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  1. Chela – a revelation. I was ignoring her for the most part, I wasn’t sold on her looks (reminds me of Maggie Gyllenhaal) but I have to admit that she deserves a spot in the top 10. Answers well. Well-rehearsed but does not sound very cliche/pageant patty. How tall is she? I love her humility.

    VVV – answers well, with honesty and depth. But she has to understand that on stage, it’s important to give an impactful answer. So intonation, pacing, conviction has more weight than depth (sadly), which explains why sometimes parang ang galing ng sagot ng winner during Q&A but when it’s transcripted and reviewed, mas maganda pala yung answer ng runner up, sometimes it’s the delivery talaga. (Watch Angelina Jolie’s speeches!) Nonetheless, top 5. If she has Steffi’s prod team, and pageantry experience sana, we can send her to Israel. She has a few months to train, I hope she watches pageant videos and study past winners to compensate for her lack of experience.

    Steffi – okay so now I understand why people say she’s a dummy. She’s not. She’s just not a BA Philo major LOL. She tends to give shallow answers with no clear direction and so she rambles on and on and awkwardly ends with “right?” BUT I guess the reason she keeps winning local pageants is because she’s effervescent, she’s a joy to watch. Q&A skills are the same level as Andrea Meza, which, I guess is good enough in the current MU standards.

    Sam – top 10. Love her personality. I sense no entitlement, insecurity, or insincerity despite being put up against stronger frontrunners.

    Request 1: Leren X Katrina X Maureen X Jasmine. These girls are all #face, let’s hear them speak.
    Request 2: Corinne X Mirjan X Kesha X Princess. Battle of the dusky women.

  2. If not for the host and guests who are very engaging, loud thunder could have stolen the show. He he. Nakakaloka.

    • Scary thunders to be honest. Since Sam Santamaria and I both reside in Parañaque City, we could really hear them rolling so strong that I had to mute myself often.

  3. This is a great group of well-spoken ladies. I do find Chella, Sam and Victoria answered with depth and substance. Kalmado silang tatlo when answering questions – very chillax lang pero pasabog ang mga sagot nila.

    Love Victoria. No brainer – she handles Q&A like a pro. No sign of nervousness, just chill and attacks the questions with her thorough answers. Her IG is recently filled with her no makeup face. Love that she’s showing her natural beauty.

    Girl-next-door Sam doesn’t beat around the bush. Her answers end with a strong point.

    Steffi is always smiling and of course, with that very pretty face, she is a standout in this group. Sa kanya ka talaga mapapatingin. She’s got the X factor. She seems to not end her answers with a strong bang though. This gives the other 3 ladies a stronger edge over Steffi.

    Tito Norman, thank you for featuring Chella. She’s a wonderful surprise. This lady talks with confidence with matching beautiful face. You’re spot on- that mala Pia-cleavage is a winner!

    Love to see these 4 ladies make it to the semifinals. Philippines is very lucky to have always a diverse set of strong and beautiful women to represent the country.

  4. They are well-spoken. Aberrasturri, Velasquez, and Falconer have good chances of making it to the finals.

  5. ‘Ay! Ganda ng ‘eye work’ ni VVV. 🙂

    Si Chella, she is this kind of beauty na ginhawa sa mata. Kahit matagalan mo’ng titigan, dili umay.

    I’ll watch the video later. Quota na ako for today. Besides, that DOWNPOUR has created ‘issues’ in my bedroom; I need to address that now or else I’ll be sleeping on wet sheets tonight. 😦

    • (Cont.)

      ‘Ala, Mr. Tinio…!… ‘Difficult’ pala kami sa ‘yo. Hhmp. 😦


      (Admin, ‘pag nagkita tayo, jombags ka sa ‘kin. Char.) 🙂

      (Btw, how you ascribe thunder to a male god-like entity brought to mind Ahmed Lasheen, 1st RU to Dario Duque at MrG2018. The tall, lean, and ruggedly handsome Egyptian is the counterfoil to the ‘caramel Ken-ness’ of Togo’s Abdel Tefridj, the latter description courtesy of our @ Beth.)

      Kaloka’ng Steffi. Viajera. Bibilhin daw, ta’s ibebenta dito. ‘Queendera’ is her term. She looks like Wurtzbach x Tiglao. ‘ETO KAYA IPADALA SA POLAND?

      Chella, I think that we are actually now well beyond the need to NOT compare ourselves to others. In fact, the entire consumerist culture we live in keeps insisting that we are beautiful enough and that using their products will reinforce it. So, we end up unduly pressuring ourselves, that we go, ‘oh, I need this or that product’. So, if we feel anxious, then we may just be the very source of that anxiety. I think the key is to SIMPLIFY. And to surround yourself with people who only mean well. Domo arigatou.

      As Mahmood’s ‘Inuyasha’ went, ‘… I prefer you to those who lie to me… Even though your departure breaks my heart…’.

      O’, ‘YAN ‘AH. ONCE LANG DAW MAG-PA-PAGEANT SI VVV. ‘DI na ‘yan mag-cro-cross over pa.

      Si Ingrid, feel ko rin mag-MPE. Nabuo na 202(?) Elemental Court ko – Babista, De Mesa, Hitomi-Akiyama, & Santamaria!

    • (Cont.1)

      Best case all stays ‘on schedule’, S2E7 falls the day after the Finale. 🙂

      E8 (3 Oct), may napipisil na’ng paksa? Sino ba lalaban October? Cinderella, Tajaran,… Si Alex Faith, October ba ‘Aura’ niya? Si Maureen (Montagne, not Wroblewitz)? Hannah, November pa.

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