23 comments on “Luma Russo of Brazil wins Miss Charm 2023

  1. Was Natalie rooting for Miss Brazil for they both have Russian ancestry?!🤨 Most likely!😒🙄

  2. Why is the woman (assuming she’s a woman) next to Ms Philippines looking unamused?
    Is it because Ms. Philippines’ hairbun doesn’t look like a giant beehive? 😅

      • I Googled the name. Ms U pala siya.
        I thought she was trans, a pretty trans woman.
        Her bun is ginormous though.

      • appointed sya na miss u canada nung 2005 at luckily sya ang naging 2005 miss U. Pero year 2004 natalo sya ng Pinay sa Miss Maja Mundial pageant. ang last 2 standing ay sina Sandra Milena Sanchez of Colombia at Margaret Ann Bayot of Philippines.
        Di naman luhaan si natalie 2nd runner up kaya lang di nangyari ang inaasahan na sya ang mananalo. biglang bumulaga si Margaret Ann.

  3. I am happy with the result of the Miss Charm beauty pageant which main objective is to promote tourism and education. Brazilian goddess is the first lucky recipient of $100, 000.00 I am heard that the Runners-up will received also some cash prizes. Until next time Vietnam and hopefully Philippines will send their best representative next year.

  4. Who was that Pinas beauty who won a Miss Charm type of pageant a few years back..?

  5. Buti naman naka-Red Bull siya sa Finals and wapakels kahit ang in-annouce ay Netherlands during SS. Congrats Annabelle for winning 1st-“We don’t want you, but we need your fan base for exposure”-runner up. 🙂

  6. Latina, but the exotic Portuguese-speaking kind.

    Felepens and Endonesiya placing but not winning.

    Just like Horta with Tamondong add-along.

    Kayang kaya ng mga pageant organizers makuna ang support and likes sa mga accla sa Manila, Jakarta, Caracas, and Bogota et al.


  7. Natalie Glebova as one of the judges ?
    It’s no surprise Brazil won over Philippines.
    Anyways , congratulations Brazil
    Philippines , you are meant for something much biggger . Glad you got to experience an international stage

  8. Big Congratulations to Annabelle! Is she the most successful Filipina national title holder or runner-up from the batch of 2022 thus far? Perhaps a Philippine win at Miss World next? Annabelle is the buena mano for 2023, and her auspicious performance will hopefully usher in another string of successes for Filipina queens from hereon, much like what Venus Raj’s performance did in 2010. Good Feels!

  9. Daming magaganda pero nawaley😊
    Kaya huwag ibase sa Ganda at sash factor bakit nawaley Ang ating mga kandidata🤫
    Kailangan din manggulat at ipakita na may utak at talino ka Rin compared sa ibang frontrunners na merlat 🤫
    Congratulations Annabelle Rama🫣 cherette lungs 🫁

  10. During the swimsuit round, they anounced her as Netherlands?!.. What was that about?! Is this their attempt to go viral? And I noticed that Natalie was clapping only after Brazil’s answer even if it’s not so good… Is this her attempt to influence the judges’ decisions? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    Anyway, Congratulations Anabelle… it was very clear that you out-performed everyone… You should be the winner of this pageant.

  11. Brazil , first-ever Miss Charm ?? Pinas won Miss Charm a couple of years ago or so , correct ? Annabelle , well-deserved big congrats !

  12. For a germinal beauty competition, the production and streaming were decent and there were creative bits shown. Annabelle did much better than expected and up to the very last moment, I could actually see her as possible winner than Brazil (edging out few other Latina favorites). Since she didn’t win the crown (just a tad short), we won’t be making much online buzz about this pageant hereafter. As for Annabelle, she can hone her skills further and I hope to see her in a major pageant in the near future (perhaps with better styling and more laser-focused responses to questions). BTW, Natalie Glebova was resplendent in blue.

  13. Mas may impact ba sagot ni brazil? Kung pagandahan nmn ay malayong mas maganda si Anabelle

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