? Also, the Mainland has a lot of enemy countries so there will likely be less participants.

  2. I don’t see any problem if she decided to join the beauty pageant. I always believe that all Filipino women regardless their background, practice of faith, traditions, and educational attainment are capable to win the crown if they are able to convince the judges that they deserve to win. We had seen so many beautiful and smart Filipino women competed beauty pageant but I guess their best is not good enough to the eyes of judges and they went home empty handed. Let us see what Miss Marie Que will do to prove to judges that she deserved to win a title.

  3. She’ll be perfect for either Miss World Philippines or Miss Earth Ph… I hope she’s already expanding whatever her charitable work are… Im always confident that Miss Chinatown picked the smartest one to win so Its expected that this girl is beauty and brains.

  4. Pacencia cookies, Mr. T. Medyo sabog, ‘to.

    1. Did the Chinatown international 2019 push through? How did Marie do?
    2. She worked for a food company after college. Was it the sponsor, Oishi (Liwayway Marketing Corporation)? That she went around the country (Cagayan de Oro) promoting her company’s products suggests she was in Marketing and Sales, and not the Product Development R&D, where Food Technology graduates usually go. Yyaayyy!!! Sales and Marketing is FUN. PLENTY of travel, meeting people (with whom you form and nurture professional relationships, and a little romance on the side), and the opportunity to hone one’s instincts in spotting opportunities, finding solutions to problems, and waging psychological warfare with competitors. In short, GREAT TRAINING FOR PAGEANTRY.
    3. Moises Limyuen is TOO CUTE.
    4. For her, I suggest…. MUP! Yep. If it is the intent of the MCP organization to gain more visibility as a first-rate National that celebrates individual achievement as much as empowerment, then this inaugural MU franchise effort is right along their (Binondo) street. In fact, I would go as far as to say that MUP could stand to get some prestige from associating with the eminent Chinoy business community.
    5. 60% of the Finals score comes from the Preliminaries? So, essentially a leaderboard from start to finish, not like MU where everything goes back to zero at each placement stage. I would be interested to see Misses Bantigue (the earlier feature) and Que in a Suprachat-like discussion.


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