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  1. Let’s see if her destiny is written in her name:

    Patricia: derived from the Latin word “patrician”, meaning “noble”. Hence, it is someone belonging to or characteristic of the aristocracy or nobles.

    Denise: of French origin, though its root names are Dionysius in Greek and Dionysia in Latin. Dionysus is the ancient Greek god of wine, winemaking, grape cultivation, fertility, ritual madness, theater, and religious ecstasy. And the name Denisse means “to be devoted to Bacchus.”

    Dator: Noun. dator m (genitive datōris); third declension. Someone who gives; a giver, donor or patron.

    Babista: Hispanized term for Babist, a follower of Babism, the doctrine of a pantheistical religious sect, founded in Persia in 1844 by Mirza Ali Mohammed ibn Rabhik (1820-1850), who assumed the title of Bab-ed-Din (“Gate of the Faith”). It combines Muslim, Christian, Jewish, and Parsi elements, and forbids concubinage, polygamy, mendicancy, slave-dealing, and the use of intoxicating liquors and drugs. Precursor to the Baha’i Faith. From the Persian “Bab” lit. meaning “gate”.

    Kinda random… but Holy shit… does this mean she has a recent Persian ancestor? Will she be another case of MJ Lastimosa or Gazini Ganados at MU? Or Will she be sent to Miss World? Hmmmm????

    • @ Closer2Fame Bacchus is the Roman to the Greek Dionysus, right? 🙂

      I think I will like this guy — fertility, liquor, agriculture, “bacchanalia”, the-Life-of-the-AfterParty.

      Persia is now Iran, which was in the News, lately, about their General being liquidated by the USA?

      • @Flor

        Yes & yes… coincidence?
        Seems like it’s written in the stars…

  2. Other than Atty Patch, I think Patricia B is by far the only MU– caliber beauty among those floated around as potential entrants to MUP derby. Both have outstanding scholastic achievements that match their remarkable physical attributes. Academic honors may not be a criterion for crown-worthiness, but it certainly is an indicator of the intellectual prowess of a person, outwardly manifested a confident demeanor throughout the contest and during the tense make-or-break Q&A situation.

  3. wala pa naman nanalo na cum laude or magna cum laude na Pinay sa MU MW or MI
    hindi ito requirement

    magsipaghunos dili nga kayo

  4. Based on Photos I’ve seen her standing right beside Ahtisa Manalo.. They are of the same height.

  5. Just by these photos alone and without knowledge of her speaking skills, this girl is an impressive 10.

  6. ‘Eto, pahabol. Good sleep does as much wonders to memory as does food. 😉

    Still, Gigante for BBP-(The)Globe. And still, Apriel Smith can join MUP; she would probably be a RU.

    Interesting. Attorney “Patch” is Cum Laude at UPD. “Pat” (here) is Magna Cum Laude at DLSU.

    • I’m more impressed w/ Patricia Magtanong.
      It’s a bigger feat to be a Cum Laude of Economics at UP Diliman while being a PMAP model..

      But Patricia Babista is younger… She could compete at Miss Universe after Patricia Magtanong.. And before that, she could add more feathers on her hat.

      • @ Closer2Fame So, postpone din si “Pat”. After na ni “Patch”. That’s 2022, at the earliest.

        HALA!!! Ang DAMI na nila ulit na “deferred” – Pat, Gabby (Basiano), & Pauline, at the very least. Ta’s si Sharifa, pa. 🙂

        Daisha needs to do it and win now!!! We have no idea what the future still holds….

    • It’s easier to be cum laude or magna cum laude sa la salle than up. Im a green archer who took my masters in up. spoon fed ang taga taft

  7. These should be the requirements for every beauty pageants in the Philippines: real height without the elevator shoes of 5’6 (PERIODT!!!! with the T), high school/college education with a good command of English language, and of course that “it factor” look. They need to screen for the beauties that have the traits of these delegates: Elima/Lemonon/Vickie Rushton/Ariella/Pechon/Leren/Maxine Medina/Venus Raj/Patch and communication skills of Catriona/Rachel Peters (both ladies have superb English speaking skills).

    • @ Ver, Matagal ng gawain ng BPCI na gawing matangkad ang isang kalahok na hindi pinagpala ng katangkaran. Malinaw pa sa sikat ng araw ang nakasaad sa alituntunin na hindi baba sa taas na 5′ 6″ ang mga kalahok pero ano ang ginagawa nila yung 5′ 4″ naging 5′ 6″. Kaya kapag tumabi sa sila sa ibang kalahok na tunay na 5′ 6″ halatang maliit sila kahit suot nila ang bakyang sapatos upang tumangkad. Katulad na lang si Karen Gallman sabi ng BPCI 5′ 6″ tapos sa ibang news articles siya ay 5′ 5″ ang tunay na taas.

      • Yeah…..I know right!!! Like they said that Pia is 5’8 but when she was standing next to Olivia Jordan who happens to be around 5’10-5’11, she looks almost 4-5 inches shorter!!!

  8. I hope the new MUP management will increase the residence requirement for halfies from 2 years to 10 years.

  9. She’s so pretty. I hope she gets the nod from the MUP screening committee and hopefully perform well in the finals. I think there are so many fresh and beautiful aspirants waiting to be discovered.

  10. I like! She looks like a cross between Lovie Poe, Margie Moran, Charlene Gonzalez and Isabel Daza.. beautiful teeth, small waist and exotic skin-tone… A Magna cum laude at DLSU?! Wow! I assume she already has good English comskills…. I highly aprove!!!!

    I suggest getting that mole removed..
    Get that lean well-toned body… as in work out that butt… eat tons of estrogenic foods.. and get those eyebags fixed…. The A&Q trainning would do the rest… Checked her IG…. Paki delete yung mga hindi kagandahang angulo ng legs… More trainning sa modeling….

    If she speaks as good as she looks… then I see a potential International title-holder.

  11. A&Q pala, ‘eh. Sigurado na siya for the MUP cut.

    I am getting a Miriam Somnpromas – Suphaporn Ritthipreuk – Thitaree Kasorn vibe (aka, 1st Runner-up, MUT).

    Today, the first official work day of 2020, I mull my presumptive MUP 2020 roster, which aside from Ms. Batista (here) shall include eager beaver McDonnell, delicate Miss Chinatown Que from Butuan, the Tech CEO Bantigue, and Jimenez Daisha.

    BBP 2020 shall have the TRUE BATTLE ROYALE FOR THE RIGHT TO REP AT TOKYO DOME, between Arnold and Roxas-Ysmael. Still-young-ones like Amelinckxz and Basiano, DEFER! Lacap I hope will get the Ever Bilena endorsement deal.

    Aberrasturi, as Mr. Blogger already said, is eyeing MWP so let’s leave it at that. Lemonon and Pangindian (the teacher) can comprise two of the four Elemental kweens. Saliba (the Air Asia stewardess) will be Mutya Tourism International 2020.

    Malinao, in my mind, can still be Supranational. But if the recent trend for”sweetness” is any indication, from Kim to Porsild (and Datul even earlier), then….. who can you guys recommend?

    Pojas of PMAP, Robson of MMP (Mr. Tinio, will Cordovez train her and McDonnell at SilverLinings?), and the uber-mysterious Alana Rhedey being the RAW ones could probably go anywhere….

    BTW, speaking of SilverLinings, the Year of the Metal Rat will (logically) dictate the colors of precious metals, and jewelrey itself, as fortuitous. Therefore, the “gold-glut” will persist and silver and white are good choices. PANTONE has presented (dark) blue as THE COLOR. Interestingly, blue and gold nicely complement; look at the gilded “ternos” used at the last edition of MWP (2019). 🙂

    I am trying my best to recall as many of the ladies featured in the Blog.

    My apologies to anybody I missed. Age makes it harder to remember.

    • Babista. Very sorry, again. I had the Fil-Greek professional wrestler in mind. LOLZ. 🙂

      • @ Norman YYAASSS!!! Speaking of destruction, Herrell, Sutton, and Cortesi pa, pala.

        To not antagonize @ jed, Jamie will be BBP/Mutya-Intercontinental 2020. Super downgrade, na. 😦

        Sirene still gives “not-yet/now” vibes. OK. She can be Miss Charm Philippines 2022 or 2023.

        Celeste….. Celeste….. Celeste….. Hhhmmmmm….. Ayaw kasi mag-Miss Italy.

        How about….. Miss Friendship Philippines 2021? I’m serious, po, Mr. Tinio. Chinese will adore her!

      • herrel for intercon? oh NO! i dont think so. I think cory can give her the highest title on mutya. its either bbp or MUP for her or best if nothing. since andyan naman si daisha. so better to remain as ME queen jamie.

  12. Natural ang ganda. pak na pak! sana wag gawing bruha ng make up artist ng kampo niya. the lightest touch of shade ng makeup ang magiging alas ng ghorl na itesh. Fresh!

  13. so sya pala ito. infairness ang bata ng mukha. maganda din naman and mas gumaganda pag may make up. i dont care if mala erich ng looks nito if she comes out on stage. wala naman erich gonzales na sumali at nanalo sa MUP and MU so carry lang. isa ito sa. pure pinay na hinahanap hanap ng mga madlang anti halfies. height check. comm skills. check din. she has everything. okay Go for MUP. Pero sana meron na tayo idea who among the big names will join.

  14. i like her alot. I hope she is well spoken and spontaneous. Will she be eyeing the MUP crown?

  15. Miss Norms, given MUO’s focus on sophistication, intelligence and articulation, candidates who are well-traveled, outgoing and highly educated (not to mention shockingly pretty) will have the advantage. Naku, that just made MUP’s cherry that much harder to pop 😉

    • I agree, but we may also need to make reasonable adjustments to our superlatives so as not to miss out on potential aspirants who can wow us when the going gets tough in the competition. 🙂

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