14 comments on “How Marian Rivera was chosen as Miss Universe judge

  1. I hope Marian asks these questions to the girls:

    “What is the story of your layp?”

    “How do you meynteyn a positive outlook in layp?”

    Haha joke lang! Meynteyn!

  2. I think the reasons why Marian Rivera was chosen as MU judge are the following:
    1. She is one of Philippine’s most popular actresses
    2. She has good reputation
    3. She is from Philippines and has a lot of Filipino followers on social media. Filipinos are among the most frequently found on social media. With MU to be broadcast both on TV and on digital media, a popular TV and social media personality as judge will increase MU viewership.
    4. With Filipinos’ great passion for pageantry, getting a Filipina judge will increase MU’s popularity

  3. So proud of Marian – she will do well – – better than the bashers who weren’t invited. 💐👑🇵🇭🕊️

  4. I imagine Marian Rivera wearing the Miss International crown!!! Very MI prototype yung ganda niya. Love it!!!👑❤

  5. I am sooo proud of Marian. And she is good in everything. She deserves it. Makikipag away ako. Hahahahah.

  6. Marian Rivera is the Philippines’ A-list actress and owns one of the most beautiful faces in the showbiz industry. She also has 20 million followers on Facebook. That alone was a considering factor why MUO chose her. Thus, she deserves to be invited as a member of the Miss Universe 2021 selection committee.

    I think what made Marian and GMA explain about why she was chosen is because there are naysayers who belittle her ability to communicate well in English, doubting if she could ask candidates good questions or if she could read the question well during the QnA round on the coronation night.

    Unprovoked, Marian graciously responded to the questions of the press about that and left nothing but truthful and inspiring words. GMA’s primetime queen said that she’s honored for the invitation because Miss Universe is a big event where people gather to witness the pageant live or virtually. She very well knows that Filipinos love Miss Universe, that’s why she is excited about it and even enthused that she’s gonna bring six suitcases for the pageant.

    Guys, let us just be proud of Marian. I can’t wait to see her on TV screen that most beautiful day in the universe.

    That’s all.

  7. Miss USA has not yet arrived in Israel … I wonder, I wonder , will USA still join MU2021 ? Today/tonight is supposed to be orientation day to be held in Eilat … both USA and UAE are still included in the MU website of delegates, ….fingers crossed nothing has changed …

    • @ jaretwrightlover USA pa mawawala. It’s an American pageant brand. MU is their way of marketing MUSA internationally. You watch one, damay na rin ‘yung isa. We all did that when we were young – watch BOTH on TV. 🙂

      MUUAE can probably wait… As long as that slot is there, it means MUO anticipates their debut. If not this year, maybe next year. As the religious among us are wont to say, ‘all in God’s time’.

  8. Nagulat ako sa pasavogur mo ngayong umaga, Uncle. Bakit? Are folks against her judging? I mean, why was this explanation/justification even necessary? Nung una mong post about the matter, none of us, to the best of my knowledge, was opposed… Did someone message you? 😦

    So, she is looking for someone who is BRAVE (‘katapangan’) enough to ‘restore (our) humanity’… ‘pagkatapos ng pinagdaanan natin’ (which I assume she is referring to the pandemic). She puts a lot of premium on BRAVERY. How to measure/gauge BRAVERY in a beauty contest?

    (Who in the Judging Panel will attend to the climate change agenda Mdme. Paula is excited about?)

    Go! Push natin ‘yan, Ms. Marian. 🙂

    Btw, kung mayroong ‘Temptation of Husband’, audition ako. As the oldest flame. Kahit gaano katagal na lock-in taping, kakayanin natin para sa Universo!

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