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  1. I’m surprised that Celeste Cortesi was actually born in Pasay city, Philippines to a Venezuelan-born Italian father and a Filipina mother who’s ancestry hails from Bicol like, Venus Raj, Rachel Peters and Catriona Grey… Therefore, based on Jus Soli and Jus Sanguinis, she’s more Filipino compared to some of our past representatives… and she has a Filipino-Brit BF… I love it! 🥰🥰🥰 And she already looked gorgeous prior to any “enhancements”. I love her advocacy in relation to our indigenous people. She proves more and more that she’s desserving to win our 5th Crown! Based on her background alone, who can and who will bash her? The whole world will root for her… She could actually win Miss Universe!😍😍😍

    • I wana correct myself on this… Celeste never had any cosmetic surgeries that would change her original facial features… She has proven this by showing her face without make-up after the pageant.. There are no nose thread or lip fillers… Its just all good make-up skills like drawing a more fuller lip and sharpening her nose using eyeshadow. I think we have a winner!!!

  2. Andaming kuda, pagalingan ng analysis! May natutuwa, meron ding mga bitter.

    I am happy with the results. Sana kayo din. Ganyan naman ang laban, may nananalo, may ligwak.

    Ano kaya kung suportahan na lang natin si Celeste, I’m sure she’ll do everything to make us proud come Miss Universe finals!

  3. Again, just like Bea, I believe Celeste worked hard for the title! It was not given to her on a silver platter! It is obvious that she is more relaxed and more spontaneous now compared to her Miss Earth stint! She is now more matured and has cultivated inner peace that transcends with the way she answers the question!

    Wala nang dapat baguhin sa kanya! Kahit yang mukha siyang kinakabahan in answering question, Ok lang yan! Mas magiging convincing pa nga siya sa judges!

    MUP should now assemble a team of designers, stylist and make up artist on how to dress up Celeste! Madali na sa kanila yan dahil nagawa na nila kay Bea! On the sidelight, asikasuhin nila Media Tour for more exposure while at the same supporting different advocacies para hindi naman parang wallflower ang reign niya!

    Hopefully, maging maganda ang Team Philippines for 2022, my next line up

    Miss World Philippines ————–> Ashley Subijano
    Miss International Philippines —–> Chelsea Fernandez
    Miss Grand Philippines ————-> Harlene Nicole Budol
    Miss Reina Hispanoamericana —> Paola Ortega

  4. The winner is unquestionably beautiful and naturally charismatic.
    I hope 🤞 MUP Org does not do her a drastic makeover since she is already perfect the way she is.
    She won because of the way she is, please do not change her into something she’s not.

    • I TOTALLY AGREE!! I don’t want her to be like our first MUP winner, Rabiya who was transformed into something she was not. We loved her when she won, lean, sweet, and just endearing but then a few months later she metamorphosed into a more voluptuous, large–breasted female.

      • Totally agree with both of you. It was one of my first thoughts shortly after Celeste was crowned. She just needs a little polishing not a make over. Let her evolve and transform into a bright star in the Universe.

      • Natawa naman ako sa “large-breasted woman” hahahha but yes I agree, Rabiya was not the Rabiya of MUP when she joined MU.
        I don’t think Celeste will agree for any body enhancement.

  5. This only applies to Miss Univesre Philippines.

    Let me understand the placements and the chosen Top 5. Katrina is in the Top 5 same reason why Celeste is the winner, they have the facial beauty adored by many but not the comm skills like Pauline. They have that Latin American aura from the fiirst look.

    Katrina and Michelle represents the real Pinay among the 5 with a dusky beauty, Asian features and black hair, so both needs to be in to represent the full-blooded Filipina. The trend in MUPh is like this, all full-bloodied Filipina will be capped to3 persons tops in the Top 5.

    Look at MUPh 2021 – 2 full bloodied Pinays and 3 halfies (VVV, Maureen, it includes Katrina who is actually a US Citizen)
    Look at MUPh 2020 – 3 full bloodied Pinays (Rabiya,Bella. Michelle) and 2 halfies (Pauline and Billie)

    Would there be a full Pinay top 5? I’m guessing not, there will be dual citizens, permanent residents, halfies with unknown fathers of Filipino ancestry who will be trying it out year after year. So if you are a full-blooded Pinay, check the age of other dusky pageant veterans, if they are not rumoured to join any pageant, then join. Because if they are your co-competitors, they surely will be part of the Top5 already and other placements will be the halfies.

    Also, this Top 5 is not about comm skills but more on beauty because if its comm skills I’ll see Chantal, Julia. Chantal and Julia’s face are not symmetrical hence they are not in the Top 5 (but why McDonnel is in, that is also my question). I can say Michelle will get the same placement as Julia if she was not a previous MWPh titleholder and MW Top 12 semifinalist.

    The answers by Katrina, Celeste and Michelle was not that impactful for me, on the other hand, Pauline’s with just three sentences has more impact and resonated with Pia and the current Miss Universe Harnaaz Sandhu. [I know what you did there Pauline, kudos to your Q and A skills, you can stitch an answer and hit all the tickboxes.]

    I just want to be open and say to the dusky beauties who didnt get placements, [I’d prefer more dusky beauties like Miss Palawan, Miss Pangasinan and Miss Baguio to be in the Top 5] just go on fighting and experience life in between pageants , don’t be the Leren Mae Bautista types whose career is just in pageantry (and now she has the gall to be in politics, dios mio, that is for another post after the election.)

    Miss Palawan, Miss Pangasinan and Miss Baguio are the Mutya Datul types that could snatch the Miss Supranational crown in MWPh.

    Michelle Dee is overhyped, after watching her performance in Miss World, it was bland and boring. I get her, even in her video, she just loves the adrenaline, but once you get what you want and there is no more drive, you totally relax and its just a straight line, no peak. I am glad the crown went to Celeste.

    Pauline has a special place for me, try again or please try Miss World Philippines or Miss Belgium , they have the franchise for Miss World and Miss Universe, if residency permits.

    McDonell just because she is a halfie, overhyped.

    Now I am questioning the choice of Miss Universe Philippines it is not aligned with what Miss Universe has in mind.

    To be honest, this is a great batch and 20 of the candidates can really represent us in international pageants RIGHT NOW and even win or get placements, unfortunately, there is only one ill-fitting La Mer en Majesté crown.

    • My Opinion:
      I think the selection of the top 5 were based on the total performance from swimsuit, gown, facial beauty down to the Q&A. The trifecta of Michelle, Celeste and Katrina all did excellently in gown, and swimwear and IMO, they were battling it out neck to neck. Though Katrina might have scored a bit low in the Q&A, she clearly was breathtaking in the swimsuit and gown segments. I actually put her second to Celeste in swimsuit and second to Michelle in gown not to mention her facial beauty is to die for. There are several factors that come into play during the selection of the top 5 not based solely on the casual Q&A.

      Now the question is why a frontrunner won this year? Simply because all the 3 frontrunners this year (Celest, Michelle, Katrina) are all REAL frontrunners in the true sense of the word and they earned the right to be so-called as such not based on hype and PR. The 3 queens I mentioned above are undeniably a cut above the rest of the competitors when in comes to facial beauty, physique etc. while your bet Pauline’s performance in both SS and gown were all dismal because of her stout physique just like Aklan who has an adorable beauty but a bit chunky. Now tell me honestly, if you would score Pauline’s performance in both SS and gown, how would it be compared to the rest of the top 10 or top 16? For me in swimsuit, she was in the league of Aklan while in gown, she is comparable to Julia Subier. Don’t get me wrong, I like Pauline but this year she seemed to rely only on her communication skills and has forgotten to prepare physically for her comeback with which she had ample time to do so.

      Oh by the way, Rabiya is not a full bloodied Pinay and all of the top 5 in 2020 have hints of foreign blood in them.

      • Tama ka. Great rebuttal. And it was done in a comprehensive and non circuitous manner. Salamat!

      • 2020 batch: Rabiya Mateo (half Indian), Bella Ysmael (half Spanish), Pauline Amelinckx (half Belgian), Bille Hakenson (half Swedish).
        2021 batch: Victoria Vincent (half Irish), Maureen Wroblowitz (half German), Steffi Aberasturi (half Spanish/Iberian).
        2022 batch: Celeste Cortesi (half Italian), Michelle Dee (half Chinese), Pauline A. (Belgian), Annabelle McDonnell (half American).

      • Aberasturi is a common name in THE BASQUE region of Spain such as cities of Bilbao, San Sebastian, and Pamplona. Steffi will blend in if she visits Spain. BTW, they have their own language which is almost totally different from Spanish.

      • Steffi’s family derivation is not as recent as those mentioned. In fact Steffi’s family came to the Philippines before or if not at the turn of the 20th century. Almost as the same timeline as those of the Aboitiz or the Escaños of Cebu. She’s practically from the “Old Principalia.” For the reason, I doubt Steffi’s family would let her do another national pageant given its inherent toxicity.

  6. Have we not learned anything? If the face is right – which in this case is not only right, but a face that comes once in a lifetime- then she’s the one. I just refused to believe it because I had gone with a safer bet- Michelle Dee. Safer in the context that I have never been a follower of Miss Earth or its winners. I had no idea of who Celeste was, and my bias is that as a Miss Earth winner, there were a lot of unknowns.

    And yet in the parts where it was trickiest like the interviews and the final Q&A, she passed with flying colours. Don’t look for wit or savvy because she is none of those things- find genuineness and simplicity and she displayed all of those things in abundance.

    All she talked about was her mom, someone had said, and that for me is enough especially when you are able to put across what you needed to say, and more importantly, is something you do know as opposed to babbling about empowerment and advocacies that don’t really resonate with people.

    Save all these for Miss World which is more suited for these things which is a suggestion most have given to Pauline. But even then as I’ve said this is not a 100% guarantee as even Julia ends up putting her blue crown on the prettiest head.

    And the prettiest head it was which the pearly Jewelmer crown landed on (I was expecting it to be pearly white, not champagne gold).


      • What I meant Paquita was that because I’ve never watched Ms Earth (not even video clips of it), I have no idea of a cross-over’s standing in terms of personality, weakness and strengths.

        I just make my assumptions based on their performances in the current pageant they’re in of which, as in the case of MUP, I had very little time to fully immerse myself in.

        So sa unang tingin, while i was floored by Celeste’s perfect face, there was little else to go with for me to say, she’s it. I’ve seen Michelle and what she’s capable of and I thought, she’ll put up a good fight.

        But- and I felt a big but- could not get Celeste’s face off my mind…

    • I love the way you put it specially in the Q&A thingy but I hate the condescending statement about Miss Earth (intentional or not). As Paquita said, a lot of ME crossover were successful at Miss Universe. Peace!

      • Sorry JPB- never meant to sound that way….I don’t know why i never warmed up to Miss Earth

  7. I was in the audience at the Arena last night. The crowd favorites were obvious because the excitement would audibly increase. The audience’s favorites were pretty much aligned with this board’s favorites. However, whenever Celeste was onstage, it felt like there was an extra surge of electricity & anticipation in the audience. She always got the loudest cheers, except for the final question when Pauline’s answer generated more cheers.

    From where I sat, the stage was more than adequate (am not sure if that translated on screen). I especially liked the fairylights screen. It was restrained but elegant irl. I thought Pia’s hosting was masterful. I think the show could’ve been more compact. Robbie Carmona & Jackie Aquino are the go-to directors for events like these, but am thinking perhaps it’s time for another generation of directors to be given the chance to modernize the Philippine pageant genre.

    Not sure all the musical performers were necessary (again, a more compact show, in my opinion, would’ve better sustained interest). However, I would like to note that there were two Gen-Z girls seated two rows in front of me who vibed to Panalo (Ez Mil) & Sam Concepcion & Arthur Nery’s performances. They were singing along & rocking out in their hoodies. So maybe me, a geriatric millenial wearing a suit jacket, was not the target audience for this part of the show lol.

    Altogether, a standing ovation for MUPh. Imagine placing Harnaaz, Iris, Demi, and Pia on one stage. Plus reuniting Bea & Harnaaz & Nandita. Magic.

  8. I want Michelle Dee to win and represent the Philippines in the Universe 💚♥️
    Michelle is still 27 on Jan 1st nx year and very qualified to join again.
    Join again Michelle please 😊✌️

    • Michelle will be turning 28 on April 24 next year. If the coronation date of MUP next year is held before April 24, then she can still join.

  9. I just hope those tattoos of Celeste will bring good outcome at the Miss Universe 2022 pageant. MIss Universe Philippines 2021 and 2017 are both proud of their tattoos in their bodies and they were both finalists in the Miss Universe pageant. Congratulations Celeste!

  10. So, when is the next great debate , i.e. , Bb Pilipinas 2022 ? …

    • Not so fast @jaretwrightlover

      You preached that ageism is not good. But apparently it is good to promote lies and gaslight people to push your bet to the top.

      Here is the receipt!

      If they choose Celeste ( whom I love ) , I think the MUPorg will feel like they are taking a gamble because of her Q&A nerves , possible to clam up and speak her mind either incoherently or by recalled script inauthentically… She will kill in the swim and gown but I think MUPorg will go with a safe choice , can control nervousness because of her acting background … Michelle Marquez Dee !

      @4M: Have you not seen her interview?

      yes I did in a rather intimate setting , but it is different with a worldwide [ universe-wide rather 🙂 ] audience or stage … when she competed at Miss Earth , that was also kind of local (mostly Pinas audience) … in contrast , Dee competed at MW , a bigger telecast audience than MU , and she has TV-Movie experience where emotions are taught and kept in control … it would be more her

      You lied and you know it. We know it, too.

      • hija sorry … but I enjoyed seeing the tough competition to the very end between the two top contenders of MUP2022 whom I both love, either one of them, to proudly represent Pinas at MU2022..

      • thanks
        Between the two of them, I think pageant fans care more about BbP than MWP … but still fun to compare notes … I already have my bet for MWP : Justine Felizarta

        But in BbP , there are so many possibilities, permutations , … more fun , gonna be a musical chair !

  11. And so it came to pass, the last two standing are— ex-MEP and ex-MWP! I totally respect the Selection Panel’s decision because they certainly saw what we ordinary spectators do not see But from someone engaged in brand building, I saw the face of an “Earth Warrior” and “Fresh Filipina for the World” morphing into the “Phenomenal Woman” imagery. Well, maybe at this stage of pageantry development, brand dilution may not yet be an issue. Just like in Philippine politics where candidates change party affiliations (and platforms) with great abandon and the electorate does not mind at all…

    • Dear Scorg,

      As usual, you foresaw everything again. The “Earth Warrior and the Fresh Filipina for the World” placing high. This because of your extensive “brand building” experience (which you always never fail to mention. Lol).

      BUT WITH ALL DUE RESPECT, what the heck are you saying that “we ordinary spectators did not see the wining of Celeste and Michelle?”. 40% of Norman’s readers CORRECTLY predicted Celeste winning. With Michelle and Pauline coming in 2nd and 3rd place. If anything, Norman’s readers’ opinion may be a good barometer from here on

      These “ordinary spectators with no brand building experience” saw it all Dear Scorg. And the 59 strong readers of Norman’s blog readily declared the names of their candidates, instead of being an armchair critic doing a safe analysis on hindsight.

      I respect more the likes of PaquitaX, chezka, Fabian — rabid and redundant as it may seem, at least declared and fought tooth and nail for their candidate.

      World Peace.

      • @Thomas, i did submit my final choice yesterday. It was my kababayan Pauline. I should have stuck to my guns haha

      • @Cool Brew, I did not have any particular bet as I believe anyone of the 32 deserve the title. But when it came to the last three standing, I was praying it be Pauline because her personal branding was an undiluted “Phenomenal Woman”. Well…

      • @Thomas, please don’t misquote me. I simply said “the Selection Panel…certainly saw what we ordinary spectators do not see”, not “we ordinary spectators did not see the wining of Celeste and Michelle”. I was referring to me as one of the ordinary spectators who did not see what the judges saw, myself having no bet at all as I saw all 32 candidates deserving. If 40% of your survey respondents aligned with the judges’ decision, that’s great– they belong to those with a excellent feel of a winning candidate. And please, I don’t want any extended verbal tussle on Sir Norman’s blog. You already registered your negative response to what I said. Fine. I heard you. This is a free market place of ideas.

        And for the record, I never said “ordinary spectators with no brand building experience”. Please refer back to what I wrote.

    • Dear Scorg,

      As usual, you foresaw everything again. The “Earth Warrior and the Fresh Filipina for the World” placing high. This because of your extensive “brand building” experience (which you always never fail to mention. Lol).

      BUT WITH ALL DUE RESPECT, what the heck are you saying that “we ordinary spectators did not see the wining of Celeste and Michelle?”. 40% of Norman’s readers CORRECTLY predicted Celeste winning. With Michelle and Pauline coming in 2nd and 3rd place. If anything, Norman’s readers’ opinion may be a good barometer from here on

      These “ordinary spectators with no brand building experience” saw it all Dear Scorg. And the 59 strong readers of Norman’s blog readily declared the names of their candidates, instead of being an armchair critic doing a safe analysis on hindsight.

      I respect more the likes of PaquitaX, chezka, Fabian — rabid and redundant as it may seem, at least declared and fought tooth and nail for their candidate.

      World Peace.

    • @Thomas, please don’t misquote me. I simply said “the Selection Panel…certainly saw what we ordinary spectators do not see”, not “we ordinary spectators did not see the wining of Celeste and Michelle”. I was referring to me as one of the ordinary spectators who did not see what the judges saw, myself having no bet at all as I saw all 32 candidates deserving. If 40% of your survey respondents aligned with the judges’ decision, that’s great– they belong to those with a excellent feel of a winning candidate. And please, I don’t want any extended verbal tussle on Sir Norman’s blog. You already registered your negative response to what I said. Fine. I heard you. This is a free market place of ideas.

      • And for the record, I did not say “ordinary spectators with no brand building experience”. Please refer back to what I wrote.

    • Una, hindi po “undiluted” si Pauline dahil sumali na po yan ng Mutya ng Pilipinas. Crossover din po siya, sa madaling sabi, tulad nina Michelle at Celeste.
      So yang nakakabwisit na branding na yan na madalas mong banggitin, hindi po akma kay Pauline. Tumigil ka na nga, mejo nakakabwisit na yang branding branding eme na pinagsasabi mo.
      In general, I don’t like most of your comments in this blog. May nega vibe ka and I really hope we don’t meet IRL.

      • Pauline has not won any pageant, so she cannot be considered the face of any pageant, unlike Michele and Celeste. If you do not like my comments in this blog, don’t read. In a free country, don’t expect all ideas to conform to yours.

      • Guys, please don’t heckle Scorg.
        While Pauline is undiluted, Scorg way of writing is clearly diluted with South African way of Ad & PR kinda thing.
        Scorg, how is Cape Town? The gay haven of Africa?

      • @JustPassingBy, thanks for your kind words. You really know Africa upside down– haha! I have since relocated to Nigeria when xenophobia-related violence made SA very dangerous to expats, especially to Asians. Yes, Cape Town’s notoriety still exists, but foreigners are extremely wary of indulging in it for fear of HIV. I know Cape Town more as the African mecca for post-production of TV adverts.

      • You are welcome Scorg.
        Just like you, I was once based in Abidjan, Ivory Coast sometime in 2010 to 2011.
        How are you faring in the most populous country in West Africa? Are you in Lagos? Perhaps you live and work in Victoria Island?

      • Oh by the way, Beauty Queen Michelle Aldana is now based in SA and doing some acting jobs on SA tv.

      • I have a good friend who is a former beauty queen (with a PhD in law from UK) who I helped put up her premium organic cosmetics brand. That’s about the only connection I have here to pageantry, no matter how remote. She does not even know that I am connected to Philippine pageantry through this blog.

    • Verks, if you indeed are into brand building then you skittles should have known that phenomenal woman had been nixed by muph. It is now uniquely beautiful. Hihihihi

      • @4M, with due respects, from my knowledge of taglines and slogans, “Phenomenal Woman” as a tagline remains. A tagline encapsulates the brand’s image to sustain awareness, therefore public relations-focused. The “Uniquely Beautiful” slogan is advertising-focused, this year’s catchphrase to sell the brand to corporate sponsors. Taglines are more strategic and does not readily change; slogans are more tactical and may change if a new marketing campaign is launched. Cheers…

  12. Michelle’s attempt to duplicate Catriona’s feat wasn’t so uccessful. Still happy for her for giving it a try rather than regret for the rest of her life. I believe her success lies in her future endeavors.

  13. Pansin ko lang ha. Mukhang na-Mariangel Ruiz si Julia Saubier sa Casual Interview portion. 🤔🤭


    Philip dela Torre
    Miss Tisa
    Steamy Paradise
    Paquita X

    You may privately message Norman to give your address so that he can send you a P250 value meal package of Mang Inasal! Lol.

    Playtime as it may seem, I hope all or most members of the losing teams will abide by the penalty: Just support the winner and no bashing,

    Congratulations to all who participated in the survey. Rabid and chaotic but funny and passionate as well.

    2. CONGRATULATIONS TO CELESTE CORTESI. Represent us well in MU girl!

    3. CONGRATULATIONS TO MUP FOR STAGING A DECENT, WELL-PREPARED EVENT! (A misgivings here and there [which i may or may not write about , depending on my mood], but overall, very good!).

    World Peace.

    • Sarah Berchell, Bellas and Julio Portellos also picked CHELESTE for the MUP crown.

  15. Bella Ysmael , MU 2023
    Chela Falconer , MU 2024
    Annabelle McDonnell , MU 2025

  16. Katrina Is the prettiest among the five .. and the most ready physically

    • If she joins Bb in 2023 or 2024 , and wins Bb International, her beauty is the type that will easily win in the same manner as the morena past winners from colombia, brazil or dom rep did, i.e. by being a standout beauty in a group of Miss Intl. candidates … Japan occasionally wants to see some variety in their lineup of winners in the Miss Intl pageant history … I hope Katrina joins Bb !

  17. I am pretty satisfied with the tough 5 but seriously, Katrina could have been replaced by Cebu City or Province after the Top 10 interview. I hope Ghenesis is picked up by a beauty camp and polishes her. She has so much potential.

    Nevertheless, the show went on without major issues.

    I appreciate that MUPH really wants to showcase Fiipino artistry as much as possible but I wish that the Top 5 get to do their final look during one of the performances like in many MU editions.

    I am happy they picked Celeste- a rare feat for a non A&Q won. Also they did not dominate this year. She is just drop dead gorgeous. SHe has really become charming and her thought process has significantly improved.

    I also do appreciate the questions to be honest. It’s a good move to stay away from politics as much as possible. I liked hearing lots of “heart” in many responses.

    Pauline, Pauline, Pauline, I wish you would have joined MWPH instead.

    • If she did not join MUPH, Celeste can also be the next Miss World.

      • I totally agree and I commented on an instagram post that if celeste is snubbed of MUPH crown then she should join MWPH and it will be a slamdunk for her.

    • True. I wish PAULINE joins Miss World PH. She is just right for this crown.

      • Rounded face si pauline, tapos yung hair niya nka volume, kaya lalo lumapad mukha niya… dapat straight hair para ma di ma emphasize mala siopao shape nyang mukha..

      • I don’t know if your IQ is just too low or you are just innocently dumb to repeatedly ask this question and not analyze it for yourself.

      • She is pretty and very well spoken. But her body type is not right for MIss U

    • totally agree with the final look round with the male singer-performers. tutal ang dami pala nila performers towards the end of the show..but maybe, they gave the time to the girls to rest prior to the announcement of the winners. but then again, a final look round could have been the perfect highlitght of the show prior to announcement..it is tradition (in the MU) the format of which muph observed.

    • Chantal was actually my alternate choice to Celeste, but I don’t know, she did not stand out in the finals. She could have chosen a better gown. Anyway, she is young, and she can return in two or three years and slay everyone in her path. I would have replaced Taguig with Albay, para mabulabog ang Q and A. But in fairness, Katrina performed better in Q and A than was expected of her.

      • I love Chantal. Pero cguro yun ayaw ko sa kanya ay yun nganga nya na prang d tama.

  18. Big congratulations to all 32 contenders! They all gave the nation a great sense of pride that many uniquely beautiful women abound the archipelago to sustain the year-round celebration of beauty in communities. I hope MUP sets the pace for pageants to have a sustained program of action involving the candidates. This batch unveiled a lot of great communicators, credentialed students and career women, and community leaders– outstanding human resources for any development program. I wish pageants do not confine itself to the annual search for a queen, but engage a 365-day business of accomplishing what their avowed advocacies proclaim.

    • Our girls have really improved in com skills. I remember watching with trepidation this portion in BB Pilipinas due to the number of girls who were very gorgeous flubbing their turns at Q and A

  19. Amazing job , Pia!!! You are the best !!!!
    But the Monterey brothers would have been fine as hosts

    • Totally agree Fabian, the hosts are not pros.

      Why are you kids afraid to tell the truth, I know you are still under Duterte’s term but you should be afraid if Marcos wins, its not the truth I am worried about, its if we can still speak or write anything. Are you all manifesting how a Marcos rule will be, nakita na yung mga mali , tatahimik lang and tuloy lang sa palakpal? OMG I refuse to be blind.

      • True RR.. pips became timid & fearful to voice their opinions esp in social media 4 fear of being bashed intimidated & ridiculed! opinions thar r not aligned with the popular albeit questionable r readily put down!

  20. Congratulations to Celeste Cortesi! It is a well-deserved win.

    Even if we have 5 Miss Universes in attendance, I saw a lot that can be improved on the show itself (from a spectator watching in Youtube).

    1. The stage set-up looks small and simple. I am comparing it with previous editions of face to face Bb. Plipinas or Miss Earth or the Miss Universe editions we hosted. I can say the stage is the same size as Miss South Africa 2021 but because of the other factors it looks small.

    Miss Universe Thailand or Miss Grand Thailand 2022, watch it and tell me, their stage and set-up, really is grand (for people who are watching online).

    2, The stage lighting was dismal and inconsistent, it is like saying, these guys for two years without any major show, suddenly forgot to handle the stage, cameras, lights . I would like to have the same production as Miss Universe 2016 when Iris won in the Philippines, or the stage lighting of Miss South Africa, Miss Universe Thailand, Miss Grand Thailand or Miss Grand International finale or coronation nights. There was a time, when Demi was on stage and reading the teleprompter, the lights suddenly was taken out of her face, what disrespect.

    3. Wrong choices of hosts , I would rather choose professional hosts like Joey Mead or the previous Singapore based hosts of Miss Earth (not james Deakin ok) or if they still want to choose previous Miss Universe winners I’d prefer Sozi or Catriona (the pair had good rapport when they were backstage hosts in Miss South Africa last year). I saw a lot of mistakes from the hosts esp Demi, the cue from the stage manager and the expression on Pia’s , Demi’s faces, not looking at the right camera. I saw how she was a host in Miss Universe preliminaries last year and she could be better.

    4. Camera blocking – it does not look good – Bea blocking a Miss Universe Demi Leigh while on stage.

    5. Gowns of Demi Leigh, Iris , Harnaaz and Pia’s are not the most elegant, are they pageant gowns or just dinner gowns?

    6. The energy is not like Miss Universe 2016 held in the Philippines , I want the energy of that edition , the time Flo Rida and his troupe sang and danced it was like MTV , the crowd and even the crowds we have in Bb Pilipinas does not make the same noise as now

    7. The choice of entertainers and the songs, I’d prefer familiar tunes and that is why I like Miss Grand International and again can we have similar energy as Miss Universe 2016 held in the Philippines. I wish they have a lively playlist like what they had in Miss Universe 2016 .

    8. The crown is perfect or almost perfect, can someone please design a crown that can easily be worn and fit any head, its really painful to see Celeste holding to the crown for a long time, no one even helping her fix it on top of her, I just saw Michelle lend a hand to fix it on Celeste’s head. Look at Miss Grand International, even the one who crowns the winner or runner-ups fixes the crown, the hair , the sash before a photo is taken, before they leave the camera angle and stage.

    9. They acknowledged the presence of the Mayor of Pasay City, the city were MUPh 2022 was held, but no cameras were panned to her seat


    11. I didn’t hear the familiar Miss Universe tune I associate with this pageant\

    12. I hope more eye candies too not only the escorts at the end of the show, a male host maybe.

    I also watched Miss Grand Thailand 2022 yesterday and the last two were deserving, I thought Miss Phuket will win over Miss Bangkok. I just want to acknowledge Miss Grand really gives one of the best live shows, it really looks elegant, bright and formal.

    • Can we just congratulate the team for staging a good show! Dami mong bitterness. Why not list down the good side.

      • Because I let the famous people here list the good side and only a few people here will tell the truth, so I post truths not bitterness.

    • Ate Riveria reincarnated po ba kayo? Meron kasi dati dito kagaya mo. I just can’t quite figure out kung ano monicker nya before. I agree on a lot of your observations. The way u present your viewpoints, kaiinggitan ka na naman dito ng mashoshonda. Kaya ayan mas marami thumbs down mo. Ganun sila dito. Mga amoy lupa na kasi!!!! 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄😂😂😂😂😂

      • Oh I didn’t know that, may Riviera pala. I mean who cares about the thumbsdown, I guess only the people who will vote for Arte Partylist will do hahaha.

        Beacuse of you I now remember one more thing, I forgot to put on my list>

        13. The constant bombardment of the Arte Party List poltical ads with the face of Supsup-Lee.
        Dapat ang tagline nila is : “Aarte ka pa ba?”

      • If you see something wrong , in all honesty give that feedback. Huwag ka lang maging bulag, pipi at bingi at tuloy lang sa pagpalakpak. Ang isang mali ay mali, para maiwaksi, kailangan malaman ito ng nagkamali at mapabuti nya ang sarili at anumang bagay na maaari nyang baguhin para ito’y gumaling o di kaya maaari rin nyang palitan ito, ihinto nya at di na nya gawin para sa tunay na pagbabago.

    • To be happy and successful in life, one should see life as half full rather than half empty

      • Thank God I am happy and content with my life and I do not need someone else’s glass to see my supposed half empty life or my half full life. I’d rather quote THE Mahatma Gandhi than a copied quote:

        “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”

        Ciao Ciao

      • Ganito lang kasi yan, katatapos lng ng show. Ano ba ang gusto mong marinig. Maganda results ng show di ba? Tapos gusto mo bang marinig na eto kasi yan, ang dami niyong palpak.
        May tamang panahon para discuss ung mga lapses ng show.
        Nasa perspective yan ng tao. If negative ka, ung mali kagad ang mapupuna mo.
        May galit ka siguro sa MUP✌️

  21. Congratulations to our new MUPh, Celeste Cortesi. I’m one of those who will support you in your MU journey. Regarding the show itself, it’s very Filipino, very far from being world-class. The only thing I liked was, the hosts read their spiels at a camera-level shot. In BBP, the prompters are usually positioned on higher locations of Araneta. But the rest of the show was very BBP…long and boring.

  22. Congratulations to the winners most especially to Celesti Cortesi. She has a very good chance of winning MU 2022. Hats off to Norman for accurately predicting the winners including their respective placements. He is indeed the Nostradamus of beauty pageantry.

  23. I think when they called the Top 10, that is exactly the ranking

  24. I’ve got 4/5 and I’ve got the winner as well.
    Congrats Pasay and to all the winners.
    This is one of the contests where the top favorites were consistent from the start. Actually anyone from them can be a winner.

  25. Norman, at the Miss USA and Miss America competitions, should the winner not be able to fulfill her duties then the first runner-up becomes the title holder.

    Out of curiosity would that be the same standard held here at MUP, being that the first runner-up is technically fourth in the pecking order?

    Just thinking out loud that’s all.

    • Agree! She was definitely fourth. I don’t know what the judges saw in Katrina and Michelle. Julia, Lou and Chantal were better than them.

      • In this case, Globeguy85, Annabelle McDonnell was named 1st runner-up and Michelle Dee won Miss Tourism.

        Would Anabelle take over the responsibilities as trading 1st runners-up usually do?

      • Naku naman kahit magaling si Julia at sexy, pakitingnan maigi may kahabaan ang baba niya. Okey na siya sa Top 10.

  26. I think Celeste Cortesi would be a great Miss Universe… Her advocacy is very timely and relevant to the world… Her being alone in the Philippines while her family is in Italy which is the European country with the most casualties during the pandemic shows that she can easily adapt abroad and a great story to tell to the judges. Her being half Italian while winning best in swimsuit, she would surely be favored by the major sponsors particularly Yamamay, which is an Italian swimsuit brand. And her face and body is definitely at par while standing next to the past Miss Universe winners.

    • I hope that the host city for MU2022 will be Paris, France … Celeste in Paris !

      & I was so disappointed that Palawan or Laguna was not in the top 10 , but Iloilo Province made it…
      For Palawan , I guess it might just as well because she will be crushed in the Q&A , but I cast my vote to Laguna for being the underdog surprise of the night !

      • I was expecting Palawan and Pangasinan to have placements

  27. homecourt decision

    MOA is in Pasay

    tapos yung frontrow baklas
    lagi na lang judge taun taon

    jusmiyo wala na bang iba

    • No. Ang layo ng ganda ni Celeste sa apat. I’m sure the runners-up knew that if Celeste answers her question well, she will win.

  28. After 4 long excruciating hours, at least the unbreakable top two at the beginning remained unbeatable … and emerged victorious at the end ! Congrats to all of us those who predicted them.

    If not for Pia’s energy, the show could have been a disaster. Iris was very good, but Demi , good only

    … & I hope for MU2022 itself , they will use the same swim shoes here, … they are ‘glam fabulous’ !
    And am very happy that Celeste won best swim and Michelle won best gown ( so well deserved ! )

  29. Congrats Ms. Pasay! I think the reason why they chose her is para iba ang hitsura/personality compared to last year’s winner, Bea. I think eto ang reason for our successive placements. From Rabiya na nene at South asian looking to Bea na strong woman na east/southeast Asian looking then we have a Caucassian na sweet lady. Michelle Dee has yhe same aura/look as Bea. I should have considered that in my rankings.

  30. kafez na naman ni Rabiya nanalo

    pero lalaban yan sa mga Laitinas

    anyway good luck Celese Legaspi

    mamang sorbetero

    • I think she’ll be good friends with the Latinas… not only do they understand her, the Latino community could not exclude her cause her being Filipino-italian makes her more Latino than Asian.

  31. Top 5 Q&A the determining factor:

    Winner Pasay🌟🌹🌟– her answer was selfless, sincere, relatable and universal.

    Makati – “to represent philippines “AGAIN”, over confident.

    Bohol and Misamis – their answer is begging for pitty.

    Taguig – nevermind✌️

    • If Makati wasn’t a former title holder and a celebrity, she wouldn’t have been a favourite. Ang daming mas maganda at mas magaling sumagot kaysa kanya.

      Bohol should join BbP or MWPh.

      • I do agree, Pauline if she chose MWPh and BbP, would have a crown on her head.

        If she will follow Pia , i guess she would try one more time and will try again , if age permits.

      • I still cant get the hype over Ms Dee. Mga baklang nagpapa eme mga to kay Ms Melanie Marquez??? 😆😆😆
        Have nothing personally against her…but look at the rest of the girls hello!!!
        Cobgraaattsss Celeste.
        At least maka unli rice din sa Mang Inasal. Thank you Mang Tomas 😆😆😆

      • Her “mahal kong Pilipinas” at the end of her answer was unnecessarry and smacked of vote-currying

    • I agree with this statement : Makati – “to represent philippines “AGAIN”, over confident.

  32. This was about the closest of a competetion for a MUP top five thus far. There was not to be an “unexpected” winner for all five finalists were heavily touted. It made for great drama and entertainment.

    Looking forward to the Celeste’s journey and hope we all support her in the quest for the country’s fifth MU title.

    Congratulations to the MUP organization for a fine presentation.

  33. pansin ko lang, celeste’s earrings matched the majeste crown.

  34. Indeed, the last two standing were Michelle and Celeste.
    I am sad for Michelle but at the same time, I’m happy for Celeste.
    As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, I’d be happy if anyone of these two wins.
    As for Pauline, communication skills can only get you that far if physically, you’re not ready.
    I hope this would be Julia Saubier’s last pageant attempt as simple as that.

    I loved it when Iris pronounced the name of the crown with that authentic French accent. Sounds so classy that non-native french speaker can ever replicate.

  35. Well predicted Tito Norms. Pasok lahat ng nasa top 5 predictions mo 🙂 mine is 3/5.

    • 4/5 here , and surprised about Davao del Norte , at the same time shocked about Ilocos Sur … (chavit? hehe)

      • Same here for Davao Del Norte. I hope she joins other pageants in the future. I see a lot of potential in her. I believe it’s her first national.
        Ayaw lang pagmahay day Jean Nicci! Your time will come.

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