7 comments on “Pageantry Norms Season 4 Episode 2: Beauty, Brains, Bikini | Face, Intelligence, Tone

  1. Chelsea and Malka are good conversationalists. They should keep on joining major national beauty pageants.

  2. Hi tito Norms! congrats for another great episode…very informative and interesting…very sensible lahat ng guests mo… I’m so impressed with all of them lalo na kay Chelsea and Malka…they’re both beauty and brains and still young…I hope they can join another national pageant and get to represent our country in an international pageant. You should guest Chelsea again when she already has good internet connection…She has good personality…relatable and has a lot of promise. thanks ulit tito Norms for another good episode.

  3. Anyare kay Chelsea, Mr. Tito? Ba’t wala siya sa Group Shot, po?

    (I was unable to finish watching, kanina… Missed the Closing Remarks.)

    Are we seeing the increasing entry-involvement of non-pageant-background personalities in the industry? Lahaina Mondonedo reminds me of Mario Garcia. What, in your view, is good about this?

      • @ Norman I’m watching Sam Brusas’ interview with Atty. JV Salud atm.

        I suppose Rene Salud’s nephew will train the MWP 2021 bets of his camp. Will you include him when you feature the ‘candidatas’ come April, po?

        (And ask him if his camp will be open to fielding reps here in both Bikini and Fit. Maybe, some discussions with Boss PIR will be necessary… But you will have to play deal maker, I imagine.)

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