11 comments on “Shi Lim: will she bring joy to Singapore in MU2013?

    • You forgot to mention: Singapore was the host city in ’87 that’s why their candidate got into the semis.

  1. Malapad ang kamay at mahahaba ang mga daliri.
    I’m sure she’ll be a good CLAPPER.

  2. Singapore hasn’t placed in Miss Universe for century, and this year is no exception.
    She’s a beautiful clapper indeed.

  3. Her look is very typical here and won’t be noticed if she isn’t tall. Local pageants here in SG aren’t really that supported I must say compared to our local pageants in Ph. And if I’m not mistaken only Singaporeans (Not PR) can join the pageant. Which reminds me of this Pinay candidate in MW SG who won Ms PR recently since she’s not a Singaporean.

  4. Another Chinese beauty! Among oriental beauty singaporian is very articulate and they are english speaker anyway english is their national language but with chinese accent, they add la, lo, leh on their english word which is very annoying I work their for 6 years I can say they are more friendly comparing to other chinese country, maybe bec of add mix culture of india, malay and filipinos! They are also a very decipline people and hard working!

    • It’s because they tend to mix hokkien (Chinese dialect) with their usual Singlish language, hence the -lah -loh at the end of their sentence or word

  5. She’s tall, pretty, articulate and smart. But I don’t see the fire in her to win the MU title.

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