13 comments on “Baby Milan, Baby Fredrick Evan and Baby Peter Jeidon

  1. I kinda wished they are all baby girls… Imagine if they are all pageant quality beauties then seeing their Bb mommies coaching and competing against them in the future…. BBP 2044…

    • ..Indeed..they might continue the Powerhouse Status of Philippine Pageantry!

  2. I am waiting for Jeremy and Pia to make babies na….hihihihi

    Btw, is Jeremy half Pinoy?

    • @ 4M JJ is Scot with Colombian extraction somewhere, if I recall correctly…

      (Karen’s hubby is also of Colombian stock. But he’s Aussie, of course.)

      (I want to see how Thylane will turn out. Mom Solene Heusaff is French-Pinay while Dad Nico Bolzico is Italian-Argentinian. Right, no?)

      • ..and if i may add dear..Solenn is Tall,like 5’7″ -5’8″…and her hubby is more than 6 feet!!.. Thylane ..at the least would reach 5’8″..and possibly,tallest at 5’11 to 6’0″ ft.

  3. No future Beauty Queens so far as all the babies born are Boys.

      • @ Anonymous ‘Pre, ‘di ko alam kung ano’ng mas makatawag-pansin.

        ‘Eto’ng comment mo. Or, ‘yun’g kay @ Thomas du’n sa official MU poster post, ay dahil ’69’ daw…


        MANOOD NA LANG MAMAYA SA PN’s. Tatalakayin ang tungkol sa fitness at bikini. Ayos ‘yun.

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