4 comments on “Pageantry Norms Season 3 Episode 3: Christmas with the Queens Part 1

  1. These ladies are all pretty. They should keep on joining national pageants while they are still young. Klyza and Jannarie are both charming. Roberta should learn to relax while speaking. She is a little bit stiff.

    • @ serge Ro-an is stiff-ish because she is mature for her age. But that could have spelled le difference! 🙂

      If a German futboler fancied her, then she must truly be the real deal! I look at her and Laura Olascuaga (younger-sweeter) comes to mind. And I did say before that MUC 2020, in turn, reminds me of Leren and Tracy Maureen… They could be sisters! To add, kudos to her interior decorator! I liked the tree – silver fern, yellow poinsettia, gold ball, and the red thing-y picking up the red of her chair. Exuberant, yet classy-neat.

      Speaking of TM, I suddenly thought of having her, Chezka Carandang and Klyza together for a luncheon chat. Parang magkakasundo sila… Parang anshesherep tropahin. Blogger Dude, share naman ng link nila please… Ma-follow man lang.

      Ang Klyza, sabi mo noon, matangkad, ‘di bala? 5’9″? Find a way to have Alaiza beside her for a shoot, po.

      Zarzoso, with her face calm-rested, is MADDENINGLY PRETTY. Listen to “A Girl Within My Soul” by Abdulrahman Mhd. and Mohab Omer, to understand how that feels. So pretty, guys go loony.

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