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  1. Grabe si Anabelle…. I have read about her being an orphan but turns out she was abandoned by her parents… And it was her poor uncle who raised her… She talks like that because she’s a naturaly nerdy introvert who learned English as her 3rd language.. Naiyak ako sa life story nya grabe… She’s that girl whoe sells candies, bananacue and fruits along the sidewalks and she joins pageants to earn money to finance her studies.. Hence, the Question for Julia was actually meant for Anabelle. I hope she joins Miss World Philippines…

  2. Julia Saubier of Albay not being able to enter the top 5 currently became very controversial on facebook, twitter and other socmed platforms.. Everybody have their own theory why she ddnt make it… like her gown was too revealing or her answer to the interview sounded arrogant… blah blah blah…. Truth is thar Julia was a great competitor and the Org did their best to sabotage her performance because if she enters the top 5, she could win the whole pageant based on her QandA skills alone… Weĺl, she is indeed the smartest
    most well rounded girl, Problem is she’s not the prettiest and it is stilll a beauty pageant. I love the girl but her refussal to get anything “fixed” is still a huge liability in a competion that judges you mainly on your looks. I hope and prey that she would become very successfull outside of beauty pageants so that she would become that standard of beauty that people would look up to and be compaired to in the near future.

  3. Help her win by not engaging the bashers from within and outside our country. They win in making Celeste lose her focus every time we engage them. 💐👑🕊️

  4. Congratulations Celeste! I hope you continue to explore and realize your Filipina identity as you continue on in your Miss Universe journey. You now represent the Philippines and the Filipino global community in the most prestigious pageant of the universe.

    Since the MUP org has invested quite a lot in the new crown — La Mer en Majesté — I hope they make adjustments so the crown has more stability on the wearer’s head. Pity if it should fall off the wearer’s head and get damaged. For example, the Miss Universe crown — the “Chandelier Crown” — that was used from 1973 – 2001 had a wider base and had an adjustable band that if locked properly could securely accommodate varying head sizes and hairstyles.

    • I already mentioned this on my previous review, thanks for pointing it out again, they really need to design a crown which is user-friendly and adjustable (just like the Miss International crown and the Miss Grand International crown, else something like this can happen, see the video below, so embarrasing hahaha

  5. Pia should be the host next yr
    The Morse hosting she does the better she gets
    She is already very good now!
    I just wish the candidates had more close up shots . Were the cameramen afraid to get too close to the candidates?
    Sam C was great
    Bamboo was ok . I could understand the chorus of his song well but the rest I don’t know what language he sang it in
    Morisette was fab as always

  6. A former Miss Earth Philippines was crowned MUP 2022 – Celeste Cortesi.
    A former Miss World Philippines was crowned MUP 2018 – Catriona Gray.

    A former Miss International Philippines might be crowned MUP next year – Ahtisa Manalo 🙏🙏🙏

    • If Ahtisa wants to join and win MUP. She needs to focus on preparing for it 100% like what Celeste did.

      For high-caliber candidates like her, it is worth asking if joining a more focused camp, like the CAMP, (lol!) would be a good strategy.

      I don’t buy Michelle being independent, by the way. It was obvious that she had support from TCI. Just saying.

      • Seriously. As if her journey could ever be independent. We all know who her mama is, who her agent it, what camp groomed her. All the designers, HMUA, photographers, know who she is.

        Inside access.

        Trifecta always with Italiana and Mountain Girlfriend.

        Pero independent daw.

  7. Teka nga san ba nakuha yung mga singers except kay Morisette. Plus yung mga kanta jusko day walang kalatoy latoy.

  8. Belated congratulations, Queen Celeste!

    In all fairness, Celeste shone in her brightest last Saturday night. She made sure that her eyes were on the prize from the beginning to the end.

    TBH, the competition proper ran only between and among the Top 5: Celeste, Michele, Pauline, Annabelle, and Katrina. That’s why, predictably, they composed the last five in the roster of 31 candidates. I forgot how the rest of the girls did their pasarela and strut on stage.

    Michele was fighting tooth and nail with Celeste. When she came out in her beautiful evening gown though, she showed what class and elegance are all about. Meanwhile, Pauline did not stand out until the QnA. She did not look confident, as if she knew what was lacking in her that night. Admittedly, Pauline was the best in QnA. She delivered her answer with impact, so powerful. If the scores were only turned back to zero, then she’d effortlessly run away with the crown. Thus, during the final’s night, I commented here that “it should be Pauline, but they (judging panel and MUPO) would safely choose Celeste.” Otherwise, a loud boo-ing would then ensue inside the MOA Arena.

    I hope Pauline would not surrender her Bohol sash, yet. I believe hers is not denied. An ultimate redirection of her fate in pageantry is possible.

    At this juncture, below are my observations:

    1. On the Good
    – Bamboo’s opening number was glossy. His performance made the pageant more exciting. I just hoped that he was given another performance, especially during the Top 5’s final walk.
    – The girls’ flowy cape was a breath of fresh air.
    – Back up dancers gave a flavorful performance.
    – The stage’s high LED wall was achieved.
    – Segment on Catriona’s video with Morisette’s song number and parade of the Miss U winners was one of the finest moments in pageant history
    – Iris Mittenaire’s dresses were fabulous and her pronunciation of Jewelmer and Le Mer En Majeste was refreshing.
    – Energetic audience were commendable. I just wished they were sometimes seen on camera.
    – I did not see more of Voltaire Tayag’s face (lol)

    2. On the not-so-Good
    – Candidates’ performance was kind of mess. They did not synchronize well.
    – Tripping elevator shoes worn during the evening gown portion made the girls’ dresses cheap, and the pearl neckaces did not accentuate on most of the gowns, i e. Nueva Vizcaya. Gosh!
    – Too many performers with a very off-key song numbers (not one but two) of that Francisco Martin. He did have a hard time reaching high notes. I suspect he did not have a good sleep the night before. Why?
    – I didn’t like the girls’ swimming suits. The color was dark, which did not glow up from the dark lighting on stage. The cut also did not do justice in the girls’ body forms.
    – Bad camera works and bad stage and ligting direction
    – I hate the girls’ shadowing when a candidate is doing her pasarela on stage. They should not let a candidate come out of the stage while another candidate is doing her walk.
    – The hosts were poorly fed by the floor director. They did not coordinate well.
    – Kumu backstage hosts were such a waste. They should rather do commentaries of the girls’ dresses, apperance on stage, etc. They did not have chemistry hosting, and they were too conscious on their diction and pronunciation.
    – Top 16 out of 31 candidates when the number of real stunners did not even reach 10?
    – The audience’s loud cheers should be heard on TV, because their energy made the show alive.
    – I saw Voltaire’s face once, and I still did not like it. ROFL.

    P.S. Sensya na po, napahaba. Baka sa MU season na ako magparamdam. 🤗

    That’s all.

    • I agree specially about the next candidate shadowing the girl on focus. It was not only distracting but also disappointing. It’s not fair to the subject candidate’s time on stage.

      I finally have a recall for the new MUP crown and its designer after hearing Iris saying it with that ever classy authentic French accent.

      • @JPB, that’s unpleasant, really. If the purpose of the director was to save time, hence the shadowing girls, it failed the screen big time because the momentum was taken off the girl on center stage. If it was unavoidable, the camera should adjust. It should take a different angle.

        It’s really a good decision that the spiel was given to Iris, so we heard her speak the French words perfectly. Same thing na ang pagbanggit ng mga represented place ng Top 16 candidates ay binigkas ni Pia, at hindi nina Iris at Demi. So, we did not hear “Pa-sey”, Bo-howl”, “Ta-gwig”, etc.

      • True. I believe both tasks were assigned to them on purpose.

    • I cringe on Francisco Matin’s number and also didn’t like the girls shadowing behind. Although the camera angles are not perfect (yet) they are an improvement to all previous editions.
      But happy with Celeste winning the crown; very well deserved.

  9. And one last thing….Michelle scores high on the technical aspects of the title…I mean the external attributes such as the look, the projection, the sound bytes, and its a testament to her laser-sharp focus, determination and discipline. Yet all those seem to not be enough if she doesn’t have the aura of a MU and the stars would not align on her favor.

    • She definitely had the exotic features, elegance, poise, sophistication and determination (which at one time I viewed as privileged and arrogant). Despite the valid similarities with Bea I still believe she would had stood out at MU22 especially if it were to be held in the Dominican Republic. A top 10/5 and better would have been a strong expectation.

      However, the head to head comparison with Celeste at the finals left me know doubt that she deserved the crown. A top 10/5 or better MU placement is “expected” also.

      Hopefully everything pans out! Here’s to a fantastic top 5, and a very competitive and exciting finish as a result. It was a blast.


  10. One thing I like about pageants which is a reflection of life itself is that there is no straight formula to win.
    Sure it’s primarily a beauty tilt but then when confronted with a sea of beauties, just like this batch, it becomes anybody’ game. Thats why the fans are having a field day. Everyone will have a say on how the result will turn out. Judging on the level of discourse on this blog and the rest of this kind….I would say that the beaucon industry is indeed flourishing in this country not only currently but even for years to come.
    May all our tribe increase!

  11. Oh my Michelle! Look at you in that photogrid. Wish you all the best in your next endeavor. Your demeanor says so much that you are a well-raised woman.
    Congratulations my goddess Celeste, had you not joined MUP, Michelle could have been the runaway winner. Oh well, everything happens for a reason as they say with which I have a feeling that you will bring back the MU crown to the Philippines.

    My other favorites:
    To my brown goddess Katrina Llegado you are perfect for Ms. Supranational .. calling MWPh, please appoint her as in right now since the pageant is in July already
    To Lou Piczon (Andrea Tovar deadringer – another favorite), please do Binibining Pilipinas
    To Angelica Lopez, please join MWP or BBP after two years
    To Ms Aklan Jonna Sweett, please prepare physically and join Miss Earth or Mutya Pilipinas
    Ghenesis Latugat, prepare and train for 2 years then join MWP or BBP
    Miss Iloilo City, please join BBP. With proper training and body transformation, you can be BBP International

    Special mention: To Pauline, I can see you have a good heart and you are perfect for Ms. World. Please prepare in every aspect and join MWPh.

  12. Dios ko , kinakabahan Ako . Everyone is saying malakas ang Laban ng Pinas sa MU with Celeste . This is reminiscent of how everyone was confident about Rabiya. Tapos maraming kulang na discover during the MU final competition. .
    Let’s face the real issues .
    Cortesi has amazing walk and overall presentation
    She is kind and seemingly willing to listen to her advisers. But …..
    How do we un-fake Her face ?
    How do we calm her down during the Q and A?
    I hope Jonas has the answer to these questions

    • zolpidem

      These are sedative, antidepressant, and I recommend you take the third one at least 2 weeks before MU finals, that is antiepileptic.

      • Oh, if I hadn’t made myself clear, these drugs are for our dear Fabian. Not for Celeste. Lol

      • I suggest to give Propofol IV now! Then q6. Kaloka…😁 or better yet, give it as maintenance na.

    • Tsupi!!!!! Maligo ka ng zonrox mashohong vaklush na orangutan! Magbanlaw ka ng muriatic acid para hindi kumalat ang veerus mong hayop ka!

    • Poor senior citizen. Lets give him a cocktail of medication oh i would recommend RECK para hindi masyadong duguin ang baklita sa ingit.

    • Natalo lang si Annabelle parang sinumpa mo na si Celeste.
      I suggest ipaayos muna niya ang bibig niya kasi nkalabas lahat ngipin niya, okay?
      Wag sobrang bitter po.. Obviously mas nagshine si Celeste kaysa kay Annabelle. Better luck next time sa candidate mo po. God bless you!

    • Dapat kabahan ka baks kasi Diosa si Celeste.. 🤣😂
      Bitter ka kasi si Annabelle mo talo, I suggest paayos lang muna siya sa bibig niya kasi yun ang medyo off sa kanya, labas lahat ng ipin. Meron pa namn next year baks, balik ulit siya. Wag ka nga bitter uy dahil natalo bet mo, hindi yan ikakaganda ng candidate mo.

  13. All the questions for the top 5 were recycled at napagaralan na… lalo n yung “if you have one day left… ” gasgas n yun sa mga beauty contest… i think it was tailor made to back up the candidate they wanted to win… kasi tingin ko pag mga bagong questions si bohol at misamis oriental lang ang maka sagot ng maayos… or makati. I doubted the rest..

    • Sometimes, rather simple questions can make someone who prepared well to stumble.

      And again, it is already known in pageant QnA that drama and delivery not accuracy can make a candidate win.

      Be prepared for questions on current events, though. Take Bea’s final 5 question as an example.

      Body language and facial expressions are also a factor. I watched the QnA without an audio. Celeste is among those who look very composed. Julia looks as if she’s about to cry while Chantal looks a bit too wriggly. I think this part of the training can be overlooked when the contestant is already fluent in the language and has no problem thinking their answers quickly.

      Demi, Cat, and Zosi were the real deal when it comes to QnA.

  14. I agree with Cat
    The questions should have been harder in order to test who had the ability to withstand the Q&A at MU
    I believe we would have had a different outcome had real questions been thrown at the candidates.
    It’s very evident the org wanted Celeste to win .. to which I had no opposition

    But still .. Anabelle Mcdonell, your Miss Universe 2025

    • what happened to asking the same question to the final three ? …
      what happened to the sound proof booths ? … these have been using since the 1960s , how come they cannot manufacture an excellent one very easily today ? I used to enjoy seeing the candidates expressing their camaraderie with each other inside the sound proof booths while they wait for their turn to answer the question …

    • Ang baklang bitter na senior citizen na hindi pa maka move on. Mag volunteer kana pang sa hospital para ma divert yung energy mo kaysa kuda ng kuda wala na tapos na. May opening sa hospital ko baka naman gusto mo😬

  15. Dapat kasi ang cut ay Top 16 (Swimsuit) > Top 10 (Gown) > Top 5 (Finals Questions). Not a big fan na may interview portion pa bago mag Top 5. Dapat performance (pasarela and gown) based lang ang criteria to pick the Final 5

    Para hindi na nakakaabot sa Top 5 yung mga mediocre sa performance. Para best of bests sa performance lang yung makakabot sa questions, nang hindi tayo kinakabahan na weak sa rampahan yung mananalo. In that way, ma-apply din nila yung back to zero scoring every round.

  16. Buhay na buhay na uli mga beki sa Pinas dahil sa panalo ni Celeste. May laban tayo sa December!!!! Ihanda na mga viewing parties at isasarado ang mga beauty parlors!!!!

  17. Top 3 for the Felepens
    Top .5 Italy
    Top .5 USA
    Top .5 Belgium
    Top .5 United States

    Pero actually, sabi daw Venezolano si Papa Cortese?

    Saan si Madam Tayag to spill the tea? Yung mga Latino support na support kasi 1/2 Latino daw.

    Enjoying the foreign male models pa ba? Kawawa naman ang full blooded Pinoy sa kapwa.

    Uniquely Beautiful pag may foreigner blood.

    • Let’s send an aeta, so we can have pure pinoy hehe. Nobody in that Top 5 is pure pinoy btw, so we don’t really have a choice

    • Celeste’s father is an Italian born in Venezuela. No Latino connection whatsoever. If there is since jus solid eh yun lang.

  18. Amazing Pia , she could have done the hosting by herself

  19. Celeste should keep the streak alive. A top 10/5 is expected.

    For my pick Michelle. In retrospect, she’s had a successful pageant career; an MWP title, a top 12 MW placement, the real 1st runner-up/Tourism title at MUP22 and a celebrity career to return to. Move on.

    Pauline has had two “close but no cigar” pageant lessons of life and a third try at BBP and MWP is highly recommended. She has the experience, likeability and support that she needs and knows what to do to prep for a third attempt. Pia did.
    Do it again.

    Annabelle has youth as her ally. Only 21, she can and should give it another shot at MUP, BBP or MWP sometime in the near future. A literal 4th runner-up finish at her first pageant attempt is a priceless experience. Do it again.

    Katrina, well, blessed with drop dead gorgeous looks and a pageant career to be proud of. Move on sugar.

    Arrivederci y’all

    • Maybe if Pauline loses weight , she may convince the public that she is the next MUP .
      However , does she have time ?
      Next yr will be too crowded with extremely articulAte girls – Bella Chela possibly Chantal.
      Pauline should really go to MW, age permits

    • any of the top three could have continued the Pinas streak at MU but Celeste or Michelle might have been able to pull in Pinas into the top 3

      Of the 9 elected MU candidates so far, Colombia/Venezuela/Pinas are in the league of their own. The colombian and the venezuelan are like the 1980s South American beauty queens that we have not seen for a long time because they have been sending cookie cutter , run-of-the-mill candidates recently… colombia looks like irene saez , venezuela looks like barbara palacios

  20. Seeing the photos, I wanted to ask Bea
    “Girl, why didn’t you bring some hairpins?”

  21. Just read Norman’s last three threads with close to or over 300 spirited comments in which I agreed with, disagreed with, learned from, laughed at and angered by. My head is just spinning!

    Almost drives a person back to drinking and December can’t come soon enough (assuming that is when MU will be presented)!!


  22. Celeste won fair and square!

    Her answer is natural, uninhibited and empathic!

    The rest of the girls answer are mere cliche, glib or hokey!

    If MU will be held in Dominican Republic, a Spanish speaking country, it would be easier for Celeste to blend in. She speaks Italian fluently which is a sister language of Spanish and Portuguese.

    In fact, even if she delivers her answer in Italian, the spectators will be able to understand it! Remember Natalia Guimaraes speaking Portuguese when MU was held in Mexico? Even before her answer was translated, the crowd already understands it!

    • Medyo siguro tanga na sya kung sasagot sya ng Italian hindi naman sya miss Italy. Charot

    • I get where you’re coming from Claire. However, wearing a Philippine sash and delivering ones q&a response in Italian crosses that invisible line, for me.
      Filipino and English are the official languages of the country.

      In your defense, we do live in a rapidly changing globalized world where borders will eventually no longer exist.

      Sad but true.

      • However, if one day an MUP is crowned from Zamboanga whose local language is Chavacano answered the q&a in fluent Spanish that would be acceptable.

        Ciao! 🙂


    • Pauline for ME didn’t cross my mind… but it makes a lot of sense given her background and advocacies.

      So as Annabelle for MW. But we know that pageant is a cook show so it will be a waste sending a polished version of Annabelle there.

      Katrina can be sent to join MGI even if the pageant will be held tomorrow.

      Yes. Michelle should retire. It is just so unfortunate that she joined the same time as Celeste.

      Timing is a big factor in pageantry.

      • Agree. Waste of everything mga girls competing and hoping to clinch the MWP title. Cooking show nmn tlg ang Mess World.

    • Agree with Katarina is a perfect Miss International.Pauline is really a MIss World prototype she has the of Miss Turkey, Miss Peru and Miss PR (miss world 2018). I really hope that God has a special plan for her if she allow it. Misamis i can see a future Miss Universe Philippines , my only concern is she too tisay….unlike cortesi na nakikita mo yung Pinay blood sa kanya

  24. In retrospect, it now makes sense why Norman posted an enhanced video of Celeste’s preliminary interview. Knowing how rabid and toxic Filipino pageant fans can be, the reposted video served as a backup justification for eventual crowning of Celeste should she bungle her final Q&A response.

    As explained by Norman that during last stages of the competition, candidates don’t start on new clean scoring slates. Rather, candidates have an ongoing cumulative score. Now that explained why Celeste and Michelle prevailed over Pauline’s succinctly impressive response for the final Q&A.

    Had the MU 2021 used the same scoring system of MUPh 2022, the current Miss Universe would have been from Paraguay.

    Since Miss Universe is still a US based organization trying to stay relevant in a “woke-saturated” US pop culture, I hardly doubt MU will employ the MUPh scoring system let alone shy away from polarizing Q&A questions. As such, winning MU 2022 will just be a wishful thinking.

    What is so commendable in this batch especially the final 5 is that it is almost certain that the impressive semifinal streak at the MU will continue. Even Palawan with her exotic sex appeal and exquisite bravura can be seen going beyond EG.

    • I believe that in MU , they also adopt the overall performance guidance. The host always says this before the Final Look Segment , ” … this is the last chance for the judges to evaluate each candidate’s overall performance to select the new Miss Universe … “

    • Remember Miss Mexico Andrea Meza won even if she answered badly in the Q&A. Peru’s Janick Maceta answered flawlessly yet she ended up 2nd ru only. I found Peru’s evening gown and swimsuit perfotlrmance as the most excellent too, and yet the org made her lose.

  25. I say it again, Pauline is fit for Miss Earth. She could give us our 5th crown. Miss Earth gives more importance to Q&A.

  26. what I was so struck with is that when all these past MU queens (post-trump era) are gathered together , they are all the very very lovely people inside & out and wholesome , spokesperson types , and … how short Demi and Harnaz are compared to the others who are not that tall to begin with except for Cat ( & Andrea who was not there ). To me, Demi & Harnaz seem to be even shorter than 5’6… when all the while I thought they were around 5’7

    • If Demi and Harnaaz are below 5’6 nga..i don’t see any problem with that at all 😆

  27. Celeste Cortesi is Ariela Arida (who has a thick Filipino accent) in comm skills but with Italian accent.
    If Ariela can be part of Top 5 and 3rdRU at MU, Celeste can do better.

    • Ateng Riveria, I am rooting for Celeste in the Miss U Tilt. However wag sana sya ma overhype. Look what happened to Rabiya. Just my 2 cents worth po. Ciao

      • I think, thay shld include a psychologist as part of the team. Need tlg ng extreme mental fortitude in this day and age where social media can really put you to hell esp if ur not that mentally strong. In the interview of Hidilyn Diaz of what is the difference of her Tokyo Olympics from her previous Olympic stints that made her capture the elusive gold medal, she said it’s the guidance of her psychologist which made the big difference that was not there before.

      • The thing with Rabiya kasi is it became a totally different experience for her when she finally competed in a bigger stage, with an audience. You can see how nervous she looked and she didn’t even smile during her MU ss competition. When they did muph during her time it was a lock-in production with barely an audience. Unlike Cortesi, she is more experienced, and we all saw how she carried herself with composure in all segments. Sanay na siya and we can rely on that.

      • Just call me River Chezka, I do not want to be called Ateng and my name is not Riviera.

        I agree with you, let us support her, she has one of the beautiful faces , definitely a contender.

        I agree with the recommendation of Sjeffie Cheon, a psychologist should be part of the entourage of a beauty pageant titleholder , she really needs mental fortitude and also the appropriate tools and mind conditioning to be a winner, that is a psychologist’s job.

  28. Julia was eliminated after the top 10
    I guess Jonas was afraid she might end up winning the title if she made top 5 …. Being the best speaker in the group

    • I agree with you, even comparing the answer of Pauline during the one to one with Pia during the Top10, Pauline can not give a direct answer. The question was about diving or what she sees underwater but then her answer was a generic Bohol tourism promo (in hindsight, her title should be Miss Tourism and not Miss Charity).

      Julia however was eloquent and direct.

    • medyo mmay pgkamayabang kasi ang dating ng answer ni Julia.

    • medyo off kasi yun answer na pinagmayabang niya na “honor” siya etc..
      medyo di maganda pakinggan.

  29. No disrespect intended but what will be the tasks given to Miss MUP-Tourism and Miss MUP-Charity?

    We all know they are consolation titles but will it really console Michelle, a former MWP and Pauline, now a two-time top 5 MUP finalist?

    1st and 2nd runners-up would have been sufficient because that is what they really are. Sugarcoating is not necessary being both beauties are experienced pageant competitors.


    • The question should be how much prize money and what privileges can they get if they are titled Miss Tourism and Miss Charity. At least they can get free return flights from PAL Bohol-Manila or anywhere in the world were PAL flies. Will they be signed under Mercator?

      I am guessing there is no prize money because look at Katrina Dimaranan, she just went back to the USA and she never even attended the coronation night yesterday. Katrina was my bet then, she could’ve done a better placement than Top5.

    • Hey Really, thanks for the compliment. I would actually suggest to just remove these two titles and just give one runner-up to save time and effort. With just the MUPh title holder and a RU, the other 3 in the usual Top 5 does not need a contract that could be binding for 6 months to a year. So the equally good finalists can just join other pageants if opportunity permits.

      Also have a Miss Universe Social Impact Award introduced in MUPh, instead of introducing titles which Miss Universe Organization doesn’t even have.

  30. Chantal was not going to win with that kind of look – supporting actress. Di bida dating
    I was more impressed with Lou Piczon

    • Chantal is not beauty queen material. Being one requires, beside the basics ( beauty brains personality) a certain regal aura and dignified presence.

      • Chantal is the youngest in the batch and a pageant newbie. I saw her simply enjoying herself and acting her age..she doesn’t pretend to be somebody she’s not. But she has the goods…hourglass figure, she can be hi fashion, edgy or commercial at the same time, and when she talks she draws you in with her passion and conviction. She is not pageant patty and is relatable. With time and as she grows older and proper training, she can learn to have a regal aura. She has potential and I hope to see her join again after she finishes her law degree.

    • exactly! Parang ang lalim ng pisngi, tapos di yata tugna yun nganga effect niya.

  31. Annabelle , you are still my MU
    Pls keep on working to perfect your styling . You have 6y to do that
    And for those who make this ludicrous claim that Celeste will win MU this early , dream on
    Of course , I hope she does.
    But can she win by answering every single question. With ‘ my family blah blah ‘?
    Dios ko #2

    • Eto nanaman ang baklang bitter. Just watch baka maglaway ka sa Miss Universe Competition.
      Gusto mong ipasok manok mo eh shongit naman kahit anung gawin mo hindi makakapasok ng
      Top 16 si girl. Remember beauty contest ito. Hindi public speaking ang competition. Wag nang bitter okay. Life is too short .

      • Dios ko , practice ka ng comm skills mo , acheng . Para matuwa naman ang patiente mo . Hindi yung puro pageant at lalaki inaatupag mo. Tse hihihi!

    • Baks mag suggest ka sa team ni Annabelle na ipaayos yun mouth niya kasi yun lang ang off sa kanya, kita puro ngipin.

  32. Tito Norms, I saw you yesterday sa labas ng Lower Box level, sa harap ng Auntie Anne’s dumaan! Ang tangkad niyo pala in person!

  33. Celeste sounded very nervous during the 2 Q&A sessions
    Wala pa yatang nanalo ng MU na kabado sa Q&A
    For those who keep harping on ‘ Tama ang hula ko , si Celeste ang mananalo . Sobrang Ganda Kasi perfect pati Q&A’, why don’t you wait for the MU finals ? ? Pag umabot ng top 3-5 , saka kayo magyabang
    Dios ko .

  34. Celeste is crown worthy. sa face value pa lang Ang layo na Ng agwat parang BBM 60% rating vs Leni 20%♥️💚✌️
    Join ka uli Michelle nx year baka sa yo na Ang crown😊

  35. I had gut feeling that Celeste would win with Michelle trailing behind and could overtake her with Celeste’s slightest mistake but my heart were rooting for either Pauline and Chantal, both being philosophical. I was impressed the way Celeste answered the questions. Her answers were simple yet sincere and heartfelt. After she answered the final Q and A, I became her fan. There is a very big possibility that Celeste would be our 5th MU.

    • Serge appreciate your support and belief in Chantal since Day 1. I watched her interview with Luis Portelles and since then I became a fan. She is a diamond in the rough and hopefully she can come back stronger. On another note, the candidates read the comments .I hope other we can all be kind in our comments….critique instead of harsh , below the belt criticisms.

  36. As to the no crowns for the two titles, I guess they remain true with their branding that,

    “There can only be one queen”.

  37. well said Mr. Norman, every word of it. before, i dnt like michelle d. , i dnt like her nose, her facial beauty..but seeing her grit and determination, i admired the girl. . as to katrina, she’s among the most polished in terms of pasarela and projection, but commskills remains her waterloo, at the opposite is amelinx, can speak well but way to go in pasarela/projection… some observations, i wonder why muph did away with the crowns for ms. tourism and charity. i also noticed the lowkey attention given to the girls’ individual advocacies..or did i miss it. its good actually for a change,. .

  38. Katrina’s waterloo is more about putting all her wonderful thoughts while everyone listens. And this is why it it so important that beauty queens practice communication in their day-to-day lives so they can become more comfortable doing it. As someone who struggles with communication as well, I make it a point to practice since the nerves tend to get the best of me during these times esp in work type setting.

    • Tumpak. It is another skill. Marami namang magaling kumuda pero bagsak naman sa College Algebra.

      • Yesss. Well me myself medyo “Magaling” daw ako sa kudaan wkwkwkwk I took public administration pero thrice ako nag Algebra kakaloka 🥴🥴😂 😂😂

      • whatever she lacks in the Q&A skills, she makes it more than enough in her charisma. Her pic above is so gorgeous , her beauty is undeniable , swim & pasarela almost perfect … she will have a lot of chances in other prestigious international competitions abroad …

        All the pics above are beautiful … Celeste , the queen with the lovely crown on her head; Annabelle, she reminds me of Pamela Bianca Manalo, BbP Universe 2009; Pauline, the girl next door , the perfect host and a bright career as TV presenter; and last but not the least, Michelle , as they say ‘if for any reason the winner cannot complete her reign for any reason’ , then Michelle will dazzle in MU 2022!

        MUPorg gets the top 5 right every year ; the most deserving top 5 in 2021 landed in the top 5 , & the most deserving 5 in 2020 landed in top 5 , although I would re-rank the 2020 runners up … & maybe a little disappointment for Alaiza M.

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