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    • Her pasarela is only a few points better than Meagan and she also has one of the best bodies.. the face value is subjective but when it comes to communication skills, a lot of the girls are still ahead of her..

  1. Sorry but bikini bodies are out this year because of the mandatory sarongs. And once you’ve hidden Janicel’s body underneath a sarong, what else does she have to offer? Facially, she is not that beautiful. Her communication skills make Czarina Gatbonton sound professorial. Janicel has her high school diploma for academic credentials. So what else is there that would make Janicel stand out in Miss World? The answer is NADA.

    She should have waited another year or two, or even three. Yes. Really.

  2. Perhaps her image as a poor and humble barrio lass is just that: a veneer.

    18-year old Janicel is stepping on a lot of toes and pissing a lot of people off. Sure she got “permission” to compete in MWP even though she has not yet completed her reign as Miss Bikini Philippines. This, however, still does not make it right or fair to MBP runner-ups Rosemary Turner and Cheeny Racel. Or fair to any of the current MWP applicants for that matter. If Janicel wants to compete in MWP, she should at least have the decency and sense of ethics and fair play and relinquish her MBP title immediately. PERIOD.

    Janicel’s over eagerness to make a grab for another title when she hasn’t even fulfilled her current title is like watching someone stuff more food in their mouth when they haven’t even finished chewing what’s already there. I guess Janicel can’t wait one lousy year, even when good intentioned people have advised her that she should.

    But this eager and overly ambitious girl simply won’t listen. Oh well. Perhaps she’s really that good. And for a girl who competed and lost in Indonesia just last year in a pageant made up of only 10 candidates, Janicel seems to have a very big opinion of herself to think that she can go back to Indonesia and prevail this time against more than 120 candidates, and with less than 2 months of preparation time. But perhaps she thinks her high school diploma is enough preparation for now. Sigh.

    I’ll just have to wait and see how all this unravels for our poor, humble barrio lass.

    • People are such suckers when it comes to poor, humble barrio lasses. Question is, is she really?

  3. She’s still too raw! She should start building her academic credentials first before she joins any of the major national pageants NEXT YEAR. Or, she could at least polish her communication skills and win Binibining Pilipinas NEXT YEAR. With her beauty and background, she could be one of our best representative to Miss Universe NEXT YEAR!!!!!

    • Btw, her styling and ensemble in this picture looks a bit matronly which is far from what she’s suppose to at her age.

  4. Janicel, ambisyosa naman girl.
    Pahi-pahinga pag may time.
    Anyways, walang masama sa pagiging ambisyosa, ang nakakairita ay pag apurada.
    Diusmio, pwede naming next year ah.
    Super bored ba? E di sana sinabi mo sa akin the, at ng napagbilad kita ng daing at napaglako ng laing.
    Ayaw ng mga intsik ng apurada, malas sa feng shui yan.
    Naku Janicel, napapaisip tuloy ako ha, may tunning na ba ang buhay mo at gahul na gahol ka iha.
    May kasabihan tayo, ” Ang tumatakbo ng matulin, malamang nanghablot ng bag ng baklang gusgusin.”

  5. Janicel, ambisyosa kang hitad ka.
    Well okay lang yang pagiging ambisyosa, pero ang pagiging apurada e ipinagbabawl ng mga matatanda.
    Malas yan sa feng shui.
    Hindi ba makaghintay, pwede naman next year ah.
    Super bored ba? Sana sinabi mo sa akin at ng napagbilad kita ng daing at pinaglako ng Laing.
    Lam mo girl, hindi malayong isipin ko na may tunning na ang buhay mo at gahol na gahol ka the.
    Ang tumatakbo ng matulin, malamang naghablot ng bag ng baklang gusgusin!

  6. Janicel competed in Indonesia last year for the Miss Scuba International title. She wasn’t a big hit with the Indonesians. She lost to Miss Thailand and Miss Indonesia. NUFF SAID.

  7. Norman, this is the wrong time for this girl to join MWP’13. I know she is a beautiful dusky beauty, but she is very raw for a pageant like Miss World, She needs to get more experiences to be able to battle for Miss World or Miss Universe. Also, Norman this girl competed last year in Indonesia for the title of Miss Scuba International. This is a wrong country for her beauty to be appreciated. She was wasted over there. If this girl wins MWP’13 it will be the same scenario all over again. She ‘s still very young, and I know she’s got too much potential if she can wait a year or two. I don’t know what Cory Quirino is thinking. She doesn’t have the luxury of time to really be playing musical chair to send a very polish girl to MW’13. You know she got that girl already with Megan Young. I still strongly believe that Megan Young is the rightful heir to Miss Rehman’s crown. She is your answer to get that Miss World crown for the Philippines. Megan is very very popular with the majority of Filipinos and a few foreigners. Miss Cory Quirino should put into perspective that if she wants to make her pageant to outshine BPCI this year, then crown this girl for goodness sake. She needs to built a strong fan base for her pageant, after all this is the perfect time for her to grab the limelight, since there a strong “Megan Mania” going on right now. I’m not being biased here. Megan Young is the complete package, A very beautiful face, a beautiful body, a good communicator, and above all a woman of substance with a heart for charitable causes. Also, included she will do great in the Multimedia fast track, since she’s a celebrity in her homeland. Thanks again Norman. This is my second post here, and I would like to thank all those nice people here especially Queen B, Closer2Fame, and Philip Bobby Advincula De La Torre for making me welcome here. Mabuhay to all of you

  8. If you want a girl with the same level of interview skills as Janina or Czarina, then yes, Janicel would be perfect!

  9. Why send Janicel to a sarong competition?! And hide that killer bikini body of hers which is one of her strongest assets!? Janicel should join in a couple of years when she’s improved her interview skills and where the pageant will be hosted by a modern, civilized society where a beautiful woman’s body like Janicel’s is appreciated instead of condemned!

    • @Yura Hogg
      Great input, I hope that Janicel read what you just contributed !!!
      I wonder which beauty camp handles Janicel?

  10. Miss World’s interview and Q&A competition is probably the most exacting and arduous of any of the grand slam pageants. It would be premature to have Janicel represent the Philippines if she has not yet fully honed her communication skills. To send her now would be setting her up for failure. Perhaps in a couple of years for Janicel. I still think Megan Young would be the best choice for this year, especially since the bikini competition is now off the table and candidates will be wearing sarongs instead, if you get my meaning. 🙂

  11. She has a LOT of potential for BBP, I can’t see her in MWP. The height, body (21 inch waistline! Move over Venus!) and dusky skintone is very MU.

  12. I’m more worried with her communication and interview skills. She still has a lot to learn and develop with those areas. I just hope she’s not one of these girls who join way too soon and then burn out when she’s ready.
    A fruit that’s forced to ripen is not as sweet as one that bides it’s time.

  13. She is our current ms.bikini philippines 2013! Tapusin niya muna ang reign niya dito! Kung sasali siya sa ms.world 2013 sukob ang labas niya!sali na lang siya sa bb.filipinas next year pang universe ang beauty niya opinion ko lang po!

    • Nabasa ko sa ABQ pinayagan si janicel ng slimmer world sumali s Ms.World Philippines, nabasa ko din na 5’7 ang height niya not 5’9 gaya ng sabi ng iba!,,

  14. I completely disagree with her entering MWP..
    This is Meagan’s year and let’s not take it away from her..
    I also love Janicel but she’s too young and not polished enough..
    She can join next year when she can shine bright like a diamond!

  15. I think she is joining in the wrong year. That curvaceous beach body will be wasted if she wore a sarong.

  16. Ms World has this fascination with raw beauties… Those that look more natural than polished… Even if we look at the past winners- Iceland, Gibraltar, USA and even the 2 Chinese winners all looked like girls next door; they dont look like the traditional pageant women… Yes, Janicel can still reach her prime and there’s so much potential to be developed… But this may also be the right time while she is still the kind of beauty and person the fits the standard and preference of Ms World… A poor girl from the remote area that can be Ms World… Two years from now- she would be a totally different person.

    Anyway – I’m happy that someone can challenge Megan deemed “to beat post”….. Janicel can win this as much as Megan… And whichever way goes, ill be happy with either Megan or Janicel —- well, in case of Megan there’s more to loose in the scenario

  17. She’s rushing things..IMHO…maybe she did it for experience…may igaganda pa sya…di pa sya ganon ka develop ang beauty…”hilaw”

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