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  1. As Pope Francis is making a historic trip to Iraq and meeting with his Muslim counterpart in the city of Ur, the birthplace of Abraham, the Father of Isla, Judaism and Christianity, in a bid to promote peace and brotherhood, here comes an alternative recipe for peace from the kitchen of our favorite uncle. Stop the War in two minutes! Nibble it away with the flavourful heavenly taste of Thai food. Kaya mo ‘to?

  2. How is eating Thai Food in 2 minutes help ‘Stop the war’?

    In the 2 week quarantine most only do is pose in their outfit and that’s it.

    In 2 weeks they could have made use of their quarantine time to talk about important stuff – like the unrest in Myanmar and Thailand or the Armenia-Azerbaijan war or the Capitol Riots in the Washington DC.

    MGI could have invited bloggers and pageant fans to interview the delegates and get to know them in a deeper level just like with Miss Earth when they did a virtual pageant

    • wag masyadong seryosohin….hihihihi they need to have fun too, you know…

    • @sleuth, you man of little faith. Did you know that you can actually stop wars by eating flavourful Thai food in two minutes? Imagine if all the warring factions in in Myanmar, Thailanfd, Armenia-Azerbaijan, Yemen, etc will drop their guns and together blissfully nibble and savour the glorious heavenly taste of Thai food in two precious minutes. Wouldn’t that be a feat of epic proportions? No renowned academician nor scholar has ever thought of this lofty idea. Only the brilliant mind behind this Theatre of the Absurd!

      • @ scorg OK ‘yan,’ah. 🙂

        Parang Nicole Cordovez’s “imagine if we can get Donald Trump over to our side…”.

        But now seriously, you know who must be able to scarf food down in a blink of the eye? Soldiers. With NOT a morsel left! Key is to use the cool noodles and greens to mop up and blunt the chili.

        Naalaa ko tuloy ‘yun’g sagot ni Vincent Pinto sa Manhunt International. He was asked about the root of all injustice (‘ata…) in the world. He plainly and simply said, “greed”. The Singapore hosts apparently agreed; he was 2nd Runner-up. What I really wanted to say was that after watching some news documentaries on the current Myanmar situation, I have to agree with him… I will no longer elaborate. I will just apologize for pegging ‘Yangon’; it should have been ‘Naypidyaw’.

      • @Flor. that answer by Vincent Pinto has depth. Greed is indeed the root of injustice. That injustice persists is understatement about the failure of religion and educational institutions to stamp out greed in the human soul and psyche. But to stop wars? Our anesthesized minds are being offered a two-minute solution.

  3. It’s Samantha for me kasi hindi lang sya kumain, nakipagkwentuhan pa which is very typical for Filipinos while eating. Go Samantha!

  4. My favorite will have to be Argentina. Yes, she like most everybody, devolved into a “lafang” time trial. That, after all, is the expected reaction to/understanding of the ‘instructions’.

    But she was UTTERLY poised throughout. Back straight. Face always dead straight on to the camera. Even while enduring the horrific agony of underestimating Thai chilies, graceful. 🙂

    No talk. Just dogged silent bravery. A soldier! Osmel Sousa would be proud. K-W-E-E-N.

  5. I hope Miss Evelyn Abena Appiah of USA will bring home the title.

    Miss Universe Ghana 2014, unplaced and competed with Mary Jane Lastimosa
    Miss New York, Miss World America 2017, Top 16 and competed with Maureen Ann Montagne
    Miss Earth Ghana 2019 unplaced and competed with Janelle Tee
    Miss Grand International USA 2020 (appointed)

    • hindi naman sya unplaced sa Miss Earth 2019…she was part of the top 20.

      • Not only she placed in the top 20, Evelyn Abena Appiah won the most number of gold medals in the preliminary activities in Miss Earth 2019

    • Lakas ng kutob ko na sira ulo ka. No offence, napansin ko lang po talaga na wala kang mangmang.

  6. I can’t believe that Ghana is the same Ghana who competed at Miss Universe 2014 with MJ Lastimosa. Wow, what a transformation!

  7. Again, what sorcery is this contest? Ka-cheapan. But yeah, it is only MGI who can afford to pull this off. It is like the raunchy Golden Globes to the formal, regimented Oscars. Entertaining at least.

    The top three winners are :

    2nd runner-up : The fast girl who consumed in less than 2 minutes : Ms. BELIZE!

    1st Runner-up: The girl with the most appetite: Ms. GHANA!!

    And the winner is….

    The girl that is most famished….

    Ms. HUNGaRY!!!

    World Peace.

    • THIS is what really sets MGI apart from the rest and what makes it so distinct.. ang “kacheapan” (agree with @thomas)..🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. Thailand lost her poise while eating
    While Sam and USA stayed cool and beautiful

    • @ Fabian Reyes Pabayaan mo na. Host delegate naman. Sabi rin naman niya, “no pageant, no pageant”…. 🙂

      (Maybe she feels, anyway, her chances of winning are not too good? After all, mag-la-LIVE pageant ka in a pandemic, ta’s hometown girl rin lang din pananalunin mo. Seen in such light, seems counterintuitive-if-suicidal for MGIO…)

      “I’m just being myself… Am enjoy(ing) every day”, as that tearful answer at MUT 2020 Prelims Interview went.

  9. 1 more week and we get to see Sam’ s pasavogs
    USA looks a lot prettier now than when she competed at Earth .

  10. This is where the media training and preparation of a candidate can really shine. Sam fulfilled the challenge while remaining fully engaged with the audience and never lost her poise. Excellent job, Sam!

  11. It is Miss USA for me, She beat the time, yet, maintained her poise.
    Gumamit ng tabo, Timba, at plangghana. He he he. That line endeared her to me.

    Philippines, as usual, is gorgeous.

    • Oh how can I forget! Ang batang mahilig kumain ay may GHANA. And she did it literally. He he he

      • This is not a good challenge, MGI is risking the health and safety of the girls, I’m glad no one choked !

  12. Aahhh… Thai food. Sarap na, mura (in Thailand) pa! 🙂

    I have PLENTY of stories to share in this regard… I don’t know where to start…. Hayst…

    The host delegate reminded me of the latest installment of Auntie Bangit, wherein she reacted to funny business establishment names, like “Lord of the Rinse” (a laundromat) and “7-Evelyn” (ostensibly a dry goods/general merchandise store, ‘sari-sari’, with signage of similar color and font to the iconic American convenience store’s).

    Mr. Tinio, ‘di po ba tuwing BBP dati, panay footage/photos of the ladies eating at DQ, PH, at BK?

  13. Have you seen Guatemala?
    Mukhang malaking threat sya.
    If I will choose my Top 3, Guatemala, Philippines and Russia.

    • @ kevinkevins Yup. Guatemala’s Ivana Batchelor gives the same queenly vibe as Maria Jose Llora. 🙂

      My Final 3 for now is Guatemala, Feeleepeens, and Argentina (an Osmel ward!).

  14. hahaha tawang-tawa ako kay thailand. Sobrang competitive.
    I love what Samantha did. Hindi nagmadali, relaxed lang pero nag-market ng product.

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