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  1. With the 6 months search for MUP phenomenal woman eventual winner, let’s hope that she’ll get higher than a top 20 placement. MUP screening activities quite non sensical and lack substance. From 100 to 75 to 50 then 30, how do they determine who remains in the game – popularity?, name recognition?, Padrino system?, Looking at on-line pics? ? Their pre-pageant itineraries’ virtual, zoom – like environment, but nothing that will really stuck in your mind or create an impact. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I get it , there’s pandemic, but they can at least do some in – person activities with safety precautions in place. Am hoping they’ll have a winner who’s really deserving; a winner they’ll train and coach adequately and not to be raising fists yelling “lalaban tayo”; a winner that they’ll physically enhance at the right places and not have silicon implants reaching the collar bone; a winner that they’ll not experiment on when it comes to wardrobes, and not wear uncoordinated, mismatched, disconnected, amateurish clothing designs; a winner who knows when to reach her peak, who knows when and how to open her mouth, knows how to critically think, and knows what to say. And please, no red, white, yellow and blue costume please, that Victoria Secret wings are old, tired, meaningless, unpatriotic uninnovative and unimaginative. #MUP #MissUniverePhilippines

    • @ Hagibis Ouch to the ‘amateurish clothing designs’. And Furne Amato ‘died’ with your ‘elegy’ to the costume he made. Never mind the Manny Halasan head piece literal misfit which was not the designer’s fault really considering the rush job…

      (That red-&-blue ‘angel’ spurred a ‘chromatic tag-team’ of national pride in Pinoy pop culture not long after it came on the scene. Suddenly, the two colors together meant ‘two-is-better-than-one’ defiance.)

      Those designers who happily contributed to the ‘Look Book’, this is a call for you to perhaps refine your technique. We respect your esthetic, as that is part of your identity. 🙂

  2. Feeling ko talaga si 3V ang mananalo. Grabe ang gradual ng pag peak nya parang si Pia

  3. The last girl on the photo grid looks super gorgeous. Almost very Caucasian features. Who is she?

    • @ 4M It looks like #45 (on the list). Janella Marie Ventura, San Rafael, Bulacan. Not too sure…?

    • Joanna Rabe … the pictures align with the listing … she is one of my top 20

      Rabe… hmmm … relative of new Miss Supranational 2021….

  4. WTF in latest news from the Org, there will still be voting to get 3 girls into the top 30 automatically! MUPh Org dahell.

    OF COURSE Kisses and Ayn will be locked in because of this. TANGINA NAMAN.

    • @ REGINA Good morning.

      Anubeyen… ‘Aga-aga, madilim pa, beast mode na.

      Kirsten and Bernos, imo, will be stopped at Top 10-ish… THEN THEIR FANS WILL ALLY BEHIND MAUREEN. Maureen might be.

      For sure, may mga bagay na ‘di natin nakikita. For sure, tea is being brewed. Which is probably just as well, as it’s rather chilly atm. Summer, indeed, is begun to fade. The Autumn is imminent.

  5. Isnt Steffi 5’3 or 5’4”?
    Her heels are almost a third of her height

    1. Aklan – Christelle Abello, 27 (MUP 2020 T16) T75 T50
    2. Albay – Janela Joy Pigon Cuaton, 24 (MNP TI 2015/MTMI 20151st) T75 T50
    3. Angeles City – Mirjan Hipolito, 24 T75 T50
    4. Antique – Noelyn Rose Campos T75 T50
    5. Bacolod City – Shane Pia, 23 T75 T50
    6. Baguio City – Kristina Alexandra Rodriguez, 18 T75 T50
    7. Batangas Province – Katrina Alyana Chavez, 25 T75 T50
    8. Bukidnon – Megan Julia Digal, 25 T75 T50
    9. Cagayan de Oro City – Vincy Vacalares, 24 T75 T50
    10. Cagayan Province – Gianne Kryssee Asuncion, 22 T75 T50
    11. Calamba, Laguna – Lourianne “Allaine” Dolera, 24 T75 T50
    12. Caloocan City – Shyrla Nuñez, 24 T75 T50
    13. Capiz – Cheri Angel Anne Flejoles, 21 T75 T50
    14. Cavite – Victoria Velasquez Vincent, 25 T75 T50
    15. Cebu City – Beatrice Luigi Gomez, 26 T75 T50
    16. Cebu Province – Steffi Rose Pearson Aberasturi, 26 T75 T50
    17. Cotabato Province – Angelin Summer Fernandez, 23 T75 T50
    18. Davao City – Ybonne Ortega, 23 T75 T50
    19. Davao del Norte – Pamela Framil, 26 T75 T50
    20. Davao del Sur – Jedidah Korinihona, 24 T75 T50
    21. Davao Occidental – Krizzaleen Mae Valencia, 27 T75 T50
    22. Ilocos Sur – Kamille Alyssa Quiñola, 27 (MPE 2016 C) T75 T50
    23. Iloilo City – Kheshapornam Ramachandran, 20 T75 T50
    24. Laguna Province – Leren Mae Bautista, 28 (MNP API/TQOTYI 2015) T75 T50
    25. La Paz, Agusan del Sur – Hershey Gail Dacera, 23 T75 T50
    26. La Union – Anne Margareth “Meghan” Sanglay, 23 T75 T50
    27. Leyte Province – Mystymyles Jude Zaragoza, 21 T75 T50
    28. Makati City – Isabelle delos Santos, 24 T75 T50
    29. Mandaluyong City – Maria Corazon Abalos, 23 T75 T50
    30. Manila – Izabella Jasmine Umali, 25 T75 T50
    31. Marinduque – Simone Nadine Bornilla, 18 T75
    32. Masbate – Kirsten Danielle Delavin, 22 T75 T50
    33. Misamis Oriental – Chella Grace Falconer, 21 (MNP 2017 T12) T75 T50
    34. Negros Occidental – Angelica Nikki de Grano, 28 T75 T50
    35. Negros Oriental – Grace Chamaine Vendiola, 26 T75 T50
    36. Nueva Ecija – Maica Martinez, 27 T75 T50
    37. Oriental Mindoro – Angelica Arwin Evora, 21 T75 T50
    38. Pangasinan – Maureen Christa Wroblewitz, 23 (Asia’s Next Top Model) T75 T50
    39. Parañaque City – Maria Ingrid Teresita Santamaria, 25 T75 T50
    40. Pasig City – Princess Kristha Singh, 27 T75 T50
    41. Quezon City – Patricia Samantha Go, 25 T75 T50
    42. Reina Mercedes, Isabela – Jan Louise Abejero, 26 (MPE 2016 C) T75 T50
    43. Romblon – Jane Nicole Miñano, 21 T75 T50
    44. San Juan City – Rousanne Marie Bernos, 26 T75 T50
    45. San Rafael, Bulacan – Janella Marie Ventura, 20 T75 T50
    46. Siargao Island, Surigao del Norte – Michele Angela Okol, 20 T75 T50
    47. Tacloban City – Nepheline Dacuno, 23 T75 T50
    48. Taguig City – Katrina Jayne Dimaranan, 28 (BP T 2012/SN 20181st) T75 T50
    49. Valenzuela City – Christiana Afia Yeboah, 24 T75 T50
    50. Zambales – Joanna Marie Rabe, 26 (MWP 2017 C) T75 T50




  8. My current Top 15 in Random Order:

    Steffi Aberasturi
    Jasmine Umali
    Leren Bautista
    Katrina Dimaranan
    Maureen Wroblewitz

    Kirsten Delavin
    Victoria Vincent
    Beatrice Gomez
    Ingrid Santamaria
    Corazon Abalos

    Christelle Abello
    Mirjan Hipolito
    Kesha Ramachandran
    Princess Singh
    Rosanne Bernos

    • C2f, You’re a DDS , aren’t you ?
      That’s why it’s not very hard for you put Steffi in first place

      • @Fabian

        I clearly said “in RANDOM order”… Regardless of that,
        I’m highly nationalistic…. meaning I would support anybody who would unite our nation and support or favor the Filipino majority. Which is why Steffi Aberaturi is my Miss Universe Philippines!!!❤💕
        Suck on that! 🤪😁🤣

  9. Akala ko kung sino yung ang ganda-ganda, si Steffi pala. I initially was rooting for Katrina, but I’m getting more and more convinced that Steffi will win this.

  10. My favorites were able to make the cut. Good luck Steffi, Leren, Maureen, Katrina, and Jasmine

  11. The demand-driven selection proces is over. Now it’s time for the supply-push. If the first process involves mostly physical beauty criteria based on supporters’ inimitable beauty standards, this segment now involves intelligence and core values criteria based on the organiser’s own standards. Fair enough! I’m positive the Top 30 will be a good batch of multi-dimensional beauties we can all be proud of.

    • Blah blah blah. The latest challenge will be voting and you will pay for it. Tapos ang top 3 highest warner diretso top 30. Kakaloka.

      • Am very sorry Madam if that is how I interpreted what Sir Norman’ wrote: “the Virtual Interview Challenge is coming up this week where all the delegates will face the MUPh Judges”. Whether or not ithe results will still be driven by voting or by the judges’ decision, it will still be pushed by the judges’ questions on issues that matter to the judges.

    • Lahat ng bamanga giba hahaha pag nag wagi si Steffi yari na… malakas ang sumpa ng DDS hahhaha

  12. I don’t believe in HULA…BUT i read somewhere a prediction: STEFFI will win, followed by DIMARANAN, KISSES, LEREN and Maureen. NABASA ko lang po. Wag nyo po ako awayin. Wala pa akong personal n final choices.

  13. I like Maureen W., but is she a silent DDS just like the Steffi/Cebuana?
    Maureen’s bf is a DDS 🤢
    I hope she’s not 🤞
    Ms. Universe is for female empowerment, something a DDS especially its leader is opposed to.

  14. Nasan na QnA Challenge?

    Yun na lang ang hinihintay ko para mabuo kung sino bet ko!

  15. petsa pa wala pa rin kandidata para sa MU
    December sa Israel
    Latinas ready na
    Mehiko ready na back to back

    dami pa andar
    top 30 na susme

    september pa mag pageant
    october training
    mid november fly na sa Israel

    world peace

    • @ kembular2020 Oh, yeah. Which reminds me,…

      Will MUPO vaccinate the Final 30 at the very least? Can we assume sila ‘yun’g mag-la-live pageant? Or, bubble lang ulit as was done last year sa BCC and at MGI earlier this year?

      Kung ‘yun’g winner ma-vaccinate by the Finale, she can surely get her second jab before leaving. Mid-November, ‘ka mo. 🙂

      • With the current situation, feeling ko naman majority of the candidates are vaccinated na. Ang hirap naman for the candidates not to be vaccinated by now. Lahat ng pinaghirapan nila mapupunta sa wala kung hindi pa sila nagpabakuna at magkasakit sila. Alam ko hindi assurance na pag bakunado ligtas na sa virus since may mga news na meron pa din. In case may candidates na hindi pa bakunado malaki din ang chances the organization will also do their share to help the candidates be vaccinated before the finals para iwas aberya. Just like what BBP did for their 2021 candidates.

  16. Yes, finally, the trim to the top 30 is going to be done live and by MUP judges. NO MORE FAN VOTES.
    Although I still expect Kisses to push through because the MUP Org cannot let her and her legions of followers go, at least now we won’t have to see an unfair “competition” to get to the top 30.

  17. I was surprised as well for Jane Darren Genobisa for not making the cut since she was Bb. Pilipinas 2019 Top 25. I am in shocked of Sherlyn Doloriel for ending her Top 50 aspirations.
    Other ladies who I thought would have made the T50 were:
    Camille Eisma,
    Peach Resurrecccion,
    Xyrille Caluya,
    Gliyam Cundangan,
    Farizzha Diro.

    I did not expect these ladies to make it:
    Patricia Go,
    Megan Digal,
    Shane Pia,
    Ybonne Ortega,
    Angelica Evora,
    Kristina Rodriguez

    • Yes mas deserving si Camille Eisma at Jane Genobisa sa mga ibang pumasa! Kalokah stop na yan at push na ang Top 12, daming ganap at andar pagdating sa MU waley din. Peace be with you…

  18. I know it may not be important these days but I would like to know the height ( true accurate height )

    … ( & also age )

  19. So for the final challenge (thank goodness), it will be a battle of wit and intelligence, while showing confidence and charisma. Add being relatable to that. I presume all ladies have been preparing for this and taking a deep dive into social issues, awareness, current events, etc. I just hope my fave Steffi will not falter. Also Leren. Although I think they are considered ‘untouchables’ at this phase, I do hope they deliver so people will see that they are really fighting for the crown and not let the other well-spoken competitors take their lead.

  20. Sherlyn Doloriel missed the cut.

    So for the final challenge (thank goodness), it will be a battle of wit, intelligence while channeling confidence and charisma. Add being relatable. I presume all ladies have been preparing for this and have been taking a deep dive into current events, social issues and awareness. I just hope my fave Steffi will manage to deliver, and also Leren. Though I think they are ‘untouchables’ at this phase, I still want them to show everyone that they are fighting hard for the crown, and not letting the other well-spoken competitors steal their lead.

  21. Tanggal sina Sheika at Lim (of Bosses Paul and Jam of ProMedia). Falconer is alone to raise their banner.

    Wala na rin si Doloriel. Also my Tanay, Rizal – Sheila Manasis, the C-O-L-L-A-R-B-O-N-E.


    Eloise Eisma, of Pampanga, the chameleon of Basilan extraction. I am devastated. Huhuhuhuhh…

    (Uncle Tito, sa future episode ng Season 6, pagsabayin sina Sanglay at Rabe. I want to compare.)

    • hahah yes bhe, like ko rin si camille eisma, basilan extraction, gusto ko minsan ang mga hanash mo landeh hahaha

  22. Mildly surprised at the following exclusions:
    Sherlyn Doloriel
    Jane Darren Genibosa
    Sheikha Calapatia
    Chiara Lim

    • I was surprised as well for Jane Darren Genobisa for not making the cut since she was Bb. Pilipinas 2019 Top 25. I am in shocked of Sherlyn Doloriel for ending her Top 50 aspirations.

  23. they should trim it down to top 20 so that it is the best of the best:

    My top 20 : 32, 33, 38, 39, 48, 50, 3, 7, 11, 12, 13,14, 16, 18, 20, 23, 24, 28, 30, 21

    and also, so that the Final Telecast Live will only be one hour long to avoid a super-spreader event

      • 30 is still too many … 20 is almost perfect , just like MU ( maybe top 21 with a fan vote )

      • The way understand it 30 is the final number of candidates but there is still a preliminary round in swim, gown and q&a. Then on the finals night, only top 10 will have the chance to walk for swim and gown not all the 30 of them.

    • Yan talaga mukha niya in motion. Ang bare nga ng photo niya eh, litaw yung ganda niya.

    • Akala ko kung sino yung ang ganda-ganda, si Steffi pala. I initially was rooting for Katrina, but I’m getting more and more convinced that Steffi will win this.

      • @ Namrata Shirodkar Noriza Valerio? The ‘Arayat’ sash?

        I had my eye on Czarina Guiao. But, ja. The night was meant for Franceszka Taruc. 🙂

        Matangkad at payat daw ‘to, said Lavinia. Maybe she can ‘Supr-ize’ us in Poland in the future?

      • @ Namrata Shirodkar Thanks for sharing.

        So, now we choose between a tall-but-stiff Hipolito and a short(er)-but-clearly-more-fluid Abalos.


        (Corinne radiates a more ‘sheltered’ aura. Mirjan seems as if a tall-lanky farm girl sunburned…)

        Mr. Tinio, gud AM. PAGSABAYIN PO SINA VENDIOLA (Negros Oriental) AT DOLERA (Calamba City). Puwede po ba’ng isa’ng PN’s episode ‘yun – Rabe, Sanglay, Dolera, & Vendiola? Tyvmia!

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