84 comments on “More Photos of the Binibinis during the visit to David’s Salon Headquarters

  1. i know some of you are umay na with her, while some of you ay hinahanap ang presence nya during the David Salon visit. But ohwell hello daw

  2. May solo pic na si Aya sa previous post. Pati sa second post???

    Advice lang, iwasan tumingin diretso sa camera. (Alam mo na)
    Gayahin mga pose ni Janine nung MU.

    PS.Pansin ko lang madalas magkakiskisan sa pic itong si Kayesha at Ahtisa. G on G.

  3. I love Queen Jehza’s sultry looks. Aya, Muriel, Karen and Cat are the standouts. I’m not too sure about this Anjame girl you’re talking about. Not really my cup of tea.

    • Jehza looks unhappy and has that irritated look on that group picture with Catriona…..relax and smile girl!

  4. Parang ang sama pakinggan nung she is a clapper or was a clapper. Parang yung naririnig ko sa mga doctor na pag may sakit sa pudendum ang mga babae — she’s got the clap. Yikes!

  5. Oh gosh the old man is here again stalking my comments because he can not accept the fact that not everyone else likes Catriona Gray. Sorry I don’t like Catriona and contrary to what people say, she is not that smart. She is fluent in English, no one can deny that but intelligence is not measured by that but in the spontaneous thoughts, opinions and ideas one can convey when asked from out of the blue; not the contrived, memorized nor the “torched” answers.
    So yeah GO & SLAP YOURSELF TILL YOU FAINT and wake to a whole new world of acceptance that everyone is entitled to post here even against your favorite candidate and not to throw personal slurs to those who do so.
    Ang tanda tanda mo na pero di mo pa rin alam na this world is not all black and white but there are greys in the middle.
    Huwag kang magtalitalinuhan dyan dahil you don’t know all the people here personally including me.

    • Jeremi STFU you dumb ass. You think everyone is out to get you you entitled narcissist!! Get over yourself. If everyone here is entitled to their opinion, then I am entitled to defend CAT all I want from pricks like yourself.

      I will continue to defend people who stand for the best and put to shame those who think it’s okay to put people down.

      So expect my wrath you LOSER!

    • The very fact that you felt the need to post, “how you feel” about my comments proves how much of an attention whore you really are. HAHAHAHA you are what people call, shit cunt!!!

      Hahaha hahahahaha ugly BUNG EYED FREAK!

    • Oh and PS: You are a grandpa compared to how old I am. Like I said, GET OVER YOURSELF!

  6. For me only two girls are for the Miss Universe Philippines Crown and that is 19 Michelle Gumabao 20 Catriona Gray. They are both Tall, Beautiful, Articulate and has a good resume. A little behind and a contender also for the Miss Universe Philippines Crown is 23 Dr. Ena Velasco.

      • You’re right it is not yet final. Their is still the preliminary competition and many girls will be eliminated on coranation night. They are just my picks for the Miss Universe Philippines for now.

  7. Catriona Gray of Phililppines and Miss Florida USA are destined to win their respective pageants.
    And these two ladies will be the last woman standing at Miss Universe finals.

    • yeah.. this girl won “beach body” while maegan won “top model” during ms world 2013

    • Sana manalo ito. Baka sya na ang Olivia Jordan na hinihintay natin. Di ba kapag nasali si Olivia, nananalo Pinas. 🙂

    • Have you also heard that Stephanie Stegman (Miss Supranational 2015) will compete for MU-Paraguay? Altho i think this is not confirmed yet

  8. Cat for now is one of the clear crown keeper (pasinsiya na pow sa inglesh kow)…

    the rest mjo laban2 pa din…

    GOODluck na lang! ❤ ❤ ❤

  9. Ecuador = 2 👑 👑
    Venezuela = 2 👑 👑

    National Director is both Miss Earth!

    Who will get the third crown!

    Mekhang hende happy ang Prencepe ng takong!

  10. puro make up
    fake nose
    fake teeth
    pure bilbil
    flat puwet

    jusko walang charity works

    • Number 8’s nose looks very weird….is that fake??? Oh yeah no to Patalinjug girl….not attractive on this picture. Ordinarily plain!!!!

    • So why even bother to follow? Apparently everything about BPCI is not to your taste. So leave. Die. Whatever. No-one will miss you.

      • My opinion and I’m entitled to have one…..why people get so butt hurt about reading others’ post??? That truly baffled me…..well to each his own!!! Still, no to Patalinjug girl…..lol 👎🏼

      • Ver, get lost! You better jumped at San Juanico bridge! Taga Leyte ka eh so doon ka bagay. Burned!!!

      • Lol…..”you better jumped” check your grammar pls…….“Observing you” relax and take a chill pill.

  11. haaaay who are we kidding?! IT”S CAT for MUP, can we just fast forward. Ok maybe Anjame and Michelle G are worthy too but not this year not with CAT around.
    As for the other girls:
    Eva- baduy, poor com skills,
    Karen- minor crown, good face but too short
    Athisa- just light skinned, mediocre face by western standards
    Aya- please wag ipilit, mag mowdel ka na lang. That face is too “editorial”
    Mariel- pretty, good posture but will fail Q&A
    Jezha- your time has passed
    Buon/ Rashton- minor crown

    I really wish MUP will be an independent pageant. These minor crown are cheapening the tittle.

    • u mean Muriel po ba? hihi..if mapagtuonan nya maigi ang Q@A nya, hindi malabong magkakakorona din sya diba po..? 😉 ❤ ❤ ❤

  12. Only very few are competitive
    Michelle .. pls lose some weight
    Ahtisa one of the few who are in shape

    Maybe Aya Eva Kapeundl #36 Ena …

  13. Sa sabado na ang Miss Talent. Ano kayang mga talent ang ipapakita ng mga babaitang yan. Sing, dance, kain-bubog, tulay sa alambre. Hahaha

  14. Wynonah, Anjame, Sophia, Aya, Michele, Muriel and Karen for me.
    Fabian what is goin on with your bet? She looks like a spa attendant to be honest and her face appears to be bloated even her body . Is she taking something that makes her bloat? My god she may be your Dindi Pajares this year.

      • Yari Kah
        Sobra ka naman
        Cute namAn At classy si Aya
        Si pokwang , great entertainer but she can never be a queen of anything . Girl has no poise or bearing even if she tries.
        Face and voice alone …

      • Ka-aura nya Miss Thailand na nakatalo kay Kris Tiffany Hanson sa Intercontinental

    • World class? Oh come one Fabian we both know what happened at Miss World. She has not proven anything yet for you to say that kaya dream on din hihihihi

      • The very fact that she made it to top 5 in Miss World is a feat you or anyone else here can ever take back from her and the people that support her. She did us proud and wants to continue to do so. Who are you to say that she shouldn’t and can’t.

        You make it sound like she was a clapper. She was TOP 5. You ignorant whale.

        Jeremi’s stupid ass response: “go slap yourself”. (fucking LAME) How about, go learn how to speak proper English you UGLY ASS retard.


      • AJay everyone thought she would win. Her top 5 finish is a failure….hihihihi

      • Only negative people who expect too much out people yet fail to deliver when they are required to will only see the bad in every situation. She did well in miss world 2016, win or lose.

      • She DID NOT do well. That’s why she cried because she knew she failed given that she was predicted by everyone to win. Di ba nga kaya super bitter ang mga Pinoys kasi we all knew that she should have won and still failed.

      • She did well regardless! You are so negative! Who cares if she cried! She cried cos she was disappointed. She wanted to win! She was heartbroken, regardless, she did her best. That’s all anyone can ever ask for from anyone.

        People like you, Jeremi and gloriastupidname don’t know how to see the best in people and their efforts hence why other cultures make fun of the filipino mentality in winning and losing because you are quick to put down someone of they did not meet your expectations.

        She’s human too you know? You should try and learn to be a decent one at that.

  15. @bituin na kumukutitap. Dapat by now ready na. Baka idol nya si Sierra Canada.

  16. Potah! Si Magbitang, a skydu Werta fo Werpa*! Parang gusto ko siyang ipadala kay Angkol. Para mawindang ng major-major si Bayot-Tae.

    Romero and Baino should get something. Hindi ko matatanggap na umuwi sila’ng luhaan!

    * – a dusky Tower of Power

    • May mahigit isang buwan pa para mag diet and exercise, please avoid extra rice ,ano na lang sasabihin ng mga shupit at latinos sa future MUP. Meowww

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