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  1. HAHAHA. Asa pa kasi si girl. Tuyot, bansot, walang ganda. Hindi porket aral sa US university maganda ka na agad. Thumbs down my comment now. I knew it drom the very start na papalakpak nang matindi si Panlilio.

  2. As I previously stated, Ms Panlilio will be a thank you girl. My gut feel is right.

    Maybe Nawat does not want another win after our country clinched Intercon and Globe titles.

      • Wrong placement by BPCI. Hindi siya talaga bagay for MGI. Pwede siya sa Miss Philippines Earth or Mutya ng Pilipinas.

      • Sorry Paul but Sam P can not even enter the semis of Miss Philippines Earth if you compare her to the past winners like Roxie Baeyens, Angelia, Jamie Herrel, Nana etc. I mean these are all of international caliber.

      • Justpassingby pwede siya miss philippines earth. Pero hindi ko sinabi na mananalo siya as MPEF. At least runners up… He, he, he…

      • Hi Norman, sad indeed but I know you kinda expected it as well and that is main reason for you not having the final prediction this year. Admit it.
        By the way, Malaysia is slowly inching their way to the top of pageantry. They placed in every pageant so far this year.

  3. A weird coincidence, the MGI crown logo was on top of MG Cuba’s head during the intro as they all stood on stage.👑 Of course, it’s just a coincidence.

  4. Good luck, Sam. You are our baby Filipina in the competition. You deserve all our support. Do us and yourself proud. You can do it! This is your chance.

  5. Dapat next rep natin e singer naman.. Kakantahin ng may Birit at Kulot ang “Philippines”… Ganon!

    • (Cont.)

      Si Comaling natin, doesn’t seem to be making too much traction at the Mister pageant… 😦

      (Alam ko, may issue noon org nito with Angkol…)

      Anyway, Canada looks good to win. France could be Runner-up. And just for me, either T&T or Czechia can complete the Final 3.

      • Comaling didnt get a visa to Panama while all the candidates have been in Panama already. That is why we do not see him in the activities – live videos or stories – he was not even there. Sayang, but he could compete next year .

    • To your point, Judy Ann Santos could have been a better choice.

      But Marian might have been recommended by the Smile Train.

      Iza Calzado or Eugene Domingo are two others who would’ve been great choices, too.

      • Nunyabiz ,
        Marian over Judy Ann. For me
        How can Judy Ann be a prime time queen when she has not had a hit since her first show Mara Clara ?
        And I’ve heard Judy Ann is super isnabera … hence her failure to make a dent in Philippine showbiz?

      • I didn’t know about Juday being a snob. All I know is that she is a great actress.

        The real primetime royalty is Coco Martin… lol.

        I don’t know to be honest.

        Again I think Marian was considered because of Smile Train and her huge social media following.

        And I am happy for and very proud of her! Look for the YouTube video showing her picking a fight with this random guy who cat called or touched her. Lol! She’s fierce!

    • @Throwbakla- sis, ibigay na natin kay Marian. Ok na yan. She is still pride of the Philippines. Malay mo naman si Juday eh maging judge din ng isang grandslam pageant in the future. Support na lang natin si Marian ha. Love, love, love!!! ❤❤❤

    • Actually, wala akong issue sa pag-judge niya. Ang issue ko sa pagtawag sa kanya as PRIMETIME QUEEN. Haha

      • Ahhh. Haha…😂😂😂 Support natin mamaya si Sam sis. ❤🇵🇭🙏👑

  6. May the stars align for her tonight:
    My final prediction: Brazil-MGI
    First runner-up-Ecuador
    2nd runner-up- Honduras
    3rd runner-up-Colombia
    4th runner-up- toss up between Russia and Philippines

  7. Good Luck Samantha

    May you be the 1st Miss Grand International from the Philippines

    My Top 5: Costa Rica, Brazil, Indonesia, Philippines, Puerto Rico

  8. Very hopeful after the prelims
    Colombia Costa Rica Nigeria Guatemala Thailand Brazil … maybe Indonesia Cambodia and Vietnam are my other favorites

  9. Sir Norman, no predictions for this one?

    And by the way, for entry tags you use “Samantha Alexandra Panlilio” for some and “Samantha Panlilio” only for others.

    I just thought these could be corrected for indexing. ❤️

  10. Guys, mamaya sa Finale, yaman at live steam, PLS COMMENT DISCRETELY.

    I’m happy the show appears to have recovered from the hiccup that was the Swim Showcase at the Phuket Marina. THESE are the camera angles MU/Eilat MUST AIM FOR.

    Angkol, we are happy you beat SARS-CoV2. Live long & happy, Sir!

    I hope the show gets to interview Sam’s fam, like what happened with Megan’s mom in Bali in 2013. AUGURI.

  11. hopefully the Pinas MGI curse is now lifted and the butterfly turns into a newly crowned queen (the 1st)

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