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  1. I agree with this strategy. I thought of the same for Binibini before that assignment be released a month after. I felt this more last year with the 2019 queens when I wished the placements were switched. sometimes during bbp coronation there are just standouts but after the coronation, you see that they are more fitting with a different title. with their interviews, vibe, personality. but you cant change anymore since they are already given the title. this is just me and my wishful thinking. 🙂

  2. Good decision by the SA org.
    This girl has the best chance to win a back to back among the 3
    She is the prettiest candidate so far at MU 2020

    • @ Fabian Reyes Because of Zozi’s win, SA’s participation this year is free.

      It’s safe to assume, like the Philippines after Cat’s win, MUO will bring up with MSAO the matter of a franchise rate review… This will determine Natasha’s fate. 🙂

      (Alam mo kung sino’ng marami’ng pera ngayon, at galante? An ASEAN neighbor NOT Thailand. If they can get a really good rep, they will finally penetrate the Final 3 at MU. Like they did at MW.)

  3. Oh,Kitam ang strategy ng South Africa!

    The 2nd RU goes to MU!

    For now, dapat ganun din gawin ng MUP!

    Bata pa si Rabiya! She can still compete next year where she will be more prepared!

    For now, give it to Michelle Gumabao para Miss Globe to Miss Globe ang laban nila ni Natasha!

    • Si Michele prepared? Ulol. Kung hindi ready si Rabiya, mas hindi ready si Michele.

    • Gaga! Parang tinanggalan mo na rin ng titilo si Rabiya. Nasaan ba kapiranggot mong utak? Nai-flush mo sa kubeta? Isinisilsik mo si M Gumabao eh poor 3rd nga lang. Tonta!

    • Gaga! Parang tinanggalan mo na rin ng titulo si Rabiya. Nasaan ba kapiranggot mong utak? Nai-flush mo sa kubeta? Isinisiksik mo si M Gumabao eh poor 3rd nga lang. Tonta!

    • Did you see Michelle’s thighs and biceps lately?
      She looks like the mother of all the 3 placers.
      Sorry but you must be dreaming. I would choose Bella and Amelinkx and anyone from the top 10 over Michelle.

    • Aling Clara kung hindi ka pa maka move on, mag move out ka na sa mundo. Malay mo may makikinig sayo dun!!!!!! GAGA!

  4. South Africa is very daring to send breakthrough candidates and they are reaping the rewards now and actually, the other countries are following suit.

  5. pare parehas lang naman yan pageant
    wa sila pakels kung sino kandidata
    basta makuha nila ang pera

    magsipag hunusdili nga kayo
    wala nga paki ang Miss South Africa sa inyo juicemayonnaise
    dami nyo iniisip

  6. Then they’re not gonna win in another 20 years span. They just degraded MU after giving them 2 crowns.

  7. Shudu is overrated. Just because she’s black and bald, people automatically consider her as a crown contender despite lacking in facial beauty? What I hate about pageants nowadays is that people just want to sound politically correct. This is still a BEAUTY pageant for God’s sake!!! Ang laki ng balakang niya na halos di na siya makalakad nang maayos. Tignan niyo yung video na binigay sa kanya yung car na prize niya… Yung mga di nakapasok sa Top 5 ng Miss South Africa are much better than her. Chantelle? KARISHMA? JORDAN?

    Isama niyo na rin si Miss Canada na ginamit ang “racist” card nung sinabihan siya na not pretty enough. Hello? Tinawag siyang di maganda because of her face, not because of her skin color.

    Tapos yung fans ni Michelle Borta umasa na sana siya rin ipadala kasi 2RU din siya. Nakakatawa kayo.

    • @ Anonymous ‘Di ba mga Pinoy ‘yun’g nag-bash kay Nova Stevens? 😦

      Having her hair shaved off made her bone structure pop out, but with a full head of hair (prior), Shudu looked less striking, if somewhat plain… I prefer her look now. 🙂

      I don’t get the hype with Karishma. But Jordan and Chantelle, yes!

      Siguro kung black beauty this year, Asya Branch is on top…

      (My apologies to Gila Salvador… I forgot Supranational is now with MWP/ALV. Still, best wishes.)

      • Karishma isn’t a big favorite of mine, but I’ll choose her over Shudu and Thato at any time. Shudu is plain regardless of the hair she has. I don’t get the hype. Seriously, what do people see in her?

        I agree that Asya is the prettiest among the black candidate or the candidates in general, but she lacks stage presence. She’s boring. I’m looking forward to Haiti.

      • Ok lang bitch na tao. Wag lang bitch na chimpanzee na me kuto ay mashoho pa ang pekpek!

  8. Natasha J actually competed against Nichole Manalo at Miss Globe where she emerged as 4th runner up.

  9. So the 2nd RU goes to Miss Universe, the 1st RU to Supranational and the winner goes to MW.

  10. In most of Africa, ordinary people have some top -of-mind awareness of MW. Notice how Africa sends the most number of delegates to MW than in any other contest. Africa has always been a MW enclave. It is only lately that MU is making forays in the continent by crowning 2 from SA and 1 from Angola, and making African reps always in the Top 10. In most countries, the winner goes to MW and the runner-up goes to MU. It is only SA that allows the winner to choose, or the organizers assign the placements based on their political economy playbook. I am not surprised therefore that the top winner in MSA goes to MW.

    • MSA is playing its cards right. After three successive MU victories (two wins sandwiched by a runner-up placement), no way can theit top winner win MU this year. MSA would have a better chance bagging the crown at MW than at MU this time.

      • And speaking of Africa, notice how Ghana, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Uganda are getting into the radar of most beauty contests lately? These African countries are some of the fastest-growing economies in the world since 2018. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if a future international queen would emerge from any one of these countries. Now that the continent has just launched the African Continent Free Trade Agreement, African is following the economic foosteps of Asia-Pacific in the last two decades. Beauty contests cannot be far behind. If the Asian candidates beacme the linchpin of most beauty contests in 2000- 2020, I predict the next years will the decade of African queens.

      • @ scorg Africa wants to emulate the Asia-Pacific free trade model? Not the European…

        All I can from my end is that I now easily get Malaysian and Indonesian beverages at the local grocer. Rice comes from Vietnam. K-Pop (“Hallyu”) brainwashed kids below 20 years of age.

        (My all-time fave snack-chips is “Tong Garden” hot-sweet “dilis” with peanuts and bay leaf, Thai.)

      • @Flor: We know from history that Africa was partitioned as European colonies, mostly of British rule and suzerainty, for centuries. The continent has more affinity with Europe than with USA. It is not surprising that Africans go crazy over European football leagues and almost know nothing about American basketball. (the polar opposite of the Philippines). Yes, despite the popularity in the Philippines of Olajuwon, a NIgerian basketeer, decades ago! Even in business, Europe and lately China, are all over the place and there is a relatively minimal presence of American interests. Right now, the only connection I can thnk of with the USA are the celebrities like Akon (of Senegal), Lupita Ngo (of Kenya), Trevor Noah and Charlize Theron (both of of South Africa).

  11. akala ko po si wacky kiray ay makakapag bek to bek for the blacks and South Africa tapos tinapon sa Mess World

    yung nilagay sa MU eh kamukha lang ng ibang kandidata hindi lulutang

    Rabiya wala na hahampas na balakang sayu
    yung bunganga ni Canada bantayan mo
    at ang mega panga ni Mexico
    palakasin mo mga butu buto mo Ineng


    • @ PAQUITA X … And the Japanese are perfectly fine with those second- or third-best.


      (There is deep/profound philosophy behind this… And one day, Blogger San will enlighten us on it.)

  13. oh wow…. what travesty this is to win it all and be placed in MW cooking show? hihihihi

    • @ 4M Sa MW naman ‘yata talaga ang destino ng winner ng MSA. It’s just that since 2017 (recently), sending her to MU paid off handsomely… 🙂

      But, of course, MSAO opted to be wise this time around and not push their luck. After all, Zozi’s win means their 2020 participation is free, right? So, essentially Natasha is sacrificial.

      Parang MR(ussia). Was it 2016? STUNNING Popova Palina was sent to MW, and the relatively-plain Alexandrova Ksenia sent to MU. Palina’s BWAP was the preservation of the endangered Baikal seals. Imagine if she were sent to ME the following year! WOW.

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