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  1. @Tito Norms,

    It’s true namana lang nya sa parents ang features nya!.. walang surgical enhancements si Honey lee sa mukha.. puro non surgical lang… plantsado lang ng RF at na masilya ng colagen fillers ang micro wrinkles around her eyes.. yun na!.. Oo, hindi rin sya ang nasa before pic…. a younger kpop girl nga..

    PERO!.. honey’s boobs and hips are fake! Her body is a complete overhaul.. I’m just not sure if she had a pair of ribs removed.. but the rest is science at it’s best.

  2. Im confused about this post because the “BEFORE” picture is Jiyoung Kang… (who is much younger than “AFTER” PICTURE Ha-nui Lee (Honey lee) duh they are two different celebrities. both are natural. IF u watch honey lee’s prep vids, u can see her without makeup, she has always looked the same. On stage she wears smokey eye, and makeup adjusted to westerners taste. But if she had something permanent, it wouldnt make sense for her to constantly changing her eyes small to big and then big back into small again… lol. she is natural, who cares if the change is different naturally if she wear makeup or not.

  3. I think you should ensure what you’re posting is accurate before actually publishing your post. It really throws readers off and creates misinterpretation of the person whose image you chose to use. In the case of Honey Lee, she hasn’t had plastic surgery. Like Leigh204 pointed out, the image in the before is not even her. Also if you look at photos of her parents, it is clear where she gets her features from. Here are some photos of her parents:

    Her sister is on the left, and her mom in the middle. Her nose + dimples, even eyes are from her mom. The cheeks too.

    Here is one with her dad, face shape + nose profile are from her dad.

    This one is with both her parents.

    She still has a monolid with a very slight double lid, which is enhanced with makeup + aging. Honey Lee is not the only Korean or even celebrity at that who get accused of cosmetic surgery, even though they have not done so. It’s part of being in the spotlight I guess. That and Koreans are a lot more open and accepting of plastic surgery than others which makes them a target.

    On a greater note and the point of your post, umm.. I think it depends on the extensiveness of the plastic surgery? Like if someone just wanted to remove a bump from there nose or even out there lids (by this I mean like double eyelid surgery, I am aware that some people get it just for the sake of getting double lids, but I also know asians that get this for evening out the eyelids b/c some are born with one monolid and one double lid. It’s actually pretty common. Asian lids are weird, I have double lids but sometimes when i don’t get enough sleep, they become triple lids or just really thick, sometimes both eyes, sometimes one, it looks horrible :/ but anyway, you get my point) , something small like that I think is acceptable for beauty pageants, but nothing extreme or to the point where the person looks too different.

  4. Hello, I just wanted to clarify the young woman on your left is NOT Honey Lee. She’s part of a Korean pop girl group called Kara. The woman in question is Kang Ji Young. Here’s another pic of Kang Ji Young. Notice the earrings are the same.

  5. I’m not against cosmetic surgery, it’s just like a technology.Technological advancements are helping us to simplify our daily living,the question is, to use or not to use,. Same with Cosmetic Surgery,it is a procedure readily available to enhance what seems to be imperfect. It’s legal,so there’s no issue on that as long as the candidate has a voluntary consent and the results are satisfactory.

    Lately,pageant lovers are shocked by the news that MUO allowed Jenna to join the Miss Universe Canada,with this, I would like to correlate the issue of surgical enhancements. It is very obvious and given that she/he was surgically enhanced and more to that,she/he had a sex change,so with this, does surgical enhancement for the women still an issue? Definitely, NO!

    One more thing Kuya Norman, you used Patricia’s picture in this article, did she admit that she was surgically enhanced? Because if not,and if I am Patricia,I’ll be offended seeing my picture in this article. Just a thought.

    • Individuals who undergo such procedures do not really admit the deed in public ( save for a very small minority). In Patricia’s case, pictures speak a thousand words. And it benefited her well.

      If I have offended anyone (esp. Patricia) with the images above, though, please accept my sincere apologies.

      • In Patricia’s case, I think, her all new look and aura must be attributed to a good make-up and styling rather than a surgery.

  6. RETOKE (R)… is not illegal. And let’s us not be hypocrites, the candidates for the BP 2012 need it. And we Filipinos, should embrace the “R” us. For those planning to join pageant next time, I would advice them that they should get “R” before entering the pageant.

    The photos shown above, WHAT A BIG DIFFERENCES “R” MAKES! Whether you win or not in the pageant, RETOKE is one way of celebrating your feminity!

  7. I’m all for cosmetic surgery provided that the procedure is correctly done and the enhancements needed are indeed made. The Venezuelans are pretty good at this — Ivian Sarcos, Stefania Fernandez and Dayana Mendoza as their most recent and successful beauty queens who benefited greatly from cosmetic surgery.

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