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  1. Will 18 trees be sufficient to offset one candifate’s carbon footprint, po, Mr. Tinio?

  2. Requiring would-be candidates to have “planted at least 18 trees” is laughable. Like someone else said on this thread, how do they even prove it?

    It only becomes an invitation to lie.

    • I heard a rumor somewhere that he’s offered to help applicants with any of their tree planting needs, as many as they need to have planted — he has a lot of seedlings that need planting apparently…

      • Rumor also said he’ll bring a film crew along to record these tree plantings by applicants, to provide verifiable proof of said tree plantings…

  3. Puwede na daw ba sumali ang mga katribo ni Angela Ponce. Sila daw ay karapatdapat na sumali dahil bihasa daw sila sa pagtatanim ng mga puno araw at gabi.

  4. Out of curiosity what is the logic in the amount of planting “18” trees oppose to say “20” or “21” trees?

    What would be more impressive is if the Miss Earth organizers create a fastrack event that would show the ladies; 1) planting, 2) watering, 3) climbing and 4) trimming the trees in a video.

    Pardon my sarcasm folks but I agree with Melanie.

    • . Kung pwede sumali ang kagaya ni angela paonce, pwede ng sumali si therealjeremihunkygaybaklangpangetpalengekequeensosyal after her transformation para magkacrown na sya at manahimik na sa kaingitan ke pia at cat. If di sya manalo dito. Pwede na sa bbp. Go,go,go therealjeremihunkygaybaklangpangetpalengekequeensosyal, im rooting for you.

    • the logic is that they should plant a specific number of trees not just plant whatever amount of trees they want. The number of trees of planted is the prerogative of the organization. magtayo ka rin ng org mo para may say ka sa number of trees na gusto mo ipatanim

      • Well then the applicants better hurry up and plant their “18 trees” already! The final screening is on Feb 15, LOL!

  5. “Planted at least 18 trees”?

    How does anyone prove that they’ve ever planted these many trees? Do they produce notarized witness statements, photographs of said trees, GPS location of these trees, etc? If a would-be candidate lives in a crowded urban area, where would she find the land to plant these many trees?

    Requiring candidates to volunteer in environmental and/or charitable organizations or causes that would be verifiable might be a better requirement than planting 18 trees.

    • sali ka para malaman mo kung pano nila maveverify yung info nayan….at nagbabasa kb ng mga qualifications sa taas? ang sabi : – Planted at least 18 trees AT
      Promoted environmental projects in the city/municipality she represents…dami mo hanash…tumulong knlang sa Manila bay cleanup

  6. At least 5’4” tall?
    More reason for the girls to wear those chunky platform shoes 😶

    • Oh I’m sure all the applicants will meet or exceed the statuesque height requirement of “at least 5’4”, as I’m sure all of them have “planted at least 18 trees”, LOL.

  7. Eepal lang itong Ms. Earth org. sa clean up drive ng current admin. during its pre-pagent activities for video shoot only! Once the pageant is over wala na rin pakialam ang ME org. sa environment advocacy. Walang kwentang beauty contest!

    • di mo alam sinasabi mo…they do their share. Ikaw? what do you do for the environment except sa kanegahan mo

      • Taray ni vakla…career kung career nya talaga ang ME….mag-MU ka na lang, mas credible pa like Gabriela Isler who still really cares her advocacy! Tavelled here sa Phils. to oversee the development of what she had started years ago!

      • Paminsan-minsan may point din etong si Adrienne. Eto naman si vaklang Tinay eh ang taray-taray ng mga comments nya. By just reading her comment, masasabing masama ang ugali, mataray at matapobre!

    • Meron point itong si Adrienne paminsan-minsan pero etong si Tinay loyalista ng ME….

  8. Remembering the stance of certain candidates on stage during ME competition. Bakit merong nag iistance na parang sawa na di maintindihan kung titingin sa kaliwa or sa kanan. Na nauna ang mukha sa katawan or ewan ko ba? I believe meron nakapansin rin nito. Sino ba ang nag choreo nyan? May mga pa emote emote na corny? Sana ang mga stance sa stage with conviction ala model pose. Hindi ung parang namimilipit na di maintindihan…

  9. Cortesi is very pretty
    She can give BP a try . She may get Supra Intercon or MGI

  10. The requirement that an applicant need to plant 18 tress makes Miss Philippines Earth the most prestigious Philippine pageant as of this writing. Very selective na sila with that requirement which sounds ridiculous but very appropriate for the environment themed pageant . Naunagan pa nila BPCI sa pag launch ng beauty search this year. Hopefully more ka ako skit ladies will be enticed to join para naman mashing exciting and timpalak na ito.

  11. I am quite sure non of the previous candidates had planted 18 trees!!! That requirement is such specific….good though. It would have been better to say…….hmmmmm, at least volunteer at any clean up or tree planting event (with a proof)???? Lol 🤗🤗🤗

  12. Ayan dapat na may at least 30 na babae na maganda na sasali sa MPE this year since Nauna sila mag pascreen sa Binibini.


  13. Euanthe sanderiana (Waling-waling), Dendrobium anosmum forma alba (the white sanggumay), Phalaenopsis aphrodite (mariposa), Renanthera philippinensis (the Philippine fire orchid). and Dendrobium victoriae-reginae (Queen Victoria’s orchid).

    • Non-orchid options are kapa-kapa (Medinilla magnifica), jade vine (Strongylodon macrobotrys), bagawak (Clerodendrum quadriloculare), and the “Donya” series of Mussaenda shrubs of UP Los Banos : Trining, Luz, Aurora, Imelda (named after First Ladies), and Sirikit (named after royalty).

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