17 comments on “Zozibini Tunzi: One year as Miss Universe

  1. I think there will be at most only 70 contestants for MU 2020 … it’s ok , we will get over this but for 2021 , the 70th anniversary , I hope there will be 100 delegates and will be held somewhere so spectacular !

  2. Black Miss Uiverse, Miss World, Miss USA, Miss Teen USA, Miss America. All in the year of the pandemic! Simply a serendipity? I think it is providential. It has often been said that black people have “got soul”. It means they have the essence of life, feeling, passion and emotional depth, spawned by having risen above the struggle and suffering– the Black Experience! If I may sound a bit introspective this Christmas season, the onslaught of this pandemic on humanity is God’s way of reminding all of us how fragile our hold on our dear life could be. The lesson of transience in this universe tells us to make very moment meaningful, productive and—positive! Wew have to push each other up, not pull each other down! It is significant that the celebration of beauty in the year of the pandemic is led by intelligent, compassionate queens who obviously have “got soul” to inspire humanity that a beautiful life still lies ahead of us.

  3. Beautiful, well-spoken lady wearing a terrible gown.
    Those sleeves! 😱
    Wala na yata budget ang IMG to dress its queen chicly.
    The gown looks outdated and inexpensive 😞

  4. Aling Bella @Flor Tula sana mamigay ka na lang ng award at the end of the year. Bawal kasi ang social gathering. So ang mga lolabels dito na kulang sa pansin nung kapanahunan nila ma recognize din… somehow

  5. Is MU still a beauty pageant or is it now a competition that selects any winnerr who can be a spokesperson and advance its causes and business interest?

    • Both.

      And that’s why Zozi won in 2019 & Catriona in 2018.

      Both were gorgeous outside & inside.

    • @Lireo, it is both, if you expand the concept of beauty to include brains and core values. Admittedly, that is today’s concept of beauty; the traditional concept, physique, is culturally-based and therefore not universal. The world has diverse beauty archetypes that have to be included in the conversation, not just the Western stereotypes.

  6. Her reign is challenging. One that entails constant virtual communication to be able to have a universal reach. MUO have chosen the rightful winner in the person of Zozi. Because of travel restriction due to pandemic, the next MU should be equally as engaging and as creative as Zozi.

  7. eh siya pa naman ang miss universo hanggat hindi napapasa ang crown. sana palitan na ang crown

  8. Despite the global lockdowns, Zuzi has kept herself constantly connected to millions via the power of the social media. That she broke beauty barriers is an understatement. I think it was providential that we have an intelligent and compassionate beauty to take the crown in a year when the pandemic struck the planet. When she speaks in the cyberspace, her beauty and intellect glows to the millions who are equally locked in home quarantines worldwide, especially in Africa, who need constant encouragement that we can all rise together as one humanity, take up our own space, and move forward to a confidently beautiful future!

    • Off topic guys. Kaya pala di makasali2 si Nikita Mcelroy sa Pilipinas dahil wala syang Philippines passport. Pwede pala yon, she grew up here?????

    • Halatang #AhasAndKweens. Hahaha. Todo praises si Madam sa MU at MUP kahit kaloka na. Pero kay Cat and ME, waley. Taas ng standards. LOOOOL!

  9. ginamit pa pandemic
    eh wala naman talaga ganap ang MU
    d gaya before 80s 90s early 2000
    dami ganap

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