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  1. she said he said. canada england guam theyre all gone. ME crown ended. what else is there to do? we can be certain next year ME organizers would be more careful in dealing with these matters. So far ND has yet to come out spilling the beans on them so i would still trust ME to behave. There are no complainants in a legal case, then theres really nothing here to be alarmed about. another distranction, we have a great winner all of the girls had fun. so what is this all about ???

  2. Canada, England and Guam definitely enjoyed their stay in the Phils with all the eco-tours, good food and cozy accommodation. What triggered Canada to leave the country was d death of one or two of her family. Otherwise, she’d stay till the end just like the other two. For these other two women to resort to social media claiming sexual harrassment and still stayed till the end of the pageant enjoying the fun is damn wrong!

  3. May napost akong video dito noon sa panahon ni Miss Ecuador na peke daw ang suso accdg to Dethroned pinay rep na malaki at natural ang suso na naanakan ng igorot na pulis/model/kontesero hihihi.
    Sa video mo makita na ginagamit talaga ang mga ME participants/winners sa DOM at mapapaJawsKuh ka talaga at masasampal talaga ng mga ina ng mga vavaeng winners sina Pitsing at lukring hihihi 🙂
    May vakla pang sounds like vugaw at may matronang mama san hesus maryosep 🙂
    Yung matanda naman ay nagpapaloko sa mga mukhang pera at di mapagkakatiwalaan talaga ang pag-iisip na parang mga puta ..jawskuh ang mga demonyo.
    NBI and PDEA should monitor the people of Miss Earth.
    I can smell drugs hihihi 🙂 lol

  4. The girls didn’t feel safe hindi dahil walang security guards, they didn’t feel safe because of Amado S Cruz yung predator who stalked the girls relentlessly and asked for sexual favors. Let’s be real, Lorraine and the organization knew what was happening. Friends kaya nila yang mga rich DOMs na always invited during bikini competitions. Diba nga may videos pa frontrow sila taking photos sa crotch area ng mga girls sa figure and form competition last year? Lagi reason ni Lorraine, “if they don’t want to entertain the sponsors, they can just say no.” anong klaseng reason yun? So parang code niya yon sa pagiging, excuse the word, “bugaw” niya. Bakit nagiging event for the DOM to watch the girls parade half naked ang Miss Earth? Hindi ba pwedeng mawala yang mga “sponsors” na yan? Sa totoo lang these so-called “sponsors” are not really sponsors but DOM friends of Lorraine and Ramon. Euphimism lang ang “sponsors.”

    If isolated case lang yan and this year lang nangyare, maniniwala pa ako sa lies ng Miss Earth eh. Pero year aftet year, we always hear the same issue. This year lang may nagkaroon ng courage to speak out. Thank sa #MeToo movement narin siguro. Ako, I love Miss Earth and its advocacy, pero if it has to go down para lang matigil or magkaroon ng lesson, so be it! Nakakasuka marinig yung “women empowerment” na pinagsasabe ng Miss Earth pero ganiyan nila tinatrato mga girls? Nakakahiya bilang filipino na may ganiyan na organization carrying our flag pa naman.

    Sexual harassment is a serious thing na we should not take lightly. Isipin naman nila yung lives na sinisira nila. It is so evil, vile and disgusting to think na they are using the girls para sa money. Yun lang siguro… watch lorraine’s interviews, dami inconsistency sa mga pinagsasabe niya. Sabi nga nila if you are not guilty, your words will flow like a river. Walang doubts, walang kaba. I will be praying for Miss Canada, Guam, England, and the rest na coming forward from the previous years. Madami sila, naghihintay lang ng right time.

  5. Taking the matter in ones own hands and going on social media to discredit others, unfortunately, is the new norm.

    ME England and ME Canada’s accusations may have not gotten this much attention had they just stuck to protocol and fill out a written statement.

    Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.

    Oh well… these days publicity is publicity.
    Sad though…

    • ‘Wag na tayo magduda. Sinimulan ng MGI tapos ME.
      Hindi na ako magtataka sakaling may dramarama sa hapon at gabi sakaling manalo talaga si MUning.

  6. This is what happens when in an attempt to cut costs, the organization somehow ends up with unsavory characters, either from within the ranks or with less prestigious sponsors. I wonder now if this is part of the greed-induced structure Laila mentioned some posts back.

    But then we had a field day back when we grilled FrontRow Productions as actually using skin whiteners as a front to bring in recreational drugs. So, that indicates MUO also may have been negligent, or did not do their homework/intelligence gathering prior.

    MW, of course, has had memorable moments with controversy.

    Only MI seems unblemished. Or was that association with the Yakuza proven, Closer2Fame?

    Mabuti pa si Angkol ko. Kahit mega TARAY, dahil plenty ang self anda ay keri ang whatever wishes.

  7. Baka mga pakana lang ito ni Nawat… kasabwat nya ang mga national director ni Canada & England… tsk tsk.

  8. parang nakulangan ako sa explanation. So ano ung eksena ng harass2x and all? anong gagawin nio kay ME Canada at England kung di pala totoo mga paratang nila? Sino kaya ung taong tinutukoy nila?…

    Peo kahit ano pa yan… tapos n ang show haha may nanalo na so antayin nlng naten nxt year kung may ME Canada pa or England n sasali hahaha

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